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Faith: A Country with a Reprobate Mind



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

Editors Note: This article previously ran at May 16, 2021. The author requested that we run this again as it has continued relevance to todays society even a year after it originally ran.

Millions of people are scratching their heads these days and wondering what in the world is wrong with America.  It seems that up is down and down is up.  We have lost our direction morally and spiritually and don’t know where we are going.  It gets more and more confusing and discouraging day by day.  It is not the desire to of this writer to paint a gloomy picture but when one faces the realities of today, there is hardly another position to take.  We have, quite effectively placed ourselves outside the arena of the blessings of God.  We claim to be a Christian nation, but the rest of the world takes a dim view of Christianity when they observe the actions and moral positions of America. 

I am of the opinion that God is primarily withholding his wrathful judgment upon the United States because of the vast number of people who ARE faithful Christians and who are trying to hold onto the foundational Judeo-Christian principles upon which this country was founded.  He set this kind of precedent in the Old Testament when he was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorra if even ten righteous people could be found in it.  Even though God has not ventured into the area of wrathful vengeance upon our sinfulness, He is judging this nation harshly and most of the citizens are so removed from Him and His Word that they are unaware of what is really going on.  People have become so accustomed to living with transgression against God that they are no longer offended, and they think that God has seen so much of it that He really doesn’t mind it much anymore or care about it.  How wrong they are.

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I think what has happened is that God has turned the “collective mind” of this nation over to a reprobate mind.  He is letting us “stew in our own juices” and will allow us to keep on going until we destroy ourselves.  We have leaders who are so wicked and undone that it defies words.  And, wicked leaders can lead wicked people to do anything and not bat an eye.  In fact, they will wonder why others object to their actions as they are unable to discern the error of their way.  Romans 1: 21-32 is an accurate description of who we are as a country today.  This nation doesn’t want to be bothered with what God says on an issue.  They do not “like to retain God in their knowledge.”  They have chosen their way and do not take God into account.  So, I believe He has done what happens next in Romans 1:28….He has turned the nation over to a reprobate mind.  He is letting America go wildly into destruction. 

There are those who are still hopeful.  I desire to be.  They think that there is going to somehow be a turnaround.  They can’t imagine that God would deal harshly with a nation which has been so blessed.  I think that the abundance of His blessings is going to be the measure of his judgment because we have “thrown His blessings back into His face.” The only thing which will save America at this point is a profound visitation of God upon us that would result in a massive revival and return to Him.  Sorry, but I am concerned that we have come too far.  It is too messed up.  Too many cultures.  Too many wicked leaders who have betrayed the American people.  Too many religions have been assimilated, accepted and adopted.  Too much materialism.  Too much narcissism.  Too much political correctness which has dumbed down the people and numbed the nation to reality is infecting the nation with a false conscience which has no common sense.  My concern is that we have come too far.  We now have a majority of the populace which can’t think for themselves and don’t want to.  They can be told anything and are spoiled to everything.  When people begin to see themselves as the center of all things, then the nation as a whole is in danger.  I am concerned that the United States is like the Thanksgiving turkey.  It is DONE.  You can stick a fork in it and the world is getting ready for the meal.  Our leaders have let us down.  They think only of themselves and have abandoned the trust placed in them in order to preserve their little kingdom.  They see themselves as a nation of ONE.  It includes no one but themselves.

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The only thing which will save America is a profound visitation of God upon the hearts and minds of people.  No one is beyond His reach.  No nation is immune to revival unless it adamantly refuses to be led by God.  There is no limit to the degree of correction that can be made if we will listen to and follow God’s Spirit.  He is the only one who can save us at this point.  Even some of our Congressional members have correctly stated that the nation has gone too far and that the only way we will be saved and survive is if God does something.  There have been great awakenings before, and we should be praying that there is one more left.  But I believe that God, in order to get our attention, is going to have to bring us to our knees in a way we have never experienced before.  We are no one special.  He is not a respecter of persons.  He owes us no excuses and, as stated above, I think He is holding off simply for the fact that there are millions of Americans who are Christians holding onto Jesus for hope and redemption.  We need to hope and pray that He does not finally let us go because when He does there will be no limit to our destruction.

The root problem is that God is no longer considered by the leaders who are taking us down the Primrose Path to destruction.  When political correctness has made of us a people who are expected to accept human activity which is abhorrent to God then we are on that Primrose Path.  When judges ignore the will of the majority to impose a politically correct judgment which favors the ungodly, then we are on the Primrose Path.  When our leaders keep on doing the same things even though those things are not working and bringing confusion, then we are on the Primrose Path.  When the people fail to stand up and say “enough is enough” then we are on the Primrose Path.

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When God is ignored, we are on the Primrose Path.  We had better find the right Path and find it soon or we will look, act and think like Europe before we know it.  More than that, we will find ourselves, once the greatest nation of history, as refuse along the roadway of history to be viewed with pity instead of revered for our example of greatness.

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Some will say that I am a doomsday prophet.  No, I only wish that what I am observing were not true.  I am facing reality and that is something few people want to do today.  I am praying for God’s intervention and for our willingness to follow Him out of this morass.  I urge all Christians to pray fervently that the next “Great Awakening” will take place and soon.

