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Column: ‘Every litter bit hurts’




"Mine either."

"Well, it's certainly not mine!"

This seems to be the common answer when it comes to the subject of who is responsible for keeping Augusta clean.


No department director seems to know fully or comprehend the scope of their department's resp...

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  1. I don’t think the city can be harping on code enforcement when it’s own buildings are falling apart..sweep up your own back porch first..for everything else? Either hire a consultant or contract it out..I mean how dare you ask employees to do their job…

  2. While it is the cities responsibility to maintain itself, I find myself picking up trash in front of my house pretty much every day and cutting the grass at the water tower across the street. The city only comes a few times a year. The last conversation I had with a city employee who was there was him explaining that the grass inside the tower was utilities responsibility and the outside was engineering… and he couldn’t do both. We both agreed it didn’t make sense. Why does it take multiple crews to take care of different strips? one person can’t fix this city. We all need to lend a helping hand, grab a broom, a bag and get to cleaning. Bring back your neighborhood pride! It’s contagious!

  3. Donald Trump said he wanted to make America great again. When I see the litter, trash, and debris alongside Augusta’s roads, I laugh, wondering how Trump could accomplish that when people do not care enough to properly dispose of their beverage cups, cans, and bottles, cigarette butts, and fast food containers. We live in an “It’s all about me.” culture and littering is just one facet of it.

  4. Dial 311 to report litter on Augusta roads or other problems. You can also call the Marshalls Dept. Citizens can and should get more involved. This does not diminish the responsibility of our local government. They should be held accountable also

  5. The long-term impact of consolidation is painfully obvious – a steady decline in services rendered at an ever-increasing rise in cost to taxpayers. A large portion of the city payroll is spent on employees who do nothing more than “oversee” the work done by contractors. And to add insult to injury consultants must be hired to aid them in that effort.

  6. I agree. Where is the accountability for City employees whose salaries are PAID by taxpayer money. Augusta-Richmond County employees cannot even be bothered to respond to simple requests for information? Then, when citizens or groups make formal requests for information or answers they are accused of “bullying” City employees.
    God forbid anybody who works for ARC should be expected to DO their jobs and report to leadership exactly what they are doing to make Augusta work better. If I acted this way on my job – I would fully expect to be fired immediately.
    AND, Leadership needs to define and determine what City employees are responsible for and doing – NOT the other way around!

  7. Another “spot on” article, John. You provide information and insight that only an “insider” can provide. You have truly been there. To this day, I still cannot grasp how stormwater fee money should be used for grass cutting. The fee money tied to the water bill, should only be used for stormwater/drainage issues/projects, and NOT grass cutting. On the subject of homeless people at I-20/Washington Road — where are they taken during our annual “Golf Outing” ? I do not recall seeing them out and about, during THAT week. You are correct about the Parking Pits on Broad. On at least two different occasions, my wife and I have been “approached” by panhandlers/homeless after attending something at the Imperial Theater. Not safe, and unarmed. Maybe better communication between the Imperial and Miller, and Sheriff Roundtree would improve things during performance nights. See you Tuesday.

  8. We need a full review of every department that falls under the marble palace… we need to know what we do well, what we don’t do well and how we are going to fix it. If that means clearing house then do it. It won’t be fixed in a day or a year but we have to start now.

  9. I have reached the conclusion that things will only get worse unless and until we dissolve consolidation. We are a community divided ideologically and politically and it appears to break down along geographic lines. We could abandon Augusta as so many have already done and continue to do. In any case at the rate, we are deteriorating under consolidation I don’t see us lasting another 287 years.

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