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Column: Sylvia Cooper muses on the news of the week



(Opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Augusta Press.)

News in Brief for Busy People – Questions Asked; Questions Answered

Q: In Tuesday’s mayoral election, well-financed candidate Steven Kendrick, a political insider, received only 21...

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  1. Inspired by the $200 campaign contribution from the Augusta Commission to Jared Williams’ campaign fund, I coined a new word to describe the involved parties, “Crimoron” is the amalgamation of criminal and moron.

  2. I urge everyone that I know to throw their support to Garnett Johnson for Mayor of Augusta!He is a very smart businessman and he has promised to pay for his own car and gas if elected mayor.In other words he is the opposite of the scoundrel who is the current mayor.Steven Kendrick will be a repeat of Davis.It’s very telling that Kendrick would give up a job making 150,000 per year to make only 70,000 a year to be Augusta’s Mayor?Well I think we can all figure that out.Garnett Johnson will bring back honesty and integrity back to the Mayors Office.We never want to have another Hardee Davis of the likes of him as Augusta’s leader ever again.It’s time to clean house!!

  3. Thank you for putting the spotlight on all the political corruption in the Augusta Government Sylvia. Without you and the Augusta Press many
    taxpayers would have never known what copious amount of corruption takes place in Augusta on a daily basis. Sylvia virtually none of the items above could have taken place without the support of our current Commissioners, including your friend John Clarke. The only caring and honest Commissioners that currently serve voted YES on a forensic audit starting with the Mayors Office. Our mutual friend John Clarke voted NO! John Clarke has continuously called for a forensic audit of the entire city government, meanwhile trying to look good to his conservative base, knowing it would be too expensive and would never pass by his colleagues. In the past several years John Clarke has cut deals to increase his Commission salary, added $600.00 a month stiffen to his fuel cost and increased his travel expense budget. It’s become apparently clear that John Clarke and a few others on that Commission do not serve the best interest of the tax payers.

  4. Mr Coleman if you go to past youtube videos of the Augusta Commission meetings you will actually see Commissioner John Clark did vote against a SUBSTITUTE motion to only include the Mayor’s Office in the audit. The original motion for a complete audit of the Government then failed as did the substitute motion. Please if you are going to try to degenerate a specific Commissioner get your facts straight as I was sitting in the Commission Chamber when the votes were taken. Another point is that the Commission only get $500 per month, which they pay taxes on and the motion to create that payment was passed 10-0. My suggestion is for Citizens of Augusta if you really want to know what is going on with the local Government then either watch the Commission meetings online or attend the meetings in person. One other recommendation is to read the Commission Agenda which is posted on the Augusta Richmond WEB site each week before the meeting take place. The Citizens of Augusta should have factual information on Candidates for Political Offices rather than hear say.

    • Mr.Powell,
      I do know what goes on with the daily activities within our local government. Nearly four years ago I helped John Clarke get elected to the position he presently holds. John Clarke himself has informed me of several backroom deals he has cut in the past with several politicians such as Hardy Davis. I still consider John a good person that has lost his way. He won me over during that time with his passion to serve the people. Up until my retirement approximately 3 years ago , I had a personal relationship with 9 out of 10 Commissioners and the Mayor. Up until COVID hit, I attended every commission meeting I could. I am a known individual in those chambers.I have personally witnessed or obtained many documents of politicians ignoring other taxpayers best interest while trying to enrich themselves . I will be more than glad to meet with you and discuss any subject matter dealing with our tax dollars and the corruption connected to it. A lot of these items I speak of have already been given to the FBI. John Clarke has contiously called for a forensic audit of the entire government , knowing good and well it would never pass the full commission for several reasons. The time it would take , several years to audit the entire government, it would take millions of dollars, and his fellow commissioners would always vote no because it would put a spotlight on them and their dealings with taxpayers dollars. When Commissioner Clarke was given a chance to vote on a forensic audit of the mayors office only , he showed his true colors, He voted NO along with several other nervous commissioners. And once again Mr. Powell , John Clarke has informed me personally of unsavory backroom deals he had to make with other commissioners to get support on items he wanted to get passed. And I will be more than glad to discuss these items with you if you really want to know the truth.

    • Please re-read Charlie Coleman’s response. He said, and you agreed that John Clarke voted AGAINST the selective audit of just the Mayor’s Office. I do not think there is any question in anyone’s mind, that at the very least, there should be an audit of the Mayor’s Office. With shenanigans that went on between Kendrick and Johnson, and their “Musical Chairs” game in the Tax Commissioner’s Office, pretty much say that there needs to be a complete and forensic audit, of the whole DAMN ARC government. Let the chips fall as they may. Who knows, WHO might be making our 2024 license plates…

  5. This column was spot-on and succintly articulated the sentiments
    of many of us who live in Richmond County. Augusta is not living up to its potential because we have to many so-called public servants who are anything but that. We need more persons in office who have a desire to make Augusta the great city it can become and I believe that Garnett Johnson will be a tremendous choice to begin moving us in the right direction.

  6. I also got my augusta press subscription to read Sylvia. I am glad that they continued to develop it over time and it is now very comprehensive in coverage. I wish it was an AP so all I had to do it click on it to ready it. Over email is a little clunky having to log in. I am pleased generally and think it is a good value.

  7. Ms Cooper:

    I returned to Augusta in 2018 after a 50 yr absence and I have been very concerned by our dysfunctional governance model and inept and/or corrupt leadership by some. Thank you for providing a breath of fresh air and in-depth coverage on local matters.

    As a result of trying to develop some family property I was able to witness first hand this dysfunction over the last eight years. I do feel we have some hope at the mayoral level in Garnett Johnson and I pray we find a fair way for the people of Richmond CO to address our unworkable governance structure. We have concentrated the power in 10 commissioners with no checks and balances. Many have created their own fiefdoms without regard for what is best for all citizens.

    Hopefully this can change moving forward. Thank you again for your service to the community.

    Huxley Nixon

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