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Column: The University System of Georgia is setting up its own Sonnygate with the appointment of Sonny Perdue as chancellor



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Just over 35 years ago, I began my teaching career at a small college in the Kentucky mountains. My office was small; but then again, I was a brand new assistant professor and glad to have an of...

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  1. Maybe, just maybe he can make a difference, like stopping multi-colored hair people (like the one in this paper) from influencing our youth into stupid liberal thinking. Maybe he can put a stop to professors spreading their Hate for God in the classrooms at our Universities. It is way past time to put Christian Conservatives back into power in all locations of Georgia government to fire the liberals who are now ruining Georgia and America, so that this country can get back to it’s Christian roots and stop all these evil people from turning our youth away from GOD, Country, Family!

  2. I received a BS degree from a state-related university in 1972. Although the Vietnam War was winding down and the Civil Rights Act was phasing in, none of the professors and teaching assistants mentioned their personal political and social views, denigrated the USA, or attempted to indoctrinate me. The education I received was worth the money and time spent, and served me well in my varied careers. Today I cannot recommend that any high school graduate pursue a university degree based on the dubious value, quality, and usefulness of the degree. Universities and colleges are self-fulfilling businesses, where tenured professors do, say, and teach whatever they want and are happy to see students, who have no business attending a university due to their poor high school preparation, spend years and tons of money to ultimately obtain a useless degree or drop/fail out. A nationally-ranked sports team is more important than graduation rates. Hopefully Mr. Perdue will bring true purpose and value back to a university degree.

  3. I would agree that rules need to be consistent and adhered to and I would like to hear, as old Paul Harvey would say ” the rest of the story” before making any opinion. But that has nothing to do with the qualifications of the Sonny Perdue. He is immanently qualified to run and lead. He was a leader in business and in government. Leaders develop people and bring them together to create plans and goals to move forward to a better future. Every successful business leader must impower the people all the way from the board room to the break rook, through a hierarchy of management. Whether you are making widgets or growing future productive citizens. Hiring from within can keep the old establishment in a rut. But always, someone looking in from the outside sees the view from a diffferent perspectice. A veteran leader with experience will see the weak spots and whole process as it is. Change can a be a good thing. Business fails because it becomes mired in the old process. Business thrives in an atmosphere of change. Government from Washington to Augusta resist change. It’s hard to move the old system forward. Academics teaches knowledge. Going to work teaches experience. Experience teaches wisdom. I will take wisdom over knowledge all day long.
    One more observation. I don’t think Sonny Perdue is running for the salary. I doubt he needs it. He worked his way to financial independence. Isn’t that a fresh thought? Let’s give him some credit for that. Just maybe he is doing it out of a desire to make UGA a better place to work and to learn. But success brings contempt and jealousy, from those who look for the easiest route. Sometimes you have to go through the mud to get to the best view! Maybe, just maybe that is what the clammer is about.

  4. Sonny Perdue will be a desperately needed change of philosophy at the helm of our higher education ship. These are indeed desperate times in our colleges and universities. Sonny Perdue has the wisdom and intellect to begin to turn the ship away from the rocks of leftist destruction.

  5. So he would do away with the corrupt system known as tenure. Great! Tenure has been used for years to insure that let leaning hacks and “woke” professors are the only ones hired. We need diversity of opinion on our college campuses. Maybe Perdue can make a difference. Let’s hope so.

  6. Maybe it is time for a change from the “good-0le-boy” network of “Social Justice Warriors” like we are suffering under today. Prof. John Hayes at AU come immdeiately to mind. Maybe Sonny could even do away with the Unionist tenure system whild he’s at it.

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