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Letter to the editor: Vote for Hershel Walker



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

The national media is one of the least trusted professions, yet we allow the same media to shape and push an opinion that totally misrepresents who Herschel Wal...

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  1. “Our current senator rubber stamps every Biden agenda.” He sure does, but rest assured that Walker will do the same thing for the Republican agenda. It’s called POLITICS! I hope that Walker is elected and fully supports the Republican agenda, but if Warnock wins, it’s not the end of the world. Even with Walker, the senate will still have its majority with K. Harris interceding.

  2. Yesterday in my neighborhood was a high top van with a wrap on it that said Black Votes Matter. The driver would go down the street letting out about six or eight canversers to knock on doors. While he was in front of my house I went out to tell them that All Votes Matter. I went on to ask them, are you ok with the prices you are paying for groceries, cars, houses and everything else you buy? I said you didn’t have to pay that two years ago. The driver went on to say that Warnock and Biden didn’t cause this. This shows the intellect of these people. The driver also said he was a Revered. I told him that I would not want Warnock preaching to me. He saw a Herschel sign in my yard and drive off while I was still talking to him.

  3. I’m proud to say that I’ve voted for Reverend Warnock three times, and would do so again, if needed. Herschel is a resident of Texas and unable to put more than 2 to 3 coherent words together at a time. He’s lied his way across the state of GA, making us the laughing stock of the nation. While he was a gifted athlete at UGA he’s based his life on his football career and it’s time to let that go. While Herschel is now anti-abortion, he sure has supported former women in his life that he impregnated. He’s abused women (and gotten away with it), and while he promotes African-American males being a father to his children, Herschel hasn’t. My heart bleeds for his children, especially Christian.

    There is no way that I would or could ever support someone like Herschel Walker.

    Vote for Reverend Warnock.

    • Julie it’s unfortunate that you feel that way. So apparently you are ok with inflating prices, someone that was a follower of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Faracon. Whether you will admit it or not, the Biden/Warnock administration did cause these prices, they wasn’t like this two years ago. Warnock also said GD America. At least Herschel loves this country, and will vote accordingly. The Democratic Socialist Party hates it.

  4. Doug, from several Augusta friends who know you, always spoken of you as proverbial, good man, and true citizen. Sorry to hear of your aging this way, but don’t Georgia Polls allow handicapped persons to go to The Head Of The Line? We do it over here on the Carolina side. I’ll volunteer to pick you up and take you to the front door, assist and wait for you to vote/exit. TomP

  5. There is no political or socioeconomic reason that I would vote for Warnock. He embodies the liberal, socialist, totalitarian, enslaving Democrat agendas that include de-funded law enforcement, no-bail arrests, illegal immigration and amnesty, student loan forgiveness, unlimited public debt, force acceptance and promotion of pedophilia, substance abuse, pornography, and homosexuality, government and Big Tech censorship of opposing views in media, corruption and bias in government agencies (e.g., FBI, IRS, and DHS), forced vaccination, and maintaining a welfare state to control voters.

  6. The Keystone pipe line has never been shut down. The Keystone XL ,an extension to bring the CANADIAN tar sand “crude” the Gulf for export construction was cancelled. The rar oil is so dirty none of the North American refineries have the capability to handle it.

    • Wayne Boyce I really don’t have any idea where you got your info about the oil being so dirty, but I have worked up in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska where there is the same oil and they do have Gathering Centers that clean and filter the oil coming out of the ground. I worked at GC2 where they clean the oil before it is delivered to Pump Station #1 to be transferred 900 miles South to Valdez to be loaded onto ships. I doubt the oil in Canada is that much different than the oil in Alaska, but please feel free to prove me wrong. Soooo, I am not so sure your statement holds water.
      I am almost positive our refineries could process this oil, I have worked at a couple of them as well.

  7. Thank you YeSun for taking the time to write this letter in support of Herschel Walker. Reverend Senator Warnock should be ashamed of himself. A true Bible believing pastor would applaud the fact that Herschel has admitted his mistakes and asked for forgiveness. In Warnock’s zest for power and fame, he has sought to destroy Herschel’s reputation. I end my reply by saying, “What would Jesus do.”

      • Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) explained his opposition to a national abortion ban in an interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid on ‘The Reidout’ on Monday.

        “I get a lot of pushback from people who seem to think that they own the interpretation of the Gospel,” Warnock said. “I have been studying the Scriptures my whole life. I’m committed to the faith. And, as a pastor, I have a profound reverence for life. And, as a pastor and a person of faith, I have a deep respect for choice.”
        Is Reverend Warnock using the Bible to justify his support for abortion? The following is a reply he gave to MSNBC’s Joy Reid.
        “If we care about life, black women are dying three to four times the rate of white women in childbirth, as a result of childbirth,” he said. “And so, if you care about life, we ought to find a way to address bias in our health care system.

        “It’s what Jesus would do,” Reid said.

        “I think it’s exactly what Jesus would do,” Warnock agreed.

  8. I heard Herschel Walker speak at a non-political event. He was sincere about his early life and his past difficulties. I feel that given the opportunity to represent Georgia as our Senator he will not only be able to say “no Joe” to some of the outrageous policies that Warnock supports but he will as be able to help focus a bipartisan spotlight on the need for Accessible Mental Health Care. One of the points he made was that he was fortunate to be able to afford care when he needed it.

  9. I agree with 98% of the Democrat agenda, I will vote for the Democrat agenda! I disagree with Herschel Walker’s agenda 100% Herschel Walker paid for abortions now say he’s against abortions. Herschel Walker threatened to have shootout with police officers now claim to be a police officer. Will the real Herschel Walker please stand up?

    • Moses, I respectively disagree. If the people of Georgia like the Joe Biden agenda, then Senator Warnock is their man. If they think there is a different and better way without voting with the Biden agenda more than 90% of the time, then Herschel Walker is the candidate that best reflects Georgia values. Senator Warnock supports abortion without restrictions, Herschel does not. Senator Warnock supports federal controls of Georgia elections and apparently agrees with President Biden that our recent sensible election changes are akin to new Jim Crow laws, Herschel does not. Senator Warnock supported reckless federal government spending which has led to the highest inflation levels in 40 years, Herschel does not. Senator Warnock supports allowing men the ability to compete in women’s sports, Herschel does not. Senator Warnock will be a reliable vote to gut our second amendment rights, Herschel does not. So Georgians have a choice, vote for a Washington insider who supports the radical Biden agenda more than 90% of the time or vote for a man who reflects our common sense Georgia wisdom.

    • If past actions are the damning criteria, then take down the statue of James Brown on Broad Street. He was a gun-pointing, police chased, spouse abuser, and drug abuser. Are you condemning Walker for offering to pay for abortions and for changing his position on abortions? Sounds like he finally heard God’s words. Warnock and the Democrats are all in for abortion on demand and want taxpayers to pay for them. Warnock claims to be a preacher. If he is, he should be against adultery, casual uncommitted sex, abortion, unwed pregnancies, and destruction of the two-parent families. This items are the Democrat agenda.

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