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Editor’s note: On Oct. 28, The Augusta Press published a column by Michele Toth that dealt with politics in Grovetown. The editors learned after publication that morning that Michele Toth is in a relationship with the Grovetown mayor who opposes Deborah Fisher’s candidacy. We removed the column as soon as we learned of this relationship and reached out to Deborah Fisher, apologized and offered her the opportunity to respond. She asked to submit the following letter to the editor.

Dear Augusta Press

I am currently running to be re-elected for my seat on the Grovetown City Council. Since this election has started the mayor of the City of Grovetown and one of his friends have posted unflattering and untruthful things about me. I was not surprised at the mayor, but I have been surprised at some of the things they have made up about me to include untruths about me told by Ms. Michelle Toth. I do not even know this person and have never met her; however, it is clear that she is in a relationship with Mayor Gary Jones, who has repeatedly posted untruths about me in the past month.

I am not a person to speak bad about anyone, ever. In addition, my husband, who was the love of my life and my best friend for many years just passed away on August 2, 2021, and I and my family are still very much in grief of that, along with my children, who have also witnessed these bad untruths about me that have been posted by the mayor. These people, especially the mayor of Grovetown, know of my situation with losing my husband and the grief that my family is currently going through. I would think that he would have some type of restraint at least because of that. I have nothing bad to say about them or anyone for that matter but, if I could ask them a question it would be, have you no decency, especially when a family is in grief of the loss of a father and husband and a beloved patriot of this country?

Kindest Regards,

Deborah Fisher


  1. The Augusta Press should be commended for allowing you to submit this brief rebuttal. Owning up to one’s mistakes is a rarity in publishing. Thanks for sharing your family’s plight. I am somewhat miffed that you did not elaborate on some of the specifics of the accusations against you. However, I am confident that the Grovetown voters know you well enough to make rational decisions about your re-election.

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