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Hephzibah police gets an ‘F’ from YouTuber for detaining man for singing in public



A popular YouTube channel that reviews interactions with law enforcement has taken an in-depth look at the Hephzibah Police Department’s detainment of resident Christopher Jefferson for singing in public.

Last month, Jefferson accepted the services of a public defender when he appeared in court.

Audit The Audit is a channel created to “sort out the who and what and the right and wrong of police interactions,” according to the creators.

The channel explores the legal intricacies surrounding interactions between citizens and law enforcement officers as well as the laws, ordinances, and policies which dictate their authority. They “use videos of police interactions to demonstrate the complex narrative of law and educate citizens on their rights and the do’s and don’t’s of police contact.”

Ultimately, the channel gave Hephzibah Police a grade of F for “arresting Mr. Jefferson as he attempted to gather Officer Tucker’s information, displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of free speech and for failing to employ any measure of de-escalation.”

Greg Rickabaugh is the Jail Report Contributor for The Augusta Press. Reach him at [email protected] 

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  1. And there is the “REAL PROBLEM” with our Police. That you would give the low-life Utuber any credence is SO WRONG. Now more idiots can think it is OK to listen to a fricken Utuber for direction on what the Police should do, instead of following the local laws.

    • That “Utuber” understands case law, the constituency, the limits of government and police authority, and the concept of civil rights.

      You don’t. And neither does the Hephzibah police department or its incompetent chief of police.

      Local ordinances don’t override the constitution. Despite how much people like you want to live in a police state.

      I bet you claim to be pro-freedom and pro-constitution.

  2. Against my better judgment, I watched the video. What the narrator did not mention was the lack of consideration for his neighbors and passers-by who were possibly offended by the volume and content of his singing. The Jeffersons displayed typical self-centered, victim-status responses. Similar inconsiderate people have car stereos and loud vehicle exhaust systems that rattle your windows and damage your hearing. Had Mr. Jefferson simply complied with the officers’ initial request to lower his voice and omit the profanity, this would have been a non-event. But no, he had to exercise his First Amendment rights. He deserves all the legal hassles he created for himself and for that he gets the “F”.

    The video’s closed captions misspelled Hephzibah – quality journalism there. I don’t visit social media sites because 90% of the content is personal agendas, fabrications, biased news, and outright lies. I don’t like paying to be exposed to it in TAP.

    • While my singing voice is likely to bring out howling cats and dogs… singing is not disturbing the peace. Nor is singing during the day in public a crime. Even the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has labeled “F the police” as free speech. Additionally asking for the identification of an officer, name and badge number is protected. Therefore… Mr. Jefferson could have been singing NWA’s F the Police and be within his constitutional rights.

      If there is so little crime in Hephzibah that singing while walking is a crime… maybe they could do more public service. Instead we have 3 officers protecting our community from errant singing.


      Just in case you wondered about the right to say F.

  3. No argument about shouting profanity is protected free speech. You go ahead and yell F the police in the face of an officer who is armed with a pistol, Taser, pepper spray, and baton, and who may have recently been served with divorce papers or found out his son has terminal cancer.

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