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Column: Do something – anything to find out what’s going on with Augusta’s finances



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

In all my years covering Augusta politics, I’ve seen a lot of elected officials come and go. Sheriffs, coroners, tax commissioners, judges, commissioners an...

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  1. Augusta taxpayers and citizens should enter a class action lawsuit against all commissioners individually and as a group to resolve the smoking gun issues in the mayor’s office. If the mayor can sue his wife for divorce why can’t citizens sue for wrong doing. I like Mayor Young’s idea but “elected” Judges do not want to risk a block vote of Democrats against them. Augusta is mired in “see but do not tell” citizens when it comes to crimes and elected officials dishonest practices. Don’t help any criminal. It is just payback for wrong doings long ago. Thank goodness for McKnight and Clarke….but it takes more than two to tango. Hey maybe a recall is the answer, something to at least see how to expose the “see but do not tell” people who elect these dishonest people.

  2. Davis is back spending money willy nilly, without any form of oversight. He thinks he is above the law and the commissioners (sans Smith and Clarke) are allowing it to continue. Taxpayers are on the hook for every dime (more so in the upcoming budget). How an office can go from approximately 175,000.00 for two (Mayor and assistant) to a 500,000.00+, car and multiple employees for a position that is solely for tie breaking and ribbon cutting without question, eludes me. Wake up Augusta – before it is too late and the city is bankrupt. That’s where these continued mayoral shenanigans are heading.

  3. I was interested to see Mrs Hardy Davis’ resume and list of credentials on the church website. She is more qualified to be Mayor than he is. She is an impressive lady. I am sorry for what has happened to her. Hopefully he will be sorry later on.

  4. So tired of hearing the day to day news dealing with Mayor Hardie Davis’s and his misuse of Tax Payers money. What happened to all the missing money from My Brothers Keepers Fund? When it comes to our 10 Commissioners, that’s where our true problems exist. The commission voted to give Hardie Davis an outrageous Mayor’s Office budget, an expensive unmarked SUV with dark tinted windows, gas card and many other perks. Many of the City’s vehicles have tracking devices. The Mayor’s SUV does not! Tax payers are so tired of a few commissioners calling for an audit of the entire government, knowing it will never pass with the needed votes. Why is it the commissioner calling for a full forensic audit on the City voted no when other commissioners asked for a forensic audit of the Mayor’s Office? We shouldn’t vote for or support any incumbent politician that will not support a forensic audit of the Mayor’s Office.

  5. I’ve known Hardy for about 15 years. I actually helped him get on the Board of Directors for Leadership Georgia as I was rolling off. I found he and his wife to be great people. I hate to see so much smoke here. Hardy, just put your records out there. Clear yourself of all this madness. If there have been missteps along the way, bring them to light, ask for forgiveness and try to find improvement for our wonderful city. Many, including myself, are so sick and tired of the government versus the people mentality we see on display in Sylvia‘s article. We all have to row the boat in the same direction, the cavalry is not coming to save our city. No one cares about it more than us, the citizens. While there are many things that don’t add up within the city government, Augusta is one fine place to call home. Lastly, If I were being falsely accused of things, I wouldn’t be sitting around waiting to see what happened next. I would be knocking on the door of my accusers and setting the record straight.

    • I’m glad you said it. Augusta is a fine place to call home and no one cares about it more than WE, the citizens. With that said We must take care to move forward, especially since a new mayor will be elected soon. More of the same? Better or Worse?

  6. Nothing will happen..he will leave office and either get appointed to some democrat committee or office or he will run for something else and the blind voters that vote straight party tickets won’t even know or care they are voting for him…it’s a pathetic system…

  7. We should all write Judge Craig and demand an investigation into the nefarious practices of this mayor and his suspicious misuse of taxpayer funds. If this extends to commissioners who condone it, so be it. Sadly, there is talk of closing parks, e.g., Pendleton King and Hickman et al, but available funds are obviously being misused. I realize there are different budgets, but it is all taxpayer funds. Thanks to Bob Young for initiating the request for further investigation.

  8. Sounds exactly like something my Daddy, Grady would say. I am saying it now…. I am about ready to put the popcorn stand on the second floor before our citizens walk into the chambers for Tuesday meetings. As an elected official who has pushed for a forensic audit just know the show isn’t over.

  9. I agree with Bob Young 100%. I also think it’s ridiculous that it takes a citizen to do what 10 commissioners, edit, 8 commissioners continuously fail to do. Kudos on the brick job too, that’s on par with expectations. It ranks right there with the sinking manhole platform in front of Langford Middle that has been “ marked” by an orange barrel for over 2 years now.

  10. The State will get Hardie. The audit should start with Environmental Services and Recreation. They could recover enough to pay for the audit. Heads will roll soon as the cry for an audit builds.

  11. Governments and bureaucrats spend money like it is created from thin air. That is why I always got into bid trouble when I mentioned that stuff bureaucrats and elected officials would be fired for doing these things if they were working for a business in the “real-world”. If the money is not treated with respect and the dignity of the taxpayers and the value provided to the end-users is not considered, lots goes wrong. Sad to see this going on down there. Augusta and the CSRA deserve better quality of character in the ranks of our elected and anointed leaders. The corruption and incompetence of the City of Augusta by some hurts everyone.

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