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Opinion: It Is Time To Get Serious About Covid Vaccines



For the first time in world history an effective vaccine has been developed in less than a year to successfully combat a deadly virus, Covid-19.

Unfortunately, a majority of Georgians have yet to get their vaccinations, despite the fact that vaccinations are free and are proving to be effective at preventing severe infections and deaths.

While we support each person’s right to choose for himself or herself whether to get the Covid-19 vaccination, we urge Georgians, Augustans in particular, to consider seriously the consequences of not getting vaccinated. Virtually all of the recent hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19 are among the unvaccinated.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walenksy put it starkly earlier this month: “This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” she said at a White House briefing. Anthony Faucci said in a Meet The Press interview in early July that the unvaccinated account for 99% of recent deaths and 97% of recent hospitalizations.

It is true, even those who have been vaccinated can get what are referred to as “breakthrough” infections, but those are mostly mild and have more in common with a short-lived cold than the desperate illnesses among the unvaccinated.

We understand as well that some are frightened of the vaccination’s side effects from the vaccine, but in most people, those side effects are nothing compared to the health crisis that Covid-19, and especially the more infectious Delta variant, can cause. We at the Augusta Press are all too aware of just how sick a person can get from the Covid-19 virus. One of our staff writers was desperately ill the first few weeks we were in publication. It was an open question whether the staffer, who has an autoimmune disorder, would make it through the infection. That staffer’s doctor advised against the vaccination because of that disorder, and we support the staffer’s decision to follow the doctor’s advice. Everyone’s situation is different, and neither we nor the government should ever lose sight of that.

Evidence in support of the vaccination includes the effectiveness of the vaccination in preventing serious illness and death. Further, the vaccines have been on the market and offered for free for long enough that if there were any dangerous side effects, the public would have heard about them by now.

There have been no reports of widespread problems with the vaccine, and yet the vaccination rate in the CSRA remains at around 40 percent.

The whole argument of if you are vaccinated, then others are safe without having to be vaccinated and vice versa is simply wrong headed.

Many people like our staffer, because of pre-existing conditions, cannot be vaccinated, and those same people are also at the most risk of contracting the virus. Their lives matter, and it is up to those of us who can get the vaccinations to put aside our bickering and just do it.

People can test positive for Covid-19 and never suffer symptoms, which means they are living petri dishes passing the virus along with every handshake. This scenario is scarry for people who, for medical reasons, cannot take the vaccine.

While the government has no business mandating anyone take the vaccine, it has gone to great lengths to make the vaccine available with only minor inconveniences.

At this time last year, hospitals in the CSRA were completely out of beds with the masses of new Covid-19 patients. Do we want to risk that happening again?

If you have not gotten the vaccine, we strongly urge you to rethink your position.


  1. “Time to get serious …” are you serious? That ship sailed months ago but you emphasize correctly that we do have a safe and effective vaccine and all who can receive it, should. There are too many examples of dead and dying people who chose not to take it. The data is conclusive. The ones hospitalized now are overwhelmingly unvaccinated. If you’ve “shot-up” you are protected from the confines of a hospital bed. Come on people, do this, if not for yourself, then for those around you and those you love.

  2. At work, I usually take a very informal, totally unbiased poll of people I work with…asking why they chose not to be vaccinated. The overwhelming reason is fear.
    Almost every single one admit they get all their information from television news…much moreso than from their independent reading or even their doctor, if they even have one. Just about all of them fear the side effects, including all the very low probability ones that the TV news have over-sensationalized, like blood clot and cardiac issues. They think they have a greater than normal chance of dying from simply taking the vaccine. The greatest majority of these people are black, and a few of them have even cited a history of problems that blacks have encountered with medical testing.
    It is very frustrating that what stands between these desperate, yet defiant people from getting the vaccine is the belief in everything the theatrical news media puts out.
    They all tend to take great comfort in believing that wearing a mask will absolutely protect them from the virus. Not trying to stir any arguments, but almost all believe in anything Dr. Fauci says is true. One vaccinated person even told me that he would wear a mask until Dr. Fauci announces there is no longer a pandemic AND there is “no way I can get Covid”.

  3. I think that there is little doubt that given the increasingly highly infectious nature of the current and evolving variants, that in the next 2-3 years everyone will achieve immunity by either getting vaccinated or getting the disease. There is a vanishingly small probability that anyone will avoid getting this in their lifetime. This is not going away… “Pay me now or pay me later.”

  4. If you did some real investigating into this vs the narrative that’s being pushed, the Dr’s being silenced, the scientists being silenced, you’d know this piece is full of malarkey. I’ve seen with my own eyes the results of perfectly healthy people having life altering effects from this vaccine. And look at how it’s killed the elderly. I don’t believe anything out of DC or the CDC.

    How about we promote HEALTH and exercise that can strengthen your heart and lungs??? How abt eating right? How abt the high percentage recovery rate of those who do get it??? I take my chances. If God says it’s my time, then I’ll gladly go to Him.

  5. A little bit of a soap box post – It’s an individual choice as to whether or not you get the vaccine. I am not one for mandates. This country was not prepared for a “pandemic”. Finger pointing, further politicizing at this point does nothing.
    It’s time to educate everyone as a public health message. Don’t rely on the government, much less social media (Zuckerberg) to give you information or answer your questions – ask your doctor what is best for you.
    The vaccines were not developed at “warp speed”, they have been in the works for years (research it). mRNA (RNA) type vaccines have been used for SARS, Ebola etc. ASK your doctor – do what is best for YOU.
    Lastly the Chinese government should not be given a pass as to the investigation in how this pandemic occured. Also questions linger as to gain of function research and what part Fauci played and how much US government funding went into that lab research. Demand answers.

  6. Your editorial is an example how your personal bias, not the scientific data, sets the narrative for your arguments in favor of universal vaccine. Nowhere in your article do you discuss the dilemma of vaccinating individuals that have had a previous COVID infection, now have a robust antibody response available to fight further infection and now have to face the very real consequences of their bodies having to deal with a vaccination that leaves them at three times the risk of experiencing side effects as compared to individuals who have not previously had infection. Some data indicate that 30% of the population may have already been infected, have natural immunity and don’t need the vaccine so we’re not talking about small numbers. They get little benefit from getting the vaccine and face increased risk of side effects. Don’t you find it even a little concerning that the current policy isn’t this: Before getting vaccinated a person should be tested for COVID antibodies, if positive, no need for vaccination. I could go on with more issues but this is a fundamental principle and a show stopper. Not even raised in your article. Disappointing. And I’m being polite.

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