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Commissioners revoke Stay Social Tap & Table’s alcohol license



The Columbia County Board of Commissioners revoked the alcoholic beverage license of Evans Plaza tapas' restaurant Stay Social Tap & Table during its meeting Tuesday evening.

Many supporters of Evans tapas restaurant Stay Social Tap & Table gathered at the auditorium of the Evans Governm...

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me – if this business is deriving slightly over 50% of its sales through alcohol, they just put this business out of business. And for what? Being a few percentage points off on their food to alcohol sales ratio. Our tax dollars at work.

    • Failure to enforce the ordinance would mean opening up the county to more exceptions and lawsuits if they were picking and choosing. The business was started using tax payer dollars and they knew the terms. They very likely knew where they stood along the way but didn’t improve.

  2. I wonder if they requested that other businesses in the area be audited would Columbia County comply and do more damage to their tax revenues. Why is there no grace period to allow certified numbers to be presented?

  3. The Drag Show just brought this business to their attention. If she is short, then she’s not in compliance. However, how many other spots in Columbia Cty have they looked in too? Sad, I hope there is some way this business owner will prevail, even though I’d like to see those Drag Shows stop.

    • From WRDW’s coverage:

      Columbia County Commissioner Doug Duncan said: “We can’t choose which laws we obey and don’t obey. Some things may not work out well. But again, we have to do the best we can to apply the rules evenly across the board.”
      The vote to revoke was 4-1. The one on the fence was Duncan. He wanted to give the business more time.
      “Well, first of all, the will of the commission was to revoke it. I would have been in favor to extend some time to work through, but that’s just not the way the vote fell,” he said.

  4. This sounds awfully petty; just a fraction of 50% off?
    One good night a week would correct that.
    I believe this action has personal-preference undertones.
    $120,000 (more/less) in tax revenue as opposed to zero; Columbia County and Evans folks need to look into this.

    • That sounds pretty good to me especially in light of Covid. But no, you’re right. 49.99 is NOT 50%. Shut their doors and kick ’em out of town. Can’t we get a good strip joint in there? Or an Adult Video Store?

  5. My email to Chairman Doug Duncan used the word “disappointed”, but explained that that was the most underrated word I could think of, that was clean. This was a monumental “mistake” (trying to find clean words here). With so many “hits” with Columbia County, they succeed in also having some of the most public “misses”. If this business closes down, Columbia County will have an empty $30 a square failed investment, in a failed joint venture. They can fix this if they are willing to man/woman up. The ball is in THEIR court.

  6. Oh gosh. I wonder what would have happened if the sales were 49.9%? Could they make up the .1% by the end of the year? Probably not, according to the Commission. Give ’em the axe. They gave it a good effort but no cigar. Close ’em down and burn ’em at the stake while you’re at it. Or just tar and feather them and run them out of the county. We don’t need their kind.

  7. Good Riddance, they can’t comply with the “LAW” County wise, and they don’t give a darn about the community morals, drag shows, The ones of you who are in favor of drag shows can just move out of Georgia.

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