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Letter to the editor: Next Augusta mayor must address poverty



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

Dear Augusta Press Editor,

It is time for Augusta to elect a mayor who cares about all households. Augusta has about 72,000 households with an average of...

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    • Not to Kevin and the left-wing, liberal, dumbocrats who think gubamint should buy them everything. Housing, food, medical, transportation, clothing, cell phones, flat screnes, and the list is endless.
      Kevin: “That means half of Augusta’s households are not earning enough to attain an adequate standard of living.”
      Guess what Kevin, BOTH my parents worked all my life. I worked two jobs for 31 years. My wife worked two jobs for 17 years and was a RN for 40 years.
      Maybe, just maybe, these people should stop buying expensive tennis shoes, designer clothes, etc. Maybe they should refrain from expensive “Nails, and Hair-dids”. Who knows?, it may make a difference in their food, rent, gas, electricity and other necessities.
      You may be on to something though Kevin. Maybe the current Mayor and his cohorts could share some of the money they have “misappropriated/stolen” (in my humble opinion) with the poor of Augusta.

  1. The greatest anti-poverty program ever instituted is already in place, and has been for thousands of years.
    It is called marriage, and the fulfilment of it goes far beyond the economic benefits.
    The statistic that needs to be examined Mr. Palmer is the one that shows the overall economic condition of those married individuals to those who are not.
    The economic benefit is undeniable.
    Follow God and you will be following the science as well.
    And the designer of this economic program, God, intended it for much more important things than the building up of our bank accounts.
    He meant it for the care and building up of our souls .
    ” Cast thy burden upon the Lord ,and He shall sustain thee.” ( Psalm 55:22 )

    • I’m not much on the religion aspect of your post, but it is spot on in terms of a committed, family relationship being key. Children out of wedlock is a recipe for poverty. Kudos to those who manage it successfully, but the odds are against them and for every one that successfully rears productive, educated children, there are dozens who don’t.

    • Free speech, a 1st Ammendment guarantee, give us the right. Augusta politics effects (infects) the entire CSRA area, not just the -20% of eligible voters who turn out to vote in our city elections.

  2. As a point of beginning, look closely for the fat in Augusta’s government. Wasteful spending is present , some of it is obvious , much of it is well hidden .
    Augusta’s present Commissioners have made zero efforts to seek it
    out . Start to reduce the size of city-county government.
    TAKE AN AN EXTREMELY CLOSE LOOK AT AUGUSTA UTILITIES and stop the automatic three (3)percent annual increases in water & sewer rates that have been occurring every year since the 1990s —- whether they are needed or not .
    ALLOWING AUGUSTAS ‘ residents to keep more of what they earn will go a long way to keep from dragging them down financially ,

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