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Opinion: Democrats’ Abuse Power to Push Partisan Agenda



Democrat leadership must believe that the American People have short memories. Just months ago, the Biden-Harris Administration called for unity and promised to work on healing a nation that is undoubtedly divided politically. But the actions of the past three months tell a very different story.

During just his first few days in office, President Biden signed a series of unilateral and partisan orders that target America’s oil and gas industry, allow taxpayer dollars to fund abortions overseas, and halt construction of the border wall – and we see the dangerous consequences of these actions growing worse every single day. 

Since reversing the policies of the Trump Administration at the border, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is currently averaging over 5,500 migrant encounters a day. For context, former President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said during his tenure that 1,000 apprehensions a day was a “bad number.” From February to March of this year we saw a 71 percent increase in apprehensions. 

Just last month, in the middle of this border crisis, House Democrats passed two bills that would grant mass amnesty to thousands of migrants who crossed our border illegally. Simply put, their open border policies and rhetoric have created a humanitarian and national security crisis, and they are doing nothing to stop it.

Immigration isn’t the only hot-ticket item Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership have advanced by bypassing the committee process and shutting Republicans out entirely. Their radical agenda in Congress has consisted of federalizing elections, allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports, restricting the Second Amendment, defunding the police, and spending trillions on progressive priorities. 

House Democrats’ top legislative priority, H.R. 1, federalizes elections and tramples on the rights of state legislatures, bodies with the constitutional authority to reform election laws. The bill also outlaws voter verification – despite 74 percent of Georgia voters supporting voter ID – and allows political campaigns to be subsidized with taxpayer dollars. It’s a shameless attempt to keep one party in power.

As far as their social agenda, it’s hard to overstate just how radical it has become. H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality” Act, is a politically motivated bill that forces all schools (both public and private), churches, hospitals, businesses, and other institutions to recognize an individual’s “chosen gender” instead of their “biological sex.” It also allows biological males who identify as female to compete in women’s sports competitions and use female public facilities such as locker rooms. Further, it violates the First Amendment rights of Americans to freely practice and exercise ones’ religion by forcing employers to cover abortions while laying the groundwork for taxpayer-funded abortions.

The Second Amendment has also been under attack. The House passed two Democrat bills that would make it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to bear arms. H.R. 8 criminalizes the transfer of firearms between two private citizens and H.R. 1446 would add red-tape to the process of purchasing a firearm. Federal firearm laws are already very strong in ensuring prohibited persons do not purchase firearms, and these bills won’t do anything to address gun violence or keep criminals from obtaining an illegal firearm, but will instead make it harder for Americans to protect themselves.

And finally, we can’t forget that Speaker Pelosi exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to fund progressive priorities. In the most recent “relief” package, Democrat leadership refused to negotiate with Republicans and instead directed 91 percent of the nearly $2 trillion to unrelated Democrat priorities like Blue State bailouts while leaving behind states that handled the pandemic well, including Georgia.

What’s next? Their eyes are set on socialist Green New Deal policies and the largest tax hike since 1968 in an effort to pay for their radical agenda.

What I’ve experienced in Washington is not unity, it’s an abuse of power. I will keep fighting against the left’s radical agenda and advocate for commonsense Georgia values.


  1. Rick, after you and your colleagues on The House Subcommitte on K-12 Education meet again and help Dr. Bradshaw find solutions to the critical problem of Richmond County’s woeful public school system, then talk about Us Democrats’ abusing power.

    By the way, Rick, do your grandkids attend Richmond County public schools…even Davidson, Johnson or Walker?

  2. Craig Spinks, the problems in RC schools should be solved at the local level. Until the underlying social issues are corrected, the schools will continue to underperform statewide test scores. A robust school choice program would help bring about change. It’s a red herring to question a parents right to find the best schools for their children. All parents want what’s best for them including Democracts who put their children in private schools.

  3. How will the American education system ever compete with Asian countries when they keep lowering the standards just so certain groups can pass? Just another example of Democrat Socialist destroying America.

  4. Well I’m looking at the Conservative Review Scorecard Mr. Allen and it shows that you voted YES for the so-called COVID relief bill and $1.4 trillion special interest spending bill dated 12/22/2020. Am I mistaken?

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