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Hasan Scolds Commissioners for Talking to the Media



Augusta commissioners were about to delete an item to consider suspending or revoking the alcohol license of Southbound Smokehouse on Thursday because the owners had announced they’re closing the business, but Commissioner Ben Hasan had a message for commissioners about commissioners speaking ...

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  1. It is difficult to deny that the commission violated Georgia State Code 36-80-24 when they did not authorize King Hardie’s credit card and Pay Pal account and King Hardie violated Georgia State Code 50-5-80 (b) by making personal purchases using those accounts. The commission and mayor have offered excuses and denials, but no evidence that their actions, or lack thereof, were legal or ethical Local law enforcement and the DA have turned a blind eye to these violations. These violations would still be state secrets without the media exposing them, yet the commission continues to stall and obstruct independent investigations and audits. What isn’t fair to the citizens is willful or negligent violation of state codes, coverups, theft of public funds for personal use, favoritism, nepotism, and kickbacks. Augusta-Richmond County should add The u. S. Constitution (especially the First Amendment) and Georgia State Codes to the required reading list for our elected officials and department heads. Oh, and make them renew their oath of office every 30 days.

  2. Therein lies the problem. As long as they can keep everything a secret, the longer they can ‘pull the wool’ over the taxpayers eyes. The majority of these Commissioners could care less about transparency. They prefer to keep everything under wraps, spending Taxpayer money like drunken sailors.

  3. Now they commission has voted not to audit any departments or credit card use. Why? Because they said they are used to find fraud and embezzlement? Huh? That’s exactly what audits do! That’s the entire purpose of an audit! Someone is hiding something and they know the DA will do nothing about it! If I were an Augusta resident I would show up at every commission meeting with signs and start protesting, I would be calling the states attorney office so much I would have them on speed dial, I would be doing the same with the GBI and I would also be calling my state senator and asking him why something isn’t being done. Lastly? QUIT VOTING THESE

  4. These guys know they have a blank check and their voters don’t care and there’s nobody to do anything about it so why talk about it in public? Richmond County is a corrupt politician’s paradise. In this era of lawlessness I fear it is the same everywhere.

  5. Cockroaches sure don’t like the lights to be turned on! Augusta Richmond County and the sheriff’s office choose not to be accountable to their constituents. These offices working in secrecy is not accountability. Hopefully the era of back door deals and coverups is over; mismanagement of our taxpayer resources cannot be tolerated. The commission chose not to authorize an audit, after the press unveiled that they and the mayor were operating illegally. Every one of them should be calling the press to explain their actions. The city will never realize its full potential until it can withstand the scrutiny of a fair and critical press.

  6. Once again I will state what most people already know. Political individuals are afraid of any forensic audit dealing with Augusta’s government. Many of them will go to prison if the true comes out about what is taking place in Augusta. This is just another example of self-serving individuals covering for each other. Thank God for The Augusta Press and a few commissioners for doing what’s right. Please look deeper into Augusta’s government. There is a lot more going on with tax payers money. To many back room dealing going on to enrich one’s self.

  7. He himself is a big part of the problem, not a surprise he wants to hide everything. Be accountable, be honest, uphold your office, don’t hide in the corner with your official Hardie rubber stamp

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