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Letter to charter school board contradicts Kendrick’s statements



Although Mayoral Candidate Steven Kendrick has maintained the Augusta Economic Development Authority was not involved in the recently announced Regency Mall redevelopment project, a November 2021 letter seems to contradict that.

Obtained through an open records request, the letter to the State ...

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  1. Kendrick should not be in charge of anything in that he blatantly displays such arrogance in whatever he does!This guy is nothing more than a big “wannabe” who craves power.After he loses the upcoming mayoral election I just hope that he leaves town.None of us are buying what he is selling!We don’t need people like him in charge of anything in Augusta.And the Boys and Girls Clubs could have done a hell of a lot better than him!

  2. Interesting that state charter school funding would be used for economic development purposes. What kind of shape is the JB White building in after years of neglect? Could it even be rehabbed for a school, mold and all?

  3. Did Hardie Davis kidnap Steve Kendrick, smuggle Kendrick to Qatar and leave him at an environmental conference, and return to Augusta, disguised as Kendrick, to run for mayor? TAP can reprint all the old stories about building a new arena at the mall by simply replacing “new JBA” with “charter school”. But hey, Davis’ MO worked for 8 years as mayor. Kendrick knows successful methods when he sees them.

    So Cardinal Management’s new leverage for the deal is dangling a free school building in front of elected officials and voters, knowing Cardinal will still turn a profit by renting the building to the taxpayers. What a magnanimous offer! Given the county’s record of maintaining school buildings, canals, parks, recreations centers, etc., if Cardinal is required to maintain the new school building, it could be a win if the county’s crack legal team doesn’t get duped.

    Does anyone else have Sopranos flashbacks while reading articles about Cardinal Management, Regency Mall, and local politicians?

  4. Kendrick has told so many lies that he cannot remember what he said. I want to know how he can be so involved in this taxpayers’ money scandal and thinks he can get away with it. He is a true politician in every sense. Sorry, I don’t trust him.

  5. As Mr. Gallop concedes, Kendrick has been an “unusual” board chair. This letter, on AEDA letterhead no less, and without the knowledge of the AEDA president, treasurer, or board, just simply means that this “unusual” board chairman is making deals with Buchwitz on the side. This means that Kendrick will probably be just as “unusual” as Mayor. Only then, he would be working deals behind the Commission’s back. I could see this not ending well for ARC.

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