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Letter to the editor: Vote for Herschel Walker



On a Friday night in 1979, I was standing on the visitor’s sideline at a high school football game. The home team was ahead by several touchdowns. Their star running back was tackled just a few feet from me. A particularly noxious man with a scraggly tobacco stained beard wearing a tobacco stained ...

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  1. No one and I mean no one can actually hold a straight face and say Herschel Walker is a decent candidate for even a state senate seat. Let alone the United States senate. As a registered Republican he makes me appreciate Kelley Loeffler. Kids by multiple women he neglected to even mention before the primary, no only did he lie about graduating college but he even claimed to be his high school valedictorian. I will gladly vote for Brian Kemp and Rick Allen. But this just ain’t happening. Is this is what the Georgia Republican Party expects me to vote for? I am fully aware Warnock is far from perfect. But at least he isn’t an embarrassment to my state every time he opens his mouth in the Russell office building

    • ah, but, as the letter said about BOTH sides of the scoreboard
      if you want to defund the police and get even more crime
      vote Warnock
      if you like your inflation, keep your inflation
      and vote Warnock
      if you like increasing the government bureaucracy and wasting more tax money
      vote Warnock
      if you like being forced to get harmful vaccines and wearing masks
      vote Warnock
      if you want public schools to indoctrinate kids to be good little marxist puppets
      vote Warnock
      and, research Warnock’s brother, and Warnock’s deceptive efforts to get the brother
      out of prison early (brother was a policeman in Savannah, led an operation to help drug traffickers, and even
      recruited other police to help)
      that scoreboard isn’t Georgia vs Vanderbilt
      that scoreboard is Georgia vs a little kids team
      you may not like Herschel, but the election isn’t Herschel vs what you like
      the election is Herschel vs Warnock

  2. What we have here is the values and beliefs for Georgia and all of America. I understand that Herschel is not the greatest speaker and doesn’t know everything about politics, but I will vote for him because of his love of this country. How could any Republican vote for an extreme left wing Democrat? Do you really think this country is heading in the right direction? We already have Rinos in Washington but when we have voters that are Rinos our country will be under Democrat Socialist control forever. God help us.

  3. I am 100% native Texan, born two blocks from the Alamo. You all know how obnoxious Texans can be about their state. Some years back I adopted Georgia as my home. I feel that was a big move. I gave up the Longhorns for some Dawgs and I have not regretted the move for one second. Now to have Ms. Abrams arrive on the scene to tell me Georgia is the worst state to live in is an insult to my intelligence. I will give Herschel Walker 100% of my support in defiance of this woman and the “let’s destroy Georgia agenda” she (and Warnock) represent.

  4. Many news stories nationwide have opined that Walker, should he win the Georgia seat in the Senate, will follow the party line with little knowledge of governmental affairs. A “token Republican” one news source reported. I guess this theory is fine with many Georgians. As long as Walker maintains his conservative values, Republicans will be content, regardless of his shady history. I apologize to my many Dem friends, but I will vote for Walker in November.

  5. Herschel has committed several “boo-boos” in the past. He has made some statements that have come back to haunt him in this race. BUT, at the end of the day, he was coached in football, and he can be “coached” by his fellow “non-RINOS” Senators. He will receive my vote, and he has received some of my money. I blame the recent attack ads on his campaign staff and handlers, who KNEW damn good and well, that the slimes would dig the miss-steps up. They should’ve gotten in front of things. Not his fault, THEIRS.

  6. Herschel Walker has got my vote and I will go ahead and predict he will run away with a victory for sure!

    “No one and I mean no one can actually hold a straight face and say Warnock is a decent candidate for a state senate seat. Let alone the United States senate.” Hmmmm………

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