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Former senator reflects on Augusta-Richmond County consolidation charter more than 25 years later



It’s time to rethink the Augusta-Richmond County consolidated charter, according to its chief architect, former state Sen. Charles Walker.

“I think we’ve learned a lot and grown a lot in the past, and I think changes need to be made,” said Walker, of the charter of the consolidated the city of A...

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  1. Go to a county manager and do away with the county commission! Augusta is sinking and if you think for a minute it is not racial, you better look again! I am a future Columbia Countian because I am tired of the crap that goes on in Richmond County and I do not trust the county government and everything is racially motivated even down to paying a commissioner his pay while under indictment and suspended from his duties! Richmond County is a tax and spend county that will always look for ways to raise taxes on its citizens! Augusta is now the third largest city and slipping, Macon and Savannah will pass Richmond County by the end of this decade! The flight of downtown will again be in the forefront! Keep doing your way Richmond County, Columbia County is loving it!

  2. They have a word for moving funds from one place to another without informing the taxpayers..it’s called fraud. The consolidation vote should have been reversed after the city was found to hide their financial situation. What happened to not doubling up in services? What happened to lower water bills and free trash service? The first thing that happened was the old city stalwarts poured the county tax funds into downtown and let South Augusta go to crap. One of the biggest farces ever perpetuated on the county voters and all under the tutelage of a now federally convicted felon…which is so Augusta now..hopefully we get to see more Augusta politicians where orange junosuits and wear the moniker of convicted felon…

  3. Well my quote is a little off. My explanation was that both whites and blacks use race as a means of hurting Commissioners. I was accused of several occasions of being a “white devil” by some in the black community and a black lover by some on the white community.

  4. Well the commissioners could fix this if they really wanted to make things better. Have they tried? They won’t even approve an audit when they know that there is misuse if public funds. I honestly believe that the good citizens in Augusta-Richmond County would appreciate seeing the problems exposed, solutions put forth, and a healing process getting underway. In other words: Many if the current commissioners – and mayor – need to be replaced with problem solvers.

  5. EXCELLENT AND INFORMATIVE JOURNALISM: wonder what ever happened to the Justice Dept agreement that was: “Walker said that he worked with the Justice Department to ensure a 50-50 racial split on the new city-county commission.”

  6. Thanks once again for letting someone that knows what the score is and has been there and now we know how it works and how it doesn’t work and why. I know former senator Walker could get it in shape. I always said if you didn’t like Senator Walker is because you really didn’t know him. Just seeing his photo made me feel better knowing we still have people in our community that are leaders. And his past is the past and he paid dearly.

  7. The main qualifications for most elected offices in Augusta are ignorance of, or contempt for, local, state, and federal laws and regulations, greed, and the need for self-serving power. Every county in GA or SC that borders Richmond County is better managed and more attractive to incoming residents and businesses. The problem will not be fixed until voters wise up (not likely) or the current government scheme is dismantled and replaced by something less corruptible and racially driven.

  8. Same old thing, pitting the races against each other. This is truer now than ever before, especially with this Biden/Harris administration. Biden wants a black skinned woman in the Supreme Court simply because of her skin color. I think he should pick Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee. To hell with experience or qualifications. This is so evident on the Richmond County Commission. Not all but unfortunately the majority of blacks vote for a socialist government. Since Richmond County consolidated it has been loosing its population.

  9. Great job, Scott. This is a real coup to get an interview with Charles Walker, arguably the most influential and consequential local political figure in Augusta in the past few decades. His self-inflicted fall from grace doesn’t change the fact that he had the political muscle to almost single-handedly create a consolidated government where others previously had failed. Whether that government is a good thing or not is entirely beside the point; he succeeded.

      • That’s a cheap shot, you can pretend that his demise defines him, but you can’t argue he was not effective as an elected leader. He paid for his transgressions with 12 years of his life, and that’s not a “con” that was hard time for defrauding a client that didn’t even WANT to press charges.

    • I agree Barry. I’m not opposed to consolidation but I do believe it was oversold. Taxpayers did not receive the promised benefits. I also believe that local government should reflect the views and values of the citizens within the boundaries controlled by the duly elected lawmakers. RC is majority black and the elected officials reflect that as does CC which is majority white.

  10. Charles Walker knew how to wield power and he was willing to comprise to get a deal done. I didn’t like how he ended up, but no doubt he is a leader and would be head and shoulders above what we have now representing us.

  11. It was a big effort on the part of Senator Walker to get consolidation passed and I truly commend him for the work he did in getting the votes and having the Augusta community come together in a manner that has not been done since. He was the one man that could do it. Well done.

  12. That is always the case Joe Bowles, when you try to be fair minded about both sides of an issue. I’ve been called a liberal more times than I can remember because of my moderate political stances on some issues. It is those wingers with the “my way or the highway” postures that have polarized this country to where it is today. Very few statesmen left. They get labeled RINO’S AND DINO’S.

  13. “The city administrator and department heads all have ten bosses, and that is just not effective. I have run a corporation, and no one should have ten bosses.” TRUTH!! Just try to get those clowns to give up their ability to micro-manage though. It will have to get done independently of their approval.

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