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Former Augusta Mayor rents storage unit but city has no access



Former Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. went on a spending spree with city money just as he left office. One of the purchases was a four-month storage unit rental, and no one in the current administration knows what it contains.

Davis also hosted a private “farewell” party for himself that cost th...

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  1. “ The taxpayers paid the bill for people wearing formal wear to carry home enough food to eat for a week,” McKnight said.”

    Classy people wearing formal wear don’t carry food home.
    Unless it’s some of that Nothing Bundt Cake!!

  2. If the City paid, or is paying for it, the Mayor and the Commission should have access to it. It never seems to stop with politicians, Local, State and National, thinking that taxpayer money is for their private use. I would guess that 75-80% of all politicians have some, less than honest, habits and could care less what constituents think. Until this attitude changes in the political arena Nationwide, it will get worse.

  3. First person I would fire is the city attorney. He has let Davis do whatever he wanted for to long. Also? Why isn’t there some kind of law enforcement investigation into the illegal use of that credit card? That man should be next to Sias in a orange jumpsuit! I cannot believe that the city cannot get access no matter who’s name it’s in..I call bull on that…

    • No, actually the first person to fire is the Director of Finance. They are the one charged with maintaining control of the ARC monies. As I have said multiple times, there should’ve been a receipt matching process in place over a predetermined threshold amount, prior to any payment or reimbursement. This has been in place for every place I have ever worked, and me given a corporate credit card or account. The lack of this process means that the ARC Finance Department is not following GAAP, and I am at a loss over WHAT auditor would sign off on this. I guess this means that there is no audit completed annually.

      Davis covered his bases by prepaying the four months rental. I guess it took a mini-warehouse to house all of his trophies and awards he accumulated over the past eight years. OR he is letting ARC pay to help him hide additional assets from his ex-wife’s divorce attorney. While ARC cannot legally cut the lock, there is nothing to stop them from ADDING a lock, so that someone else has to be present when Hardie UNLOADS his “shrine”, since ARC DID pay for it.

  4. No action will ever be taken against the former mayor for any of the scams, skimming of funds, illegal use of funds, whatever you call it. He made away with almost half a million dollars of Richmond County taxpayer money and not one person blinked an eye or will ever hold him responsible, nor does anyone care to. Apparently the pattern continues even after he has left office, still without legal ramifications. Long past time for an investigation by the GBI or some other entity. Absolutely disgusting.

    • I commented a few months ago how easy it would be for him to help himself from the offering plate before it was counted. No record of the amount and hard to prove. A Fl relative of mine had a pastor that was not married, which was odd because you know the pastors wife is always the piano player. He should have gone to jail for the hundred of thousands he stole. And then the next one drove a candy apple red vintage Corvette, he lived in a gated golf community, and took many trips to foreign countries in the name of Jesus! Things sure have changed.

  5. This is par for the course!Just when you think you have heard it all $5500.00 of taxpayers money paying for a farewell party?It is difficult to even begin to understand how long this spending spree has been allowed to go on!Enough is enough!

  6. I wonder if Hardie had anything to do with the missing $23M from the storm water tax a few years back. I seem to remember half of the money collected couldn’t be accounted for… Mayor Johnson really needs to invite the FBI to come in and conduct a forensic audit of the county. That would hopefully get this government back to square one!

  7. We can only hope that the former mayor has people looking at his thievery, like in the S. Sias case. We were not aware that they were working on that case and then one day, bang, he was arrested. Davis obviously thinks being King he could get away with whatever shenanigans he was planning and executing. And I am sure there are things that we will be stunned to find out in the end. What was he doing in Dubai numerous times?

  8. The former mayor’s gone any issue with him is a civil matter that should be taken up in court. Augusta Richmond County Attorney Wayne Brown job is to protect the interest of the taxpayers of Augusta Richmond County from lawsuits by the former mayor or anyone else. I’m not willing to give David a reason to sue. Perhaps Ms. Davis attorney will find out what’s in the storage locker in the divorce legal discovery. Perhaps the mayor’s office will file a FOIA in that David’s was Mayor at the time he rented the storage locker and paid for it with tax dollars, assuming the documents is official City documents.

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