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Column: The ugly truth about local property tax increases



Richmond County government wants to shift blame by saying property tax increases are due to inflation. Inflation is the justification, not the cause.

Property taxes are going up because of government spending. The county only has to generate enough revenue to cover what it spends. Out-of-contro...

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  1. I don’t think anyone has the answers, but they better find the wasted money on employees they are throwing away so they can spend more on taking care of the facalities Augusta owns like parks, communitiy centers, etc. because everything in augusta is falling into disrepair just like the Boathouse, Lake Omstead Stadium, even Diamond Lakes bathrooms. This city is becoming one big joke! We can expect to be the 5th largest city in Georgia within 8 years.

    • Has anyone noticed the shrubs covering the murals at the Augusta Water Works on Highland Avenue. Taxpayers paid for the beautiful murals and now the area is not being maintained . Just like our parks and other local areas. Why??

  2. Augusta is in the process of bankrupting itself. A mayor whose office went from approximately $175,000. to half a million, yup -$500,000., Covid money (free wheeling spending – still waiting for an accounting of shot gift cards) which is only temporary, increased wages for all – Didn’t anyone see someone will have to pay for all of this? Nothing is free.

  3. When I turned 65, my plan was to continue paying the portion of my property taxes that pay for public education — about 60% overall. Not anymore. I have this exemption status now, and my tax bill is very reasonable. I do not trust our local government as a whole. I believe in accountability, and I understand that a few of our TEN commissioners are fiscally conservative and concerned about responsible management of our tax dollars, but the FEW cannot compete with the MANY. It’s sad. Mr. Edge, when our esteemed elected commission votes, why not list their names and how each one votes. It’s knowledge that is open to the public, isn’t it?

  4. Odie Donald’s parting comments are going to ring true – when asked how ARC will pay for all the “supplements” to salaries – not raises – Odie said – Not my problem – I won’t be here. There is going to be financial reckoning when American Rescue Plan funds run out. Not many people working for ARC who received the “Supplement” to their salary to go to $15 and hour will want to hang around when the salary reverts back to $11 or $12 per hour. Going to be interesting.

  5. June 21 is rapidly approaching. We all need to remember this when we vote for mayor. Who is the most apt to try to contain this mess? I think most folks believe that Garnett Johnson is much better equipped to do this. I certainly do.

  6. This is a very insightful article .
    This article and its preceding articles should be required reading for all Richmond County voters .
    GARNETT JOHNSON is the only candidate in the Mayor’s runoff who expresses concern for the tax burden created by the Augusta Commission.

  7. Outstanding commentary, Joe. Sadly, most of the increased spending comes from commissioners counting on the votes of people who don’t pay property tax, or are renters who don’t pay them directly. Spending other people’s money is easy.

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