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Faith: Thinking about Mother’s Day



When I think back on my life as a child and then as a young person, I can recall many people who had a lasting impression on me. My father was a good man who taught me many things which have become very valuable in my life over the years. My grandfather Harrell, who took me fishing and hunting a young boy coming up. My grandfather Golden who showed me how a good man lives a quiet and honorable life. Yes, many people left and indelible impression on me as I developed. But you know, as I think about those who had such a large part in making me the person I am, my mind goes immediately to the good women in my life. 

My Grandmother Golden who loved me and made me feel special and my mother who birthed me; put up with me and took care of me until I left home and started a home and family of my own were primary people in my life. I remember how my mother sacrificed in order for us to have the things we needed in life. I also recall how she would sit at her sewing machine for hours on end making the clothes for both the boys and girls in the family. I remember that she always had something for us to eat and that the needs of life were provided for us. I think back upon her pancake turner and how she would wear me out with it in order to correct me and teach me the right things in life.  

Today is Mother’s Day and I want us to spend some time thanking our mothers and uplifting them the way they should be thanked and uplifted. The world is at war against everything that the proper kind of home stands for. It promotes rebellion in children and it also promotes a breakdown in the way parents relate to the home and to each other. The number of people who can remember when the Dad was the dad; the Mother was mama, the children were properly instructed in life and the home was a sanctified place, are quickly declining as the years move on.  

Every expert in the field of human relations tells us that the home in America is in serious decline. It seems that every attack which can be mounted against the home is becoming a reality. Divorce is running rampant. Discipline is almost non-existent in many homes. Satan is running wild. The desire for a career is robbing many parents of their God-given responsibility of raising their children properly. Debt is overwhelming to many homes. Children are left to themselves with less parental guidance than they need and deserve. Yes, the home is in serious trouble in America and there seems to be no way to stop the downward turn.

If we would simply do the things told to us the Bible, we would not have all the decline which we are witnessing. Remember this…God has an order and when it is followed wholeness and completeness are the result. When it is ignored, disorder and defeat are the results. His order is found in His Word and it covers the entire spectrum of a proper family.

As I think back on my mother who passed away at 92 a few years ago, I realize how much of a Superwoman she was. Six children; little money; all the household duties that went along with such a big family were her daily occupation. Dealing with all the “stuff” that our family could come up with and making it through the day was Superwoman territory. She maintained a wonderful sense of humor and tons of patience with each of us individually and the whole bunch together. When she was 92, I was visiting her in Tifton, GA (our home) and I asked her what was the best thing about being 92. Her answer was quick and humorous. She said, “no peer pressure.” I laughed at her response but, you know, she had something there. Not only did she take care of us physically she made sure that we all went to church faithfully. We knew where we would be on Sunday morning. There was no question about that. She was a great Christian lady who loved people and served the Lord with gladness. What a true Christian legacy she has left as a mother. Society would be well served if she were used as a model for young women of today.

It is a sad reality but it is true that most mothers are taken for granted too much and they are properly valued when they are gone. I wish I had told my own mother more than I did about how great a person she was. I wish I had uplifted her more and done more for her in every way.  Let me encourage everyone reading this article to call your mother or better yet, go see her and let her know of your undying love and appreciation for her. Let her know how much you value and appreciate the fact that she basically lived her life for you. If you don’t do it now, you will wish in the future that you had. Let her know of your love and care for her and be sure to tell her Happy Mother’s Day! 

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  1. Thank you, Rev. Bill Harrell. My wonderful Mama was both father and mother as my father passed away at age 37. She worked hard on all fronts and brought myself and my two older brothers. I, like so many, feel I had the best Mama in the world. She passed away at the age of 97 and was an example to many. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember the wonderful memories she left for us, I was blessed. Love you Mama!

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