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Column: The value of human dignity



(Disclaimer: This column is opinion post.)

The value of life and human dignity have been under constant attack in this country for the last century. On Oct. 3, I dealt with the ridiculous comment Stacey Abrams made related to abortion. On Oct. 5, the local strip clubs lost their appeal in federa...

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  1. They are not out of business. They can move out by the airport. They probably will. Discotheque has been in business for a long time. Obviously someone disagrees with your definition of moral turpitude or they would have been out of business a long time ago. I neither agree nor disagree with the ruling. I just came here to say someone obviously wants the strip clubs here. Just like someone obviously goes to X-mart…

    • They are a bar now. Have been for a while. They won’t move out to the industrial zone. There are reasons why but in a nutshell its cost prohibitive and has other logistical problems for their business model. It won’t happen. Augusta enforcing the ordinance the clubs negotiated years ago effectively put them out of business when the owner passed away. When I say out of business I mean no nude dancing. They can and still do serve alcohol.

    • I would normally agree with the libertarianism viewpoint however when the law fails to protect the innocent and vulnerably society has a moral obligation to step in and do so not exploit it. Just because its legal doesn’t make it moral. Especially if it leads to crime.

  2. Move them out by which airport ? I am sure you are not talking about Augusta Regional Airport. You must mean the local airport in Thomson ? If downtown Augusta does not want these establishments,, they DO NOT need to be set up further out in the county. Wine, scantily or NON-clothed women, song, and horned up men are never a good combination. So DO NOT move the potential problems that Mr. Edge hi-lights out to another area. And, BTW, I am sure if a license plate survey were taken of the cars at these downtown night spots, you will find every GA and SC county in the area is well represented.

  3. I don’t doubt some of those statistics are right on. I picture those mile long sin dens in the big cities that we see on television; then I see Augusta’s “district” (What is it, maybe a third of a block?), sitting down there on lower Broad bothering no one. I, for one, am not going to judge these people for making a living, regardless of whether or not I approve of their method. They pay their bills, unlike thousands of Augusta free loaders. If I decide to start judging people around here nude dancers will be way down the list. Close this place down; a year from now collect some more statistics; and I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts not one thing will have changed for the better.

    • That is part of the problem. They are not “earning a living”. They were oppressed and stuck in a cycle that they could not escape. it was more equivalent with indentured servitude than paying the bills. As a commercial real estate expert I wills ay that lower broad has already started to improve and will continue since the clubs are no longer strip clubs. Interest I lower broad has been picking up.

  4. I am 67 years old; I have never been to a strip club in Augusta, and I certainly don’t expect to visit one soon. No dog in the fight.
    My question is this: what do you think these women are going to do for a living now? Go back and get their PHDs in rocket science?

  5. Morality in this town is a farce as well. Don’t let the right and know what the left hand is doing. If you know about the subculture of the elite and wealthy of this town then you know what I am talking about…

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