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Editorial: A Forensic Audit Is Only Way to Restore Confidence in Augusta’s Leadership



If Richmond County commissioners do not procure an independent forensic audit of Mayor Hardie Davis’s previous spending, law enforcement should do it for them.

If the commission does the audit first, it will be a win-win scenario for them, but if law enforcement has to step in, everyone loses.


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  1. It is high time that a forensic audit be ordered to verify how taxpayer’s money was spent and the what’s and then the why’s as to what the money was actually spent on and for who’s benefit.Most everyone has figured this out already but a lot of us would like it confirmed in a written report that is completely transparent.

  2. As stated before the complicity of the Mayor’s new out-of-town hires seems to have come about from the Mayor’s convention time and they seem to be getting paid way more than local talent indicating, “something stinks in Denmark”. The money paid to the out-of-town companies could have come back to the employee in Davis’ office without any record to show for it. There doesn’t seem to be any reasonable amount of work done to account for that much money. We know he paid at least one person may be more thousands of dollars over and above what others have been paid before and paid up-front before they even came to work, The old “if it quacks like a Duck, etc.”

  3. Why has law enforcement not gotten involved? Seriously. What steps must be taken for an investigation to occur if the commissioners refuse to take action. And very soon commissioner Sias should lose his “NO” vote which should get the commissioners one vote closer to approving an audit,

  4. I have been asking for a forensic audit the entire time this has been going on. After reading this article it makes it sound like ALL Commissioners don’t want a forensic audit done. Not true…. It would be helpful to our citizens to point out the Commissioners who have been pushing for a forensic audit. Myself, Commissioner Clarke and Commissioner Garrett.

    • Thank you commissioner McKnight for your standing up for the tax payers of Augusta. You and John Clark with Brandon Garrett are the only commissioners doing what’s right at this point. All three of you have the support of many in Augusta. If our local law enforcement and local government can’t do what’s needed by supporting a forensic audit please call for the FBI, GBI and IRS to step in asap. Unfortunately you have many individuals afraid of supporting a call for any true audit because it will show what’s been going on in Augusta for a while. Other current and past commissioners have skeletons in their closet also. Look into the storm water tax and the people making money from it. Contractors making money from SPLOST programs and the people connect. Ask Ben why he placed the strip club item on the commission agenda a few years ago? Maybe he was involved in helping a close friend and past commissioner in taking over the strip club business in Augusta. Many of your commissioners past and present are self-serving and dirty also. They will never support any audit because of fear of going to gail.

  5. I sent letters to GA Attorney General Christopher Carr and Governor Brian Kemp requesting investigations into the commission’s and Davis’ compliance with state laws controlling the issue and use of government credit cards, purchasing authorizations, and limits on items purchased and amounts paid. I requested that each respond to my request. Crickets. If enough people send the same request, Carr and Kemp may get the message. It may help to write your GA State House and Senate representatives and Rick Allen. Warnock and Ossoff sure won’t help. Silent Sean Framton still appears to be on the wrong side of the forensic audit issue, much to the embarrassment of his constituents.

  6. WHEN I was in business managing a company with various stockholders…I wanted to have an annual “Certified” audit done to give assurance to my stockholders that there was no hanky panky going on. A certified audit is common practice when people are handling other people’s assets. Not sure why there is such opposition to a certified or “forensic” audit when elected officials are handling other people’s monies.

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