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Column: The weekly rant from John Clarke



Mack Lane seems to be the location that causes much heartbreak and tribulation lately. This is the location of the Augusta Animal Services, and I feel the need to tell what I know to be true.

Attached below in this column is the 2022 year-end numbers report put together and sent by the Animal Se...

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  1. The politicians who created the ARC consolidated government, set the commission organization, and wrote the commission procedures were evil.and self-serving. Denying a sitting commissioner the ability to make a motion because she is not on a committee is ludicrous and shoes how the commission was structured to concentrate all power in the hands of a few commissioners.

  2. I implore the voters in these obstructionists districts to start reaching out to them and demanding an accounting of YOUR money. Let them know that they work for you not the other way around and that you want to see where your money is being wasted! This is pathetic. They are blatantly telling you to go pound sand…stand up for yourselves!!

  3. Another example of incompetence in city departments. I am all for a full audit but in lieu of a full audit I would like to see an audit of the Parks and Rec Dept. It seems that the city keeps throwing money at it and I fail to see any improvements being made or even basic maintenance being done. Where is all this money going and when are we going to fire the department director who can’t seem to do his job without outside assistants and consultants? I want to see where every penny has gone.

  4. The NEED for a Departmental audit is now proven by the fact that ARC has FIVE looming IRS fines totaling up to $10M. The fact that this has been known by at least TWO Departments, for at least four years, and nothing has shown up in the annual Financial audit, proves that the existing auditing firm needs MAJOR help or they have been given “disinfected” Financial records to audit. Disinfected means that the annual IRS fine has been buried somewhere. Furthermore, the accumulating fine total, has been hidden by someone, from the Commissioners. This $10M fine must come out of tax monies, not Rescue Funds, SPLOST, or any other “Pot of Gold” — TAX DOLLARS. Ten million dollars could fix Diamond Lakes, build a real nice Boathouse, amd have a couple of buck left over for some grass cutting and garbage pickup. The obstructionist Commissioners need to sit down and stand down, or they know something we SHOULD know. They get to decide which course to choose. If they do not choose the former, then it proves the latter.

      • Per an earlier story, “Columbia (County) has used the auditing firm – Serotta, Maddocks, Evans – that Augusta had in the same role until recent years. The firm performed the 2020 audit of credit card spending that led to Augusta updating its policy to reflect state law”. In another article, it was stated that audits were not being done “consistently”. I rest my case. My question is still — How was that FIRST $2M fine not discovered by the auditors, and the Commissioners not made aware of the FIVE years worth of IRS fines ?? One of the “Non-Obstructionist” Commissioners need to publicly ask that question, at the next Commission Meeting.

  5. Excellent again! There is no excuse for the discrepancy in the Animal Control report. Why Richmond County continues to pay under qualified department heads these high salaries is beyond me. I too will really miss Sylvia…maybe you can do more than one column a week??

  6. Ref: Animal Control, especially Cats…..
    Irresponsible so call cat lovers who do not keep their cats in their houses and deliberately let them out (early morning, late at night, etc.) so they can GO IN OTHER’S YARDS TO FIGHT, POOP (a/k/a SHIT), PEE (SPRAY) and KILL birds and other animals should not be cat owners. Animal control is extremely busy trying to control this problem and they need to hire more people if necessaery. NO 3RD PARTY Cat or Dog group needs to be involved. The . . Georgia’s leash law covers Cats and Dogs. Ou. r Animal Control needs to hire more people if necessary to control (and if necessary euthazize) those wild cats or stop so called animal lovers who are irresponsible cat owner that deliberately let their cats out to POOT/Shit, PEE/Spray in other peoples yards. Other things they congrogate and fight and spread filth/disease. in essto go in other peoplintpeoplconthe jkjmore Our Animal Control needs more people to help them capture and if necessary euthanize cats that so called cayt Considering, our Animal Control does a good job and does not need help from outside animal groups. We do not need to communicate with 3rd party people. Oh, by the way, many of these people say their cats have been fixed and have chips….IRRESPONSIBLE and CONSIDERATE FOR OTHER NEIGHBOR PROPERTY OWNERS. IF YOU LOVE YOUR CAT KEEP IT IN YOUR YARD…..I’ve seen 2 killed in road and the owners go out and cry…….can you imagine how the person feels that hit the cat.

  7. I think veterinarians should charge $100 extra per year to provide services and medications for pets whose owners refuse to have them neutered, unless they come from reputable (licensed?) breeders. This would go a long way to reduce all this killing of unwanted animals. It’s inexcusable and easily controlled.

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