Taxpayers, when is enough, enough? Don't you think it is way past time for a forensic audit?

Just take a short look back for a moment. A lack of or nonexistence of maintenance in parks or recreation and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the scoring tower rest rooms at Diamond Lakes Park,...

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  1. an audit should be done, FBI and GBI should be able to make this happen without the vote of commissioners! This is absolutely necessary to put confidence back to the citizens of Augusta. Let the chips fall where they may and if all is legitimate then everyone can move on. Yes, I know it is costly, but so is the money to pay the IRS. Why are some on the commissioners so against an audit of this reckless spending of taxpayers money? You are elected to represent the voters, not your friends! Get real and vote for an audit. The citizens should put pressure on the Governor’s office to get taxpayers some answers to what is really happening in city hall!

  2. A good place to start the audit with would be the “Keep Augusta Beautiful” office which was shut down – where did the equipment and funds go?? It certainly got quiet once this issue was brought up.

  3. So many issues raise their heads in this opinion column . One issue that is not raised , but should be :
    Are the elected Commissioners adequately trained concerning the Gratuities Clause in the Georgia Constitution (Article III , Section VI , Paragraph VI) ?
    What is a “Gratuity” ?
    An unlawful “gratuitous” action occurs when the government gives something of value without “sufficient consideration” in return.
    Swanberg vs. City of Tybee Island
    271 Ga. 23 , 25 (1999)
    Did I read an article in the Augusta Press about the Commissioners providing $3,500.00 for a group’s event security and $20,000.00 for a second (different group’s) event, and approximately $250,000.00 (plus) for a third (different group’s) event.
    Does the local government have legal authority to provide any of these reported benefits ?
    In exchange for the benefit , did the local government receive sufficient consideration ?
    -OR was the local government “just as well without the return ?
    -OR we’re the benefits merely “indirect or incidental” ?

  4. It appears the ones against an audit are the ones who will be exposed when it occurs. I agree, it’s beyond time to do this. If we have money to pour down the drain for everything else, we have money to do this too

  5. John Clarke hit the nail on the head.
    “The explanation given for the NO votes was that there was just no indication of any wrongdoing within the government” What a joke! Definitely need an in-depth or forensics audit. There are criminals within the ARC government.

  6. The no votes for an audit sounds more like “I plead the 5th” and I’m not talking Jack Daniels. Apparently Mr. Tinley, the training you mentioned has never been offered in Hawaii or some tropical paradise.

  7. What or who can the citizens of Richmond County contact to demand that a forensic or in-depth audit be done. Of course, some of the commissioners don’t want this done because they are afraid of being exposed. By the way, the persons responsible for costing the taxpayers of Richmond County millions of dollars for not doing their jobs appropriately, should be fired (no severance pay).

  8. Mr. John Clark, ineptitude describes what we have been subjected to for years. Had reason to drive Milledge Road from Broad Street to Central Avenue last week and the condition of the road is deplorable. An independent audit is necessary and warranted and the need is urgent.
    Mr. Tom Tinley, you would be a perfect fit to spearhead a citizens effort to our State Representatives and Governor to get some action. I’ve grown up with you in the Lakemont, Bedford Heights and Vineland neighborhoods and am anxious to help you instigate something and someone to finally get answers to the crimes that are being committed against the citizens and taxpayers by our “elected” officials.

  9. I will be asking for a forensic audit. I may be the Lone Ranger on the Commission to push for this. Had former Commissioner Clarke and myself gotten the support a year and a half ago then most likely it would have shown this IRS penalty in an in-depth audit or forensic audit we wanted done.

    • Thank you Commissioner McKnight for pushing for an in-depth or forensic audit. It is LONG overdue, and will certainly uncover some very interesting answers to questions that taxpayers have been asking and deserve to know. As you say, it could have saved the City millions for this IRS penalty etc. Paying millions for ridiculous fines and lawsuits does nothing for our roads, parks, cemeteries and infrastructure! Hang tough, Lone Ranger!

    • As I have posted multiple times, and I hope you have reviewed, I have asked if even an internal audit of the Finance Division, has EVER been done. The taxpayers should expect/assume an annual audit of the Department/Division. I KNOW this has not been done, since there is no apparent receipt-matching being done by Accounts Payable. If there had been, former-Mayor Davis’ “purchases” would/should have NEVER been paid. This means that GAAP are not being followed, and this would’ve been apparent in the ANNUAL audit.

    • Thank you for being our commissioner. Please continue trying to clean things up and using common sense. I thought the storm water fee was suppose to be used to stop flooding in parts of town and update pipes, etc. I was angry when the first thing they did was buy pickup trucks so they could ride around. I wish you had been on the commission back then.

  10. We the people demand a full forensic audit of anything and everything that falls under the reach of the marble palace. A few million for the billion dollar budget is a small price to pay for piece of mind.

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