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Editorial: Steven Kendrick campaign for mayor ended Tuesday



Mayoral candidate Steven Kendrick’s press conference announcing a development project at the Regency Mall site was ill-advised will likely prove harmful to his campaign for mayor.

Add this to his other recent missteps, and it all adds up to the fact that Kendrick, if elected, will be plagued wit...

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  1. I urge everyone that I know my friends and clients and acquaintances not to even think about voting for Kendrick!!He is a Hardee Davis on steroids!The publicity stunt at the former Regency Mall orchestrated to help his failing campaign shows me everything that I already thought about him.The best candidate for mayor by far us Garnett Johnson who is a very smart businessman who is far more intelligent than Kendrick is.We don’t need another politician like Davis.Johnson is honest and hardworking and unlike Kendrick and Davis he will always have the best interests of Augusta and it’s citizens first and foremost instead of promoting himself like Davis has already shown.So everyone wise up and vote for Garnett Johnson clearly the best man for the job!

    • Amen! If you want more of the same then vote for another Hardie politician like Kendrick…if you want a new vision and a honest person to lead Augusta forward then vote for Garnett Johnson. It’s time for Augusta to start weeding these self serving politicians out and get honest people in office.

  2. It sure looks to me that Garnett Johnson is far better suited to take on the issues that face us. Stunts like those outlined above should have everyone questioning Kendrick’s motivations…

  3. Kendrick is another graduate of the Hardie Davis College of Politics and Economics. If we are going to elect a power-hungry, narcissistic, arrogant politician as mayor, can’t we at least find someone who is smart enough to think about the unintended consequences of his actions and words? It would be less embarrassing and insulting for everyone. Race won’t be an issue in this election, so we will see if Garnett Johnson’s promised ethics and fiscal responsibility defeat Steve Kendrick’s name recognition (free campaign T-shirts) and personal/political/financial relationships.

  4. As I posted on another thread, when Cardinale did not send ANY form of representation to the “Regency Mall Press Conference” that spoke volumes to the true legitimacy of the whole thing. Then, to have only “chosen” commissioners to receive their engraved invitations, added to the insult . As Tedd Antonacci stated above, this is not a race, based on race. Lastly, for the Development Board president to not know ANYTHING about the “backwoods” work done by Kendrick, the chairman.

  5. He needs to fire whoever is managing his campaign! I was already on Garnett’s bandwagon before all of his stunts. After all this I hope he doesn’t ever go back in as tax commissioner!

  6. You know, most of us have been around Augusta for a long time. I know that WE know Kendrick would be an awful choice for mayor, but do the “sheep” who have a history of electing and RE-electing cancerous, thieving, manipulative (I could go on) politicians know who the best choice is???
    I’m not so sure they do.
    We’ll see.

    • Let’s HOPE they do know who the best choice is. The sheeple show up, even if they have to be bussed to the polls, and given a voting card @ church. The key this time is to make sure that we have a better than 28% turnout.

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