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Costco Raises Its Entry Level Wage



Costco announced that it is raising its entry-level wage to $16 an hour, up a dollar from the basic wage of $15.

The company says that they are wanting to find the best people for positions, and they feel offering a higher wage will bring in more quality candidates.

CEO W. Craig Jelinek says ...

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  1. Oohhh weeee.
    .. let me jump in here please! A few years ago (April 2018), when I was a supervisor for CVS, due to the profitability of the company during the previous Qtr and some tax breaks Trump signed, they implemented an across-the-board minimum wage increase. Anyone hired in from that time forward would make a minimum of $11.00 per hr. If you were currently employed and not at a rate of $11. you would immediately receive a raise in pay to $11. WOW! Minimum wage was $7.25, if I remember correctly. Quick math leads you to a $3.75 per hour raise. Hired, haven’t worked your first day, haven’t learned to clock in, and you receive a $3.75 raise. EASY-PEASY CVS IS WONDERFUL!! WHOAAAA, wait right there! The same day that trainee is being taught to clock in, or how to do everything there, by a supervisor who has worked 5 years struggling from $7.25, performing above average in order to get a raise once per year, is just now making $11.01 per hour. ? That supervisor receives no immediate rate increase! Talk about a slap in the face! CVS made the decision to adjust pay rates for those making over $11 per hour during their regular annual performance reviews and annual pay increases – JULY!! So back to that quick math, $3.75 x 40 hrs x 10 weeks, that supervisor is $1500. short of what the trainee has received. Does that even begin to sound like fair labor? How about morally correct? Or ethical? To those of us who had proven our loyalty and dedication, carried that store to #1 in the district – #1 in the region, made those 2017 4th qtr profits for the company, we felt like we had just been shot in the back! So…nobody could really tell us how those profits and tax breaks were going to work for those already making over $11. GM’s were told not to discuss it, advise others the methodology had not been disclosed yet. Corporate again killing the morale of the store leaders! But hey, you had some nicely paid cashiers who couldn’t hang a sale tag! ? So July rolls around, time for performance reviews and our “regularly scheduled” raise. There is such a thing as being “red lined”. You have reached the maximum level of pay for your job description. You do not receive raises anymore, but you can receive a yearly bonus. If I remember correctly, my total merit increase, time in grade increase, and profit/tax cut increase was life .86 cent per hour!! ??? SURE YOU APPRECIATE MY HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!! If you plan on resetting what your minimum pay rate is, you best figure it all the way up the chain!!

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