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Local prosecutor joins statement on not pursuing prosecution in abortion decisions



District Attorney Jared Williams is among prosecutors who announced Friday, June 24, they will not be pursuing criminal charges against women and healthcare providers over decisions on abortions.

Williams, the chief prosecutor for the Augusta Judicial Circuit of Richmond and Burke counties, rele...

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  1. His jubilance in seeing to it that both infant and elderly :

    “Augusta Mall shopper, 80, assaulted and robbed”

    :will continually remain in deadly peril within the minority community as long as he has the power to deliver such misery and sorrow to the community is quite ghoulish .

  2. With this turn of events, there is now going to have to be some very delicate and difficult discussions to be had. Women are not going to like the potential “options” that may/should be decided, but there will be less atrocities to the innocent. Buckle up buttercups…

  3. Both men and women will be affected by this ruling of the Supreme Court. Men may face new laws forcing them to take financial responsibility for their offspring and women will become more cautious about their sexual activities.

  4. This DA has decided to not uphold the laws of the land and because he doesn’t like what happen, he will not prosecute people that choose to break the law, Wow, he needs to be replaced by someone that will prosecute law breakers!

  5. Typical Socialist Progressive. He gets to “pick and Choose” what laws he will enforce or prosecute. Put violent felons back out on the street was the first thing he started doing when elected, now he blatently states he won’t do his job.
    Congratulations Richmond County voters. Once again you are paying the price for your elections.
    How do we rid ourselves of this Socialist “Gascon of the East?”

    • So, Robert, when a prosecutor with limited resources makes a statement that he will focus his efforts on combating violent crime in the community rather than criminalizing a woman and her healthcare team for making a medical decision, this equates Socialism? Please explain.

    • If you can’t efficiently utilize your resources to focus on ACTUAL crimes, and not waste time and money on someone else’s medical decision, you have no business in criminal prosecution.

  6. I get real nervous when government decides on their own personal philosophy not to prosecute the crimes they should. This is the definition of the police state. Jared Williams should step down.

    • Um, no. The definition of a police state is “a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.” Which is kinda what reversing Roe v. Wade has done. Now, if I’m faced with making the difficult decision of whether I can support having another child, I’m not afforded the privacy and dignity of making the choice that is best for me and my family. My personal health decision would become the subject of criminal prosecution. Really??? Is that what everyone TRULY wants their tax dollars to be wasted on?

  7. Watch it!! This will become a racial issue! It won’t be about his not following the laws of Georgia. Which law violation will be next on his agenda? Williams wants to fight violent crime but he wants to have ways for criminals to hide their crimes from employers. What next? Oh yeah! He can bring down violent crime numbers by not prosecuting them.

  8. Wow. We don’t need laws of the State, County or Country because our District Attorney decides what laws will be enforced and which won’t. What if we elected a person who thought DUI’s were a waste of time? I guess that is fine. Or, what if a prosecutor decided that most rape charges are not worth the trouble? Where does this end? I am very scared to visit or do business somewhere that the rule of law is at the sole decision of one man in power. We are a nation and culture of laws, not opinions.

    • More children on welfare being raised and/or abused by an irresponsible parent(s) could be an unacknowledged and un-discussed effect of ending abortion on demand. Remains to be seen if new mothers will put the unplanned newborn up for adoption or keep it to receive another check, and whether anti-abortion folks will step up to adopt them. New scams and black market deals for disposing of the unwanted children?

    • I applaud the DA’s decision, and that this will keep limited resources directed at fighting violent crime–but why jump to the conclusion that these unaborted children would probably become violent criminals???

  9. When Mr. Williams was running for office and I was deciding which candidate would get my vote, I discovered that his campaign was mostly funded through ActBlue. After clearing all the vines away, I discovered that this organization received funding from George Soros as part of the plan to elect DAs who would be soft on the law. So far, Mr. Williams has lived up to the purpose of his election and this does not surprise me in the least. I still want to know why the baby is never discussed regarding this issue.

  10. I applaud Mr. Williams and other prosecutors who decline to prosecute those who provide, seek, or support abortions. Years ago when I found out that one of my pregnancies was ectopic, could rupture my reproductive organs and kill both me and the baby, it was still a painful decision to opt for medical abortion. I’m forever grateful that my doctor helped me make the best decision for my health and safety, and that I was able to have 3 beautiful, healthy children. It is terrifying and shameful that in the post-Roe era, I could be prosecuted for choosing to live, instead of carrying the child and potentially killing us both. It’s sad that my friends and neighbors in the Augusta community would gladly give me the death sentence for making a health decision.

    • According to Georgia’s 2019 code defining abortion, ectopic pregnancy removal is not considered an elective abortion and does not fall under those parameters. I’ve included the code and its language.

      Universal Citation: GA Code § 16-12-141 (2019)
      (a) As used in this article, the term:

      (1) “Abortion” means the act of using, prescribing, or administering any instrument, substance, device, or other means with the purpose to terminate a pregnancy with knowledge that termination will, with reasonable likelihood, cause the death of an unborn child; provided, however, that any such act shall not be considered an abortion if the act is performed with the purpose of:

      (A) Removing a dead unborn child caused by spontaneous abortion; or

      (B) Removing an ectopic pregnancy.

      A note – This law was drawn up but has not been enacted. It’s likely this will be what is enacted in Georgia according to reports out of Atlanta.

      • Thank you Charmain, it’s good to know that ectopic pregnancies are protected. But what about other pregnancies that could harm the mother, due to health reasons, domestic abuse, rape? Are they protected in GA too?

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