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Column: The media is not God



For the past week, people have been talking about the abrupt firings of Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson at CNN and Fox, respectively, and really the lesson learned here is that both of those hosts likely got what was coming to them.

National talk radio was ablaze with the babbling ballyhoos complai...

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  1. Reporting of twisted erroneous TRUTH is bad, but NOT reporting on important happenings is WORSE. eg why does not CNN cover the ongoing Southern crossings of Illegals ? CNN listeners are a sheltered lot.

  2. I often think about Walter Cronkite and Huntley & Brinkley and others of their generation. Just the news. Simple and flawless with little if any political slant. I was just a boy then, and my father taught me to think for myself. I still do. However, I NEVER watch Whoopi and her gang of media terrorists.

    • I to miss H & B and Cronkite ( I want the news delivered like Joe Friday – just the facts) . Current media is a huge disappointment, constantly giving opinions and censoring. Case in point the ABC interview with RFK, they deliberately edited his comments on vaccines and then had a disclaimer. I hate to tell them that very few value their opinion and censorship. We continue, we will go down a slippery slope.

    • Thomas Sumner, agree! H & B & Cronkite and the way news was reported was the best and the way it should be done. It made life less confusing and hectic. Life was better back in those days. People worked and had better work values.

  3. Don’t fall for the bull being shoveled by Fox or Media Matters. You know as well as the rest of us that Tucker was fired because he was getting to close to the truth of J6 as well as what the Globalists are up to. Tucker was the only one holding Sydney Powell’s feet to the fire re: Dominion. I saw the clips yesterday as well as in the past. Go watch Dan Bongino on Rumble to see that from yesterday. As a reporter reporting on the news, you need to expand your horizons on where you gather your national news. More and more independent journalists are taking over and the Establishment media is on the decline….or stick to local reporting.

  4. It hard to lament the loss of something that did not enrich the quality of your life and in which you placed no trust. The term, Talking Head, says it all. Carlson and Lemon can and will be replaced like putting new gears in a machine.

  5. Gone for entirely different reasons.
    Lemon never made CNN a dime in terms of viewers. and was held onto way too long in the absence of any discernable business reason only because he checked every one of the all important boxes for them, “gay” “minority”, “hater of conservatives”, “hater of Christians”,etc,etc,& etc.
    The final straw in his ousting was the result of his being stupid enough to honk off the one group that checked off 1 more box than he did, women !
    And if he was a winning horse in terms of bringing in the viewers I submit they would have still found a way to hold onto him even longer.
    Carlson on the other hand was Fox’s #1 cash cow at the outset.
    Anyone who believes his ouster had anything to do with him pooh poohing the Dominion story, as it was set up to look like, has applesauce for brains.
    The countdown for Tucker’s numbered days began the moment he aired the Jan. 6 footage in its entirety that he alone was given access to by the powers in control of that footage and MUCH more to come.
    This access given Carleson scared the peanut butter out of the powers at FOX.
    There are just as many people in power both in media & politics who call themselves “republicans” who were just as elated about the publicly accepted Jan.6 narrative as were the likes of Chuck Schumer, Adam Schift, Joe Biden.
    The wealthy powers of FOX as well.
    By giving Carlson a direct private line the MAGA stalwarts now in control of the congress made it clear to those powers at FOX that they trust Carlson more than they do FOX.
    You don’t think they just sent those videos to FOX and said, “we have no preference of which reporter you give this to “, do you ?
    Isn’t it interesting that at Tucker’s firing the public is spoon fed a couple of namby pamby internal snippets of back biting between management & Tucker about the airing of the Dominion story.
    A story that consumed about 0.03% of airtime, having no substance only allegaton.
    And yet not a word has been released about any internal arguments concerning the much bigger week long Jan.6 video that literally had Washington tearing it’s collective hair out as it was being aired night after night, and calling out FOX to ” do something about it ” in official Senatorial hearings ?
    I’m sure that the powers at Fox would have loved to get rid of Carlson right then and there .
    But they dared not.
    They would have to get rid of him under the guise of something else to keep up appearances.

    “Hey, We have that whole dominion thing that Tucker complained about being a farse awhile ago that we are about to go public with our settlement on , we can just tie his firing to that, and that’ll even add to the phony perception that we are fire breathing right wingers !
    A Twofer, Brilliant !”

    These same FOX powers are well aware of what is coming in terms of what those congressional investigations, that are only just beginning, are going to reveal as they pull back all the curtains and lift up all the rugs on all the putrid dealings and connections of both parties , and the many very wealthy connected people are shown to be up to their armpits in it as well.
    They know Tucker is still the one who is going to be trusted to air their uncovered filth and what phonies they are, but now that they have fired him they at least have something to fall back on and claim it is all just a bunch of sour grapes from Tucker.
    At that point you will see all the other liberal media ponying up and supporting FOX as has never happened before.

  6. My daughter really got into watching the news with me. Because I (then we) would watch the White House Press briefing and then watch Fox and CNN later that day for their coverage. She realized quickly how facts and News media agendas work. I’m glad the Augusta Press is here and is a nice alternative to the Augusta Chronicle that we used to love and grew up on , but seems to have declined after my return back to the CSRA. I was told were bought out. I was gone for over 20 years, but back in Augusta.

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