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Editorial Board: Transparency is first step to reducing school violence



The Richmond County school system’s posture of concealing information and hoping nobody asks needs adjustment. Parents need to demand accountability from local school boards and those tasked with students’ safety. 

In an environment when school violence has gained nationwide attention, one ...

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  1. Discipline reports are part of a schools annual report cards. It is the school administrators interest to handle incidents internally. Also, school resource officers have been dismissed for doing their jobs. Until the mindset changes at the building level, this will continue to be a problem (lack of transparency).

  2. We are not living in the 1950’s anymore. Parents and schools have abrogated their duties to maintain discipline and order in their homes, classrooms, and in public. Assault, rape, and use of weapons by school students are everyday occurrences. It’s time to start treating violent children as adults when they commit serious crimes. Abolish school tribunals, arrest and try the offenders in juvenile court, make the parents expend time, effort, and money to defend their child in court, and send the convicted child to an alternative school or jail. Law-abiding, responsible parents are paying for a safe, controlled, and effective learning environment for their children, and all children deserve it.

    Failing to report school conduct code violations and violations of state and federal laws on school property is a covert effort to hide the failure of the school administration and school board to provide a safe, controlled, and effective learning environment. Is their motive to avoid disciplinary action or termination and to get re-elected?

    PS: Federal provides that possession of a firearm in a school safety zone or at a school function is a felony with a minimum term of imprisonment of 2 years, not more than 10, with a possible fine of up to $10,000. Let the Feds have them.

  3. A camera in every classroom and more in the hallways and general areas where the students congregate. Proven technology if the equipment is not from some el-cheapo outfit. Can solve a lot of problems.

  4. As a former RCBOE school teacher, I can remember dozens of incidents, including gang-related ones, that occurred but were never reported. Drug dealing, weapons, violence, inappropriate relationships, etc. were only some of the situations that I personally reported, but somehow the paperwork “disappeared.” Back 10 years ago, you were considered an unsafe school if you reported too many infractions, thus both building administrators and county board members had no incentive to be transparent. I see that not much has changed in a decade, sadly.

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