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Election Mystery Solved! The Dirty Trick? More Voters!



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As a lifelong Georgia conservative, I would love to be able to embrace some dark, shadowy conspiracy theory about what led to the losses of many of our Republican candidates both in November and in the subsequent January Senate runoff.

But I can’t.

We got beat for on...

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  1. All the Republicans need to do is start giving stuff away for free…free money, free college tuition….that’s all Democrats have to do and people flock to them. The truth is most Republicans believe in working hard for their money while Democrats mainly want to stay home and get paid for doing nothing. Sadly, as long as the Democratic party promises folks something for nothing they will continue to be in charge.

  2. Outstanding summary Austin. There are some underlying issues: (1) The Black community uses tax exempt churches as campaign headquarters such as we saw in Augusta (2) WRITE IN VOTES: strange such a HUGE increase over prior presidential elections…something smells rotten….Repubs do not know how to work this “system” .

  3. Great article Austin. The Democrat Socialist Party has been indoctrinating black people for as long as I can remember, it’s a shame they still fall for this. Trump has done more for them than any previous President, and he’s a Republican not a Democrat. What will they say when they don’t get $1800 in stimulus money? What will all Democrat Socialist say when the restrictions that were lifted for manufacturing and oil production under Trump, are put back in under the Democrat Party? I You can already see gas prices rising and they haven’t even taken office. I still remember paying $4.69 a gallon for diesel under Obama. Democrats don’t seem to care about America First. Patriotism doesn’t matter to them. Who’s going to pay for the open borders? Trump brought peace to the Middle East, something no other President has done. What’s wrong with other countries paying their fair share? That will change now and Americans will pay again. Unfortunately I see very dark days ahead for the country I love. In a way I’m glad I am close to the end of my life, because I hate to see this happen. There won’t be a North America anymore , we will be part of Socialist South America, Thanks Democrats.

  4. It isn’t that there are more Democrats than Republican– it is that the republican party has transformed into such a spineless and repulsive shadow of their former glory they turned undecideds and pink voters a deep shade of blue. Case in point

    This white male making 6 figures included.

    And as long as us ‘Socialists’ keep seeing comments from people like Becki (“The truth is most Republicans believe in working hard for their money while Democrats mainly want to stay home and get paid for doing nothing.”) it is only going to get bluer and bluer.

    I work hard as well. I want a government that works hard as hell for me. The republican party has nothing to offer outside of identity politics.

  5. Austin – your facts are correct but your interpretation is wrong. A comparison of electoral vote tallies from 2016 and 2020 reveals that Eastview’s district gave 92% of their vote to Clinton in 2016 – exactly the same amount as in 2020 with about the same amount of votes. I wasn’t able to find Westlake’s polling data, but I was able to see that in 2016, Columbia County’s vote for Trump was 66%. This 4% drop was repeated in all of the suburban Georgia counties and also showed up as well in quite a few rural counties. With a winning margin of just 12K votes, it was the small but significant suburban/rural fall off rather than the consistency of urban voters, that spelled downfall for Trump.

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