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Kendrick addresses developing south Augusta, Regency Mall project at town hall meeting



Steven Kendrick spoke on south Augusta’s economic development prospects for the proposed Regency Mall project at a town hall meeting he held at the Diamond Lakes Community Center Monday evening.

“I really want this for Augusta,” said the former Augusta tax commissioner, referring to a project pr...

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  1. Don’t vote for this clown. He is Hardie squared. I guarantee you this will be a taxpayer boondoggle before it’s over. If this was a viable project that property wouldn’t have sat there for 25 years empty. Don’t fall for that bait and switch Kendrick crap!!

  2. The reason the Regency Mall closed many years ago, because of the neighborhood’s around that around area became a blighted area with a lower average household income tax and surging high crime rate that continues to this day. People living in these neighborhoods with children that can afford to move to Martinez and North Augusta left Richmond County for better School Systems. The Mall Cite has been remained abandoned due to these reasons and many others. Any private company that wants to stay in business completes studies in areas before investing money in those areas. The only way that the CARDINAlE company would invest private money into that site would be with guarantees of taxpayers money also put into this project. If It was such a great idea, they would have already began this project on their own.

  3. Don’t believe a word he says as he is like a kid in the candy store!After he loses to the much better candidate Garnett Johnson he will be needing a new job.People this is a no brainer!Vote for the successful businessman Garnett Johnson who is honest and straightforward and smart!And Kendrick is just another self serving politician that don’t want or need!

  4. Why during this Town Hall meeting did Kendrick wear a shirt that has an emblem “Steven Kendrick Mayor”? Does he know something the voters don’t know? Why would Buchwitz contact the tax commissioner about such a fabulous opportunity and not the commission? Duh

  5. Once again I ask — we have not seen some form of representation, nor have we seen any official document from Cardinale. And again, if this was such a hot “deal”, why did the president or any one else on the Development Authority know there were conversations with Cardinale and the Authority Chairman ?

  6. “If they ask us for a bond to be issued for them, the burden is not that we’re going to give him some cash,” said Kendrick. “We’re just going to take something that’s not making any money, and make less on it in the beginning.” Does Kendrick’s brain listen to what is coming out of his mouth? If this is how he perceives and articulates municipal bond financing and this stinking deal, we will be in deep trouble if he is elected. Maybe he hired BIden’s speech writer and teleprompter operator.

    Here is my translation: If Cardinal Management asks me (as mayor) and the commissioners for a bond to be issued for them, the fact is not that we’re going to give Cardinale some of our personal cash,” said Kendrick. We’re just going to take taxpayer money, something that’s not making any money for them or me now, and make less on it in the beginning, but make a fortune for Cardinale and me in the end.

    • And don’t forget about the former politicians and appointees of certain boards that purchased properties around the Mall cite that will make large sums of money in that area. Just so happens they are all supporting Kendrick’s campaign also.

  7. The fact that Mr Kendrick even brought this up and wants to do something with a project that would be less popular than the back side of the moon shows what kind of mayor he would be. I hope someone has checked to be sure Cardinale are actually paying their property taxes on this white elephant. As you all know, for tax purposes this property has very low value but at least the taxpayers of Augusta should at least be getting that.
    I woke up last night in a bad dream wondering if palms had been greased. I have no concrete proof but I smell a rat.
    Please let’s all vote for Garnett Johnson

  8. So . . . let me get this straight. Cardinale Management, according to its Dun & Bradstreet listing, has 8 employees with annual revenues of $1.15 million. It has a subsidiary (I guess, can’t tell) called Regency Mall LLC that was formed on June 24, 2002 in Suffolk, NY that actually owns this property. If you go to the state of NY website, this business doesn’t list a registered agent, any officers, and barely has an address. You can’t find any real infomation or even news articles about them or any of their other investments. And we are supposed to believe that they are going to find MILLIONS of dollars to do this project? HA! One the other hand, Garnett Johnson bought the property where the old Pontiac dealership was (11th & Telfair), developed it and has built a beautiful new office building that has enhanced the area. You can do a search on GIS maps and easily verify that information. Now, I wonder who I’ll vote for? Hmmmmmmm . . .

  9. Don’t you think any business that is supposed to invest millions of dollars in a project would have a representative come down and present this to the appropriate people. Does Kendrick think that we are that stupid? If he does, I hope the voters of Augusta prove him wrong.

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