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Column: Summerville secession discussion evokes lots of comments



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

This entire column will not be about Summerville secession; however, we have to address the elephant in the room.

Speaking of elephants 

I’m tol...

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  1. An old saying from someone much smarter than me, ‘If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you keep on getting what you’ve always got.’ Voters in Augusta/Richmond County keep on electing folks based on Race, not qualifications. When you elect Commissioners who cannot manage their personal finances, how can you expect them to handle a BILLION dollar County budget? They cannot, and they will not be a good Fiduciary of your money. Back room deals for your buddies, awarding contracts to unqualified companies based on race instead of qualifications. Nepotism, favoritism, racism! Not a good way to handle taxpayer money. Most politicians are in it for themselves, not the constituents!

  2. Michael
    Since you asked.. I think I will .
    I do not believe people looking into forming a new city ( foot note I’m not on a committee or part of it yet ) has to be a white or black thing . Sometimes disagreements are just that .
    For example , our DA, who I believe is a friend of yours ( which makes me like him already ) might be a super guys . But I completely disagree with him taking a stance for abortion on my vote voice if I voted for him .
    He as an elected official shocks abide by the laws of the land just as our commissioners we elect should .
    They took an office to do so and if they won’t support the laws , what example are they setting !!
    Not a question …

  3. Follow the money. If the government is squandering your money, why not try to find an escape? Probably the same as Buckhead but on a smaller scale. These city and county governments need to take the Elon test. Ask each employee what he or she does and if there is no answer in 10 seconds, fire them. Same for states and FEDs.

  4. As the old country store, car lot owner, horse trader in my neighborhood used to say, “you gets what you paid for.” In the case of Richmond Co., you gets what you voted for. Boy Jared bit off more than he can chew; Charles Walker will always be, well Charles Walker and no we all can’t just get along. Like one writer to TAP, too many in Richmond Co. want to handle the problems there with Columbia County has got their problems too and the only reason Richmond County has its politicians going to prison is because of their skin color. How is that mantra working for you?

  5. I often disagree with Anthony Stephens but he’s right about one thing..skin color doesn’t matter when it comes to Augusta corruption..both white and black have shown that neither one is above the other where corruption is concerned..the only difference now is the white commissioners tried to hide it..it’s blatant and in your face now..with not one iota of remorse..both were and are wrong..

  6. Government exists to serve the people it taxes. If the people feel their tax dollars are not serving their needs, they can find a way to correct the imbalance. Since the people making the decisions seem to be disregarding their objections, the state of Georgia has provided a remedy to mitigate this disagreement. It is not a black or white argument, it’s a what’s best for me and my family argument.

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