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Georgia elections chief recounts 2020 aftermath in Augusta stop



If he didn’t intend to address lingering conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election, a heckler ensured that he would.

At the start of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s speech to the Kiwanis Club of Augusta, an unidentified man paraded a handwritten posterboard sign through t...

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  1. No one will ever convince me there was no ‘election fraud’ in the Presidential election, not only in Georgia but other States as well. Would it have changed the outcome? I do not know. What I do know is, Joe Biden is President (not my choice, but it is what it is) With all the changes in the Election Laws, they make it easier to cheat. I personally think that in order to vote absentee, a person has to prove his/her disability, or they have to vote in person. Ballot (drop) boxes and mail-in ballots makes it too easy to cheat. In today’s political climate and division, there has to be better accountability in the voting process.

  2. We saw with our own eyes the counting of ballots after the building was cleared (illegal). We also saw 2000Mules. I never heard a proper explanation for that. Anyway, just need to ensure it never happens again. Admitting it would be a good start.

  3. As someone who has experience as a poll worker, there were actions done by those in Fulton County that were questionable or even criminal, to say the least. Boxes of ballots pulled from tables with no chain of custody, rescanning ballots over and over again, etc. would have probably landed somebody like me in prison. These machinations going on behind the scenes in Atlanta, and endorsed by those at the top, (yes, I’m talking about the Governor and the Secy. of State) make what has been going on in Atlanta possible. Fortunately, our own Board of Elections is run in a stellar manner by Mr. Travis Doss currently, and by Mrs. Linda Beazley in the past.

  4. I quote from the book, “Return”. “But the fact remains that Kemp and Raffensperger are more responsible for the catastrophe of 2020 than any other Republicans in America”. And did I hear a peep from Raffensperger’s office when I had access to what seemed like cheating from a particular voting precinct in Chatham County during the Senatorial runoff. NO!

  5. 2, Court challenges, all over the country including Georgia, were not allowed to present evidence for various bogus reasons, like not having “standing”. Judges were too frightened to allow evidence. 3. Everybody knows the FBI threw this election. Hiding Hunter’s laptop and policing social media (I was thrown off Facebook 4 times and never allowed to advertise again) gave the presidency to a crook with senile dementia. Biden is so compromised he is slow-walking weapons over to the Ukraine because Russia will get him thrown out of office and put in jail if they want to. He’s China’s puppet too.

  6. I am convinced election fraud happened in 2020 in GA and other states. No responsible election authority should leave votes under a table. There were too many peculiarities. I see the voter turn out in routine election and compare these turn outs to the 2020 turn out. Pew Research completed a study and stated It was virtually impossible to prevent fraud in mail in voting. Recounting fraudulent votes is not an audit.
    What would happen if we were to randomly research 10 % of the mail in votes checking addresses, social security numbers, trying to locate the voters.

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