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FAITH: The Devastating Effect of a Postmodern Church



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

A casual perusal of recent history will reveal that it has not been too many years since the Church really made a difference in the way society conducted it...

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  1. Rev. Harrell, you have hit the nail square on the head. I couln’t agree more. It is sad to see the church conform and give in to wims of society at the expense of losing the morality and hope that is so needed in our world today. I remember the first time I heard the phrase “If you trust in man, you will always be dissapointed”. I thought about that phrase a lot. I could never get comfortable in not believing it. I did get comfortable however in finding peace and hope and the foot of the cross. A a point in history that was so important that time stopped and restarted. A message that was delivered for only 3 years has stood for 2022 years. A message that brings Hope and Peace. A message that literally changed the world. A message that needs to be renewed today. I believe, “If you trust in man, you will always be dissapointed.” Praise be to God.

  2. Amen. The solution is found in Eph. 6 where we are told to put on the full armor of God. We have a weak and feckless church because we do not follow this command. I am afraid that we fear men rather than Gog.

  3. Amen! Like Jeff said, you hit the nail smack on the head.
    I can only imagine other preachers reading this and either smugly and ignorantly nodding their heads thinking you’re obviously talking about someone else and “certainly” not them, or they read it and hopefully will see themselves in the mirror and feel very uncomfortable at what has been revealed to them!
    Very well written. In fact, I will save it and periodically re-read it for a valuable reminder.
    Thank you.

  4. One more thing….I do take a slight a difference in thought on the marketing aspect. I get what you’re saying, but I was always taught to invite people to church and “let God do the rest”. Of course, God will find His own way to bring people to His House, but we can certainly invite people, even by media and marketing methods, to come and listen to the Word and find their own reasons for returning.
    I can certainly see where the conventional advertising and media marketing can just touch on the la-dee-daa, soft, and fun moments that attract people, rather than the hard-truth Gospel that many people might feel persecuted by, but the first thing is to get them in the door, right? Of course, as you wrote, we do want them to know it’s not all “fun and games”…true Christianity isn’t “fun and games”, it’s hardwork and commitment to it.
    Maybe I’m missing something?

  5. all our Christian churches have been more about fighting amongst various denominations that fighting for God….the decline has gone on so long it may not be possible to recover….but alas it may be….we can no longer be silent when “progressives ???” (hell no they are HARD LEFT LIBERAL HATE MONGERS) are pushing hard for things against God’s morality to disrupt our society…crime; illegal aliens; crime; transgender; crime; inflation; crime; on and on.

  6. Would love to see you address/explain why the Southern Baptist institution was protecting numerous pedophile abusers within its ranks, and why there was a spreadsheet list that was released only very recently.

    • Amanda: There is no explanation for what is going on except that Satan is alive and well even in the midst of religious organizations. The more effective that organization is, the more he will attack it. Every Southern Baptist I know is appalled to think that our convention was guilty of even one situation. I am going to wait until after the SBC Annual Meeting, (which is taking place this week) before I make any statement about the report which has engendered all of this. Your comment however insinuates that there are a massive number of situations that are being investigated. Even one is too many but when one does the math, they find out that those accused of misconduct are an infinitesimal part of the SBC. Many on the list to which you refer are not even Southern Baptists which is totally unfair to the SBC. Also, we live in a society which is now declaring people guilty even before they have had a chance to defend themselves. There is much more to be found about all of this and it is not time yet to make a general assumption about what has been said to this point. It is time for all Christians to pray and pray hard. Thanks for your comment. WFH

      • I’m reminded of Jesus’s teaching about the plank and log in the eye. So quick to condemn everyone else in your column nearly every week, but it’s a “wait and see what the PR message will be from the SBC” before you are willing to call out the sickos in your own house.

  7. Thank you Pastor Harrell, you are right, by & large today’s organized churches have gone from , to use a journalistic metaphor, what once were Faith Based Living Institutions, that felt no limit in what could be accomplished with God written about in the ” Birth Announcements “, to Political Action Committees that accomplish nothing without God, written about in the ” Obituary Column “.
    One of the most stark examples of this is the role that Godly Black Churches played in the early civil rights movement .
    The greatest strides made in civil rights were accomplished by these faith based churches, before they were hijacked and brought to an almost grinding halt by white political opportunists who have replaced God with Black Lives Matter & Antifa.

  8. REV BILL…and today we see a football coach being derided for knealing in prayer 50 yard line….and manazine Sports Illustrated pouncing on him as if it against democracy…. WHAT CAN I DO AS A CHRISTIAN TO PROTEST THIS MATTER…NOTHING AS WE CHRISTIANS COWER ON THE STAGE OF DEFENDING DEMOCRACY ….SHAME ON ME AND OTHERS…..BILL, TEACH US HOW WE SHOULD HANDLE SUCH MATTERS AS THESE…THANKS

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