Reverend William (Bill) Harrell has been in ministry 48 years. He served as the pastor of Abilene Baptist Church in Martinez, GA for over 30 of those years. He can be reached at [email protected]. You can also check out his blog at www.williamfharrell.com

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  1. Rev H … very insightful… but why give up … those Americans who identify as being Christians are many…we simply do no know how to singularly sell our concept … just look at the amazing job BLM did in a short time… surely we have more Christians that adherents to the BLM movement. But we are too timid. It is time to act like Jesus and toss the bums out of the temple because they are disgracing God. We need a NATIONAL CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT LEADER. I don’t know who that can be. All Christians need to come together and fight the UNGODLY MEDIA who will give us no podium such as we are seeing in Augusta Chronicle today. We have lost a battle but not the war. As military leaders once said “DAMN THE TORPEDOS FULL STEAM AHEAD and as to the question of surrender “NUTS”

    • Doug: No one has said a word about giving up. What the people need is a national leader. Nothing will happen to correct much unless someone emerges as a person who can move them forward. And no one is suggesting violence as a correcting force. No movement goes anywhere without leadership. Everything rises or falls on leadership. Let’s pray that God will send us some leaders who can help us straighten out the mess we have gotten ourselves into. 2Chronicles 7:14 comes into view here.

      • well said Rev Harrell….you give me renewed courage and hope….to:

        Spread the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting people
        Confronting an ungodly culture with God’s truth
        Equip hungry disciples with bold, biblical teaching that can be applied to everyday life

  2. The reprobate and Satanic mind began in Europe before the colonizers landed in North American. After arriving in North America, in the name of their god they began to slaughter Native Americans and steal their land. Where was the godly insight when the so-called Christians were committing genocide on the Indian? Where was the godly insight when the so-called Christians kidnapped and transported African to North America to be enslaved, exploited, and abused? Satan, the father of lies steals, kills, and destroys. Sounds like Satan’s lying, reprobate, and perverted children are doing what they have always done with the government’s blessing.

  3. NAME THOSE WHO COULD BE AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY’S SPOKESPERSON ????? Timothy Michael Dolan (born February 6, 1950) is an American cardinal of the Catholic Church. He is the tenth and current Archbishop of New York, having been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.

    Dolan served as the President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops from 2010 to 2013 and was elevated to the rank of cardinal in 2012.

    Dolan is widely known for his conservative values[3] and for his charismatic media personality. He previously served as Rector of the Pontifical North American College in Rome from 1994 to 2001, an Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis from 2001 to 2002, and Archbishop of Milwaukee from 2002 to 2009.

    Born Robert James Jeffress Jr.
    November 29, 1955 (age 65)
    Alma mater Baylor University (BS)[1]
    Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM)[1]
    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (DMin)
    Dallas Baptist University (DDv)[1]
    Occupation Pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas

    • Simply facing facts my Brother. But things could be a lot better than what is rapidly approaching and indeed, is already visible IF God’s people themselves would get right with God. He is able and willing to turn things around if we will pray, humble ourselves and seek His Face. Keep your head up. God is still in control and none of what is happening catches him by surprise.

  5. The root cause for our nation’s current condition is incompetent and absentee parents. People have children without an honest commitment to marriage or a lasting marriage. They then turn their children over to a day care centers and public schools, where they receive some food and temporary shelter, and the values, morals and ethics of complete strangers. Most parents learn parenting skills while observing their parents in action (or lack thereof). Mom or Dad couldn’t take the stress or responsibility, so she or he left the marriage. Mom or Dad abuse drugs or alcohol. cuss like sailors, and verbally abuse each other, so that is the norm. The parents steal to obtain items they want, so that’s OK too. To Rev. Harrell’s point, Mom and Dad sleep in on Sunday morning instead of taking their children to church to at least learn the Ten Commandments and some Christian tolerance and civility. Hillary Clinton’s co-opted drivel about needing a village to raise a child is pure crap. Bob Dole’s response that “it takes a family” nailed it. Unless parents accept complete responsibility for the small humans they bring into this world and make their health, safety, education, and citizenship their first priority, the current social problems will not be solved.

    • Tedd: You have very eloquently nailed one of the primary problems causing a large part of the situation today. The home is being destroyed. It is the foundation for any society and if the foundations such as the home are destroyed the country cannot survive for long. BH

  6. Well said, sir! My husband and I are at 70 years old and have seen things in the last 20 years that have astounded us. We, too, wonder whether we have gone so far that there is no hope for us as a nation. I think the prophet Ezekiel felt much the same as he saw what was coming down the road for Jerusalem in the Old Testament. Standing with many other Followers of Christ in prayer-the only chance we have- for our nation!

  7. I am really getting a lot out of this conversation. Thank you Rev Bill Harrell for stimulating the dialogue. I don’t think all is lost if WE ALL Christians of ALL denominations come together somehow to profess our belief that it is NOT all about the here and now and it is not all about ME ! To me it is all about our ultimate destiny which the ungodly do not think about. I think about it and my destiny is to be in the presence of Almighty God for eternity.

  8. Thank you Bill for standing up and representig the silent majority. Which better start standing up and being the loud majority. One of my minister friends and I were discussing this several years agor. His statement was “this country needs a great and severe depression”. Maybe it’s coming and not to soon. Being brought to the point of worring about food and shelter might turn some thoughts back to the Lord and Savior. The provider of all. The one who feeds the sparrow.

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