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Column: The problem with war



The world is a dangerous place. I’m sure you’ve heard that cliché – but who can disagree? In the last few years, global instability has increased, and that increases the likelihood of global conflict. War in the Ukraine has exposed two weaknesses which play into a third, well-known but rarely discu...

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  1. “Sivi pas. Para bellum.” Thank you for the comprehensive discussion of our paril at this moment in time.
    The final and inescapable variable is the pool of capaple conscription candidates available.
    A casual walk through Walmart will confirm the recent studies of males 18-35 years old. 80% are unsuitable for duty. Despite lowered standards and waivers. Remedial fitness is pervasive in recruit pools.
    Let’s face it . A 22 year old Russian, Chicom, or NORK has likely served in the armed forces. He can endure privation and break down that AK 47 with ease. And is unaffected by cable outages or social .microaggression.
    Ours are in perpetual failure to launch in mommy’s basement.
    Sadly, our SecDef is more concerned with wokesters and climaye change.
    Our enemies are watching.

  2. It is amazing the number of US military members who only handle and shoot a firearm during a week in boot camp. They are intel analysts, cybersecurity specialists, seamen, and aircraft ground crew members and are not marksmen. As Mr. Galeas commented, most of today’s youth are not physically capable of completing boot camp, but reports from Ukraine indicate large portions of Russia’s forces are conscripts who are issued obsolete AK-47s (not the current AK-74) and have no marksmanship training. The actual number of combat trained and proficient in the US military resides mainly in Special Operations units (SEALS, Green Berets, Rangers, Marines, and Middle East conflict veterans and reservists). However, there are upwards of 4M US citizens who own and shoot an AR-15 platform rifle, the civilian variants of the M-16 and M-4 military rifles. As in WWI and WWII, if these people are drafted, they will provide a pool of trainees who at least know from which end the bullet exits. It may be the one advantage we have when the draft must be reinstated.

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