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Editorial: Bobby Williams has declared himself in charge of the commission



Augusta Commissioner Bobby Williams is not just a bully, he’s also a bad influence, and he’s going to lead some of the newer members astray of the best interests for the city and its citizens unless they wise up and grow backbones of their own. 

Williams’ sway over the two newly elected com...

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  1. If not for Commissioner Bobby Williams Gold Gross would have extorted $2 million from the Augusta- Richmond County taxpayers this year and 1.7 million per year for the next 3 years without having to show any receipts for service delivered? Is there a conflict of interest with Gold Cross, and The Augusta Press having some of the same people on their payroll? Should there be an FBI investigation of the Gold Cross bag man/ unofficial lobbyist that’s bullying/threatening Commissioners?

    • Commissioner Bobby Williams acted like child throwing temper tantrums, talking over everyone, disrespecting taxpayers and our new Mayor Johnson alike at every meeting last week.
      There should be zero tolerance for this “abstain” vote trickery.
      Commissioners we’re elected to execute – give an up or down vote – NOT to play political games with the taxpayers business and abstain.
      VOTE this obstructionist bully OUT!!
      Also, who is this Gold Cross “bag man/lobbyist”?
      In fact, why are “lobbyists” allowed in ARC public meetings? What’s going on here?

    • If the commissioners and legal department had one brain between them, they could have included the requirement to periodically provide receipts and call records to ARC in the contract that was supposedly being negotiated with Gold Cross. Apparently, providing receipts, records, and offsetting the cost of indigent care was not thought to be important when ARC negotiated and approved the MOU for Gold Cross ambulance service. The commission and legal department appear to be stunningly inept in HR, contract, and real estate law. What’s next in the hyperbolic accusations – Putin is colluding with Gold Cross to make Bobby Williams look like an idiot?

    • Moses — As I have said to you before, you/we/they could not even get a receipt from Hardie. AND, last year’s slate of Commissioners voted to allocate $7M to prop up a Department Director who cannot seem to do the job — those “bail-out” funds could’ve paid for those three Gold Cross years, with $1M left over. PLEASE stop going down this road. It does not reflect well.

  2. Bobby Williams has declared himself in charge of the commission.
    That’s pretty funny, you are talking about a person that is not even in charge of himself.
    Following his behavior at city commission meetings that is apparent.

  3. I didn’t see Commissioner Williams speak up when our former mayor, Hardie Davis, was robbing the people of Augusta blind, not showing his receipts and just generally thumbing his nose at any sense of budgetary proprietary. Exactly what receipts has Gold Cross not shown? Please NAME this so-called “bag-man” that is on staff at the Augusta Press? I have never seen a single commissioner be shy about calling someone out, especially if they felt threatened. We have had LITERAL fist fights in the halls of the marble palace over the slightest hint of disrespect and no one is willing to give the name of someone working for the Augusta Press that is doing something so obviously wrong and possibly illegal (I assume that is why the call for an FBI investigation)? This smells like sleight of hand to me – give the people something to distract them while what we should really be watching is being ignored. Augusta Commissioners PLEASE, do the research on items brought before you, ask the hard questions, make up your own mind based on what is good for the city.

  4. Sounds like this Bobby Williams is a troublemaker and not looking out for our best interests!He seems to have a vendetta against Gold Cross and his own selfish agenda.His tricks and games are not going to work and those new commissioners best wise up to his manipulation.He has absolutely no regard for what is best for Richmond County as that is evident in his actions.

  5. Paid lobbyist should be registered with the State, or the Clerk of Commission. Let me just say he works for a County contracted at the Augusta Richmond County Wastewater Treatment Plant. There can be a civil discourse/debate. Call for the question motions is a up or down vote. You can only call for the question when you have the floor. Your question what’s going on waste Fraud, Abuse, and sometime corruption!

    • Go to https://www.gabar.org/newsandpublications/georgiabarjournal/loader.cfm?csModule=security%2Fgetfile&pageID=4692 and look at page 22 of this online publication about Georgia’s Ethics in Government Act. “The Act does not regulate the conduct of lobbyists who attempt to influence the issuance of contracts by counties, cities, municipalities or other political subdivisions of the state.”

      Go to https://library.municode.com/ga/augusta-richmond_county/codes code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT1GEGO_CH1INGE_ART3ETPUPR , ARTICLE 3. – ETHICS IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT. What section of the Code is being violated by the Bag Man/Lobbyist? Find it and file a complaint with the Administrator and Commission.

      For example, this is the Code that Hardie Davis violated and continues to violate after leaving office: Sec. 1-10-136. – Use of cards. 3) Receipts and documentation. Receipts, invoices and other supporting documentation of all purchases made with a county purchasing or credit card shall be maintained by the authorized respective card administrator for the period provided by Georgia’s record retention policy. If an original or duplicate cannot be produced, a sworn affidavit of the authorized elected official may be substituted. The documentation must include the supplier or merchant information (i.e., name and location), quantity, description, unit price, total price, price paid without sales tax and an explanation of the purchase sufficient to show that the expense was in the performance of official county duties. 4) Public records. All receipt and other documentation of purchases are public records and subject to the requirements of O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70 et seq.

  6. I voted for one of the new commissioners elected. At the time, I thought this person would be honest and work for the citizens of Richmond County. However, I am now having voter’s remorse about this person who seems to go along with these dysfunctional commissioners who think they can do anything they want to do. I will definitely remember in the future that elections do have consequences.

    • Humble, intelligent, honest, experienced, and civil public-servants are hard to find and convince to run for office, only to be frustrated by a bunch of ego-driven politicians. I feel for the newly elected commissioners who possibly are seeing their idealism, integrity and enthusiasm crushed.

      • The more I dig into Augusta politics the more disheartened I feel. I ran this past election cycte thinking a new face will change it all. While Garnett is doing a fine job and I’m glad he prevailed in the runoff the commission is business as usual. Will I say I’m done with running in the future for something? No… but I can guarantee one thing…there will always seem to be more bad politicians than good ones.

  7. As I’ve commented on another post, speculation regarding a person’s actions without knowing all the facts will lead you to the wrong conclusion. I asked my commissioner and was given a well thought out and reasoned response to my question. So even though this commissioner voted the same as the others, it was not for the same reason. But if you only listen to Austin R. and the local media (who have their own agenda) you won’t get the complete picture.

    • Why are the commissioners not engaging the media and explaining their votes? Constituents should not have to call their commissioner and ask for the basis of their commissioner’s vote on a contentious issue It’s called transparency in government. If they did this, fewer voters would be questioning their intelligence, integrity, and priorities. Will you share what your commissioner said for the sake of transparency?

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