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Column: Sylvia Cooper begins retirement. Again



I retired last week for the fourth time. I think it was the fourth, but who’s counting?

Anyway, as it turns out, last week’s retirement didn’t last as long as the first three. The Augusta Press management designated me as Columnist Emerita which is a great honor and means I can write when I want...

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  1. Thanks Sylvia for being a unbiased professional journalist. Haha I am
    still working on saying the acronym for special purpose local option sales tax “splash” the only way I can put the T on it is type it SPLOST. Congratulations on your new position! Please don’t let the ink dry in your pen?

  2. Glad to know you are not sick and unable to write. I read your column first every Sunday and it makes for a better day no matter what you write I miss your fun way with words every week you don’t write something, so on the weeks you are retired, just resend one of your old columns for us to read again. I’m sure I’m old enough to have forgotten a few, so they will be new to me. Love you Sylvia and stay safe and sound at home.

  3. My Aunt Inez loved you and I have always loved your columns!! I want to add a story I heard about the trains downtown. DeVaney got caught by a train one afternoon and called the city police chief and told him the next time he saw a train blocking downtown he was to pull the engineer off the train and give him a ticket..word got back to the railroad and they promptly called the city and told them if they did that they would pull out of Augusta and every industrial plant would shut down within a month…how true it is I don’t know but it sure is a funny story if it is!!

  4. Hate to hear this. As the George Jones song goes, Who’s gonna fill your shoes.
    I’m still wondering about this Sammy Sias lane stuff. I believe it was never approved by anybody but him so it should be easy to take down.
    The trains! I remember that I was with APD. Now everyone knew the ordinance wasn’t enforceable so when the trains went by the Marble Palace they really let the horns blow!

  5. I’m like Jim Bible, I read your column first! I hope you feel like writing often! You have such a way with words and a great sense of humor! I hope Ernie’s eye continues to heal and Joy stays healthy!

  6. My advice to you is to drop the distinction between “work” and “retirement.” I retired twenty years ago, but none of the folks I work with know that. For twenty years I’ve had a hobby that I get paid to do. It beats playing golf, which is a hobby you pay to do!

  7. Very nice article! Perhaps we need a CSPLOST (for Climate Change, but I guess that would be CC, well, you get it) then perhaps some enterprising young tax man or woman can invent the ISPLOST (for inhalation. Every breath you take will be taxed. I googled it. We breath about 22,000 times a day. Can the Gubmint charge us for every breath? The Gubmint giveth and the Gubmint taketh away.) Who won the betting contest for a free year-long subscription to TAP?

  8. Dear Sylvia,
    Much like the words ‘overlook’ or ‘fast’ I truly believe that the word ‘retire’ is a contronym. It is it’s exact opposite. I am re-tired after giving up my paycheck. Your first week off was too much-not to laugh at.

  9. Always admired your writing and humor, but I was especially impressed several years ago when I saw you at lunch at Rae’s Costal Grill with the Richmond Co. Commissioners. Not only do you have a great fortitude but a strong stomach.

  10. I missed you last week and was hoping you weren’t having health issues. I look forward to your columns on Sunday and am always impressed with your understanding of local government. Government, of any kind, is no longer of the people, by the people, for the people. Those we elect betray us and continue to enjoy their power and they prosper. I was taught it was not a right to vote but a duty and I will continue to do so. I believe there are many people who love America and our freedoms but they are sad, confused and disappointed. If we don’t start using our voices and our votes, we will lose our country to ignorant people who embrace ideology and division. Sylvia, please keep using your words to inform and encourage!

  11. Sylvia, please don’t retire completely. You are the main reason I started subscribing to Augusta Press. You are one of the only people who try to keep our local government on track. They go off the rails more than the trains do.

  12. Sylvia, it will be good for you to have more time to do the things you’ve been putting off, and to do more of what you enjoy. We will all wait patiently for your next column, confident that it will enlighten, challenge, and entertain us. Blessings to you and Ernie!

  13. Sylvia: THANK YOU FOR YOUR YEARS SERVING THE AUGUSTA CITIZENS!! I am shouting that out loudly! YOU are the only credible source we have to provide us with the inside scoop on both the good and unfortunately the baaad! We need you in the city, not in the garden! BUT, time marches on. Have a wonderful retirement, but consider sneaking into council meeting to keep your brain and pencil sharp!!!! Like Tucker Carlsen, you are a KEY ASSET to the Augusta Press!

  14. I unsubscribed from the AC when you left and subscribed to the TAP to read your columns. Enjoy your retirement. I look forward to any words of wisdom you decide to write. I know they will be insightful and humorous. The JBA Splost tax debate should be interesting, I hope if you’re so inclined you’ll weigh in on the pros and cons.

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