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Opinion: A Liberal’s View of Rush Limbaugh



by Virgil H. Huston Jr.

I listened to Rush Limbaugh off and on over his entire syndicated career. I didn’t hate him although I disagreed with him frequently. The only other conservative radio hosts I could ever listen to were Neal Boortz and Austin Rhodes. I listen to Austin almost daily. There ...

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  1. Mr. Huston thank you for your service. You have come from the era when Democrats were logical and were willing to compromise on issues that would help America instead of destroying it. Unfortunately those days are long gone. I would like for you to explain why you still call yourself a liberal and how your thoughts are different from conservatives. Do you support this administration’s policies so far? Like open borders, making friends with Iran the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, ending the Keystone Pipeline and Fracking. Before this administration is over we will have to start importing oil again. Of course there are many more things Biden did in his first six hours that will change America forever. But he is continuing what his former boss, Obama said that America is no better than any other country. Did you believe this when you were serving our country? Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves when they see what this Democrat Socialist Party Is doing to America. Ronnie Mullis

    • Hi Ronnie, I appreciate your response and I have some answers to it, but what you are asking could be three future guest columns. I will say I never considered myself a Democrat. I don’t consider them liberal, they are very much establishment neoliberal and that is not me. Most Republicans are the same in slightly different guises. I have voted third party more than most over the years. Seriously, it would take a very long time to respond properly. If the Augusta Press is willing to publish more of my columns, I will write more. And I plan on submitting more. A very brief answer to you is that we have our differences, yet those differences are maybe not as large as they may sometimes seem. I have grown more liberal the older I get. That is perhaps an oxymoron, but for me it is true. The American Dream as we have all been taught it is not there, especially for those that start with no head start in life (such as upper middle class families). I am old enough to remember when the appliance salesman at Sears could buy a house and send his kids to college. Today, that guy or gal works at Home Depot for $8.25/hr and only 20 hours a week. I am of the age when my kids have far less chances than I did and I had fewer chances than my dad at the same age during that time and have watched that decline since then, especially when I got to the age that no one will hire you no matter your qualifications. Yet CEOs and executives make far more than they did while workers are being starved. I think there needs to be balance. There was a time from the post World War II era through the 1970s where there was some sort of balance, I came of age during that time and it has been reduced to almost nothing in today’s world. There is a reason kids still live with their parents, it is because wages versus expenses are so divergent now. I could live on minimum wage in 1973. Not well, but I wasn’t homeless. I also understand the importance of unions, something that is hated where we live. And in 1990, I made more in real wages than people today do in the same jobs and that doesn’t even take into account inflation. And finally, I am not a fan of the Biden administration. I was a Bernie supporter who voted for Trump. Maybe that tells you something. Anyway, hope I made some sense in this reply, I appreciate your detailed response.

      • Hi Virgil, Thank you for your response.
        I, like most people considered all liberals as Democrats, they are certainly not conservatives.
        Sometimes a third party sounds like it would work in this country but it never will. I wonder how our country would be if there were no such thing as parties at all?, and people were elected on their merits and qualifications.
        You were talking about people making $8.25 per hr. at Home Depot, I believe they make a lot more than that. A minimum wage job is not to support a family, only a stepping stone to build yourself up to a career. If workers at Mac Donald’s made fifteen dollars an hour, a hamburger would cost ten dollars.
        My first full time job was forty cent per hour at the Imperial Theatre. I worked forty hours per week, every day after school till close and all day Saturday and Sunday. I made sixteen dollars a week brought home twelve and my momma charged me ten dollars for rent, and she made sure she got it.
        I went from that forty cent to eventually starting at two fifty per hour at UPS.
        These young people today are raised with a mindset that they deserve a living wage without earning it. That will truly become the downfall of America in future generations.
        You say that you are a liberal but not a Democrat but I believe that all Democrats consider themselves liberal. Thanks again, Ronnie Mullis

  2. One of the best tributes to Rush I’ve seen. I listened to him faithfully from 1990 until his death. Even though I disagree with your well-thought out positions on current ideas on the American Dream and CEO pay I like the way you express your thoughts. Your tone encourages meaningful dialogue.

  3. Thank You Virgil,
    For both your service and for your recognition of what I believe most liberals, if they were honest, would admit was the primary, not secondary, basis for his success, his entertaining personality, not his politics . As a conservative I felt much the same about liberal radio talk show host Allen Colmes.
    I always looked forward to tuning into him and while I probably disagreed with every political view of his I spent just as much time laughing while listening to him as I did Rush
    I was depressed not to find him on the radio one day, and even though he did show up on TV for awhile after he left radio, you could tell he was no longer the Captain of his ship & his TV appearances only amplified the fact to me that on the radio and Captain of his own ship was where he really shined.
    And what a funny similarity with Rush that was for me as well, in the fact that I was never as entertained with Rush’s brief stint on TV as I was with his radio show .You are so right about the nature of a person who celebrates the death of another in circumstances like this.
    When you make fun of the death of someone who has done nothing more than disagree with you, what you are telling the world is that for you, there is nothing you believe that lies above or beyond this life that you are treasuring .
    Nothing, you believe can be Protected, Sanctified, Safeguarded & Assured for Eternity, by you, or anyone else.

    Kind Regards, James

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