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Local radio talk-show host sued for libel



James Faller II, of Columbia County, has filed a complaint in Gwinnett County Superior Court that alleges radio talk show host Austin Rhodes repeatedly libeled and defamed him on air and on Rhodes’ social media pages.

The suit, filed on Dec. 17, also names Beasley Broadcasting, the parent company of local broadcast station WGAC (AM580 and 95.1FM), which airs Rhodes’ show.

Specifically, the suit alleges that Rhodes “made false, malicious and defamatory statements against Faller expressed in print, phone calls, online electronic form and broadcast.”

The complaint accuses Rhodes of calling Faller a “weirdo,” an “idiot,” a “fraud” and a “felon.”

Further, the complaint alleges Rhodes made phone calls to prominent politicians and elected leaders warning them about associating with Faller and posing for pictures with him at public events.


Faller is known to frequent Republican Party events in Columbia County.

Faller admitted in a phone interview that he is a convicted felon and spent more than two years in federal prison. However, Faller insists he was a whistleblower and the convictions of money laundering and IRS related charges stemmed from a government conspiracy against him.

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Faller said throughout a decade long battle, the government arranged the killing of two of his children and the rape of a third. He said his convictions are currently under appeal and that other indictments against him have been dropped.

According to Faller, if the appeals fail, he expects to be pardoned.

Faller produced a 10-minute recorded conversation between himself and Rhodes where the radio talk show host told him, “You need to put about 10 years of constructive, error-free life between you and your jail time. You need to keep your nose out of politics.”

According to Faller’s complaint, Rhodes’ admonishment and refusal to allow Faller to be a guest on his afternoon radio program violated Faller’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

According to the law, libel occurs when someone knowingly publishes a false statement that harms the reputation or otherwise damages an identifiable individual. Falsely accusing a private citizen of being a convicted felon without taking time to verify the accusation would likely meet the criteria of libel. The standards are different for public figures or public officials.

In terms of any First Amendment violation, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in a 1974 case, Miami Herald v. Tornillo, that individuals do not have a right of access to media.

Rhodes maintains that he did not know of nor ever met Faller before he was tipped off that Faller was attempting to become involved in political campaigns without disclosing his criminal past.

According to Rhodes, he was alarmed that Faller was sidling up to politicians and posing in photos with them while they knew nothing of Faller’s felony record. Rhodes admits he made multiple phone calls warning people to be wary of Faller.

“You can’t slander someone with the truth, and that is all I did. I told the truth,” Rhodes said.

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This is not the first time Rhodes has been involved in a libel related controversy. Businessman and politician Joe Mullins sued Rhodes for libel in 2018 and later claimed an “agreement” was reached but divulged few details claiming he signed a confidentiality agreement.

“We shut him down. He is not allowed to talk about me anymore,” Mullins said.

However, Rhodes said his company has never settled any agreement with Mullins and that the lawsuit was withdrawn before it came to trial.

“I have never been told by my boss not to talk about him [Mullins] on the air, and I know for a fact that our company has never settled a lawsuit or paid out any money for something I said on the air,” Rhodes said.


In 2006, Rhodes joined the then-sheriff of Richmond County, Ronald Strength, in suing Bryan Doyle, a radio personality based in Aiken for comments and accusations he made on-air under the name of “Ryan B.”

The court ruled in favor of Rhodes and Strength and awarded them millions of dollars in damages.

Rhodes said he was pleased with the outcome of the case, but neither he nor the former sheriff have ever received a dime of the judgement.

“I’m a multimillionaire on paper,” Rhodes said.

Scott Hudson is the Senior Reporter for The Augusta Press. Reach him at [email protected] 


    • I want to tell you, I appreciate your perspective. You could not be more correct. I will be posting some details throughout the day that will explain this all, what caused it and what happened.
      Amanda, I will give you detail and ask you to see my more complete post: I was given complete custody of my 3 children, ages 3-7-11 and I had moved to Europe. The government in South Florida was trying to silence me. The FBI made a deal with my estranged wife to appear at an emergency custody hearing to influence the Court. (My estranged wife was living with a known pedophile.) The Court, based on lies from the agent gave her the children. 60 days later, I proved every word was a lie and the children came back to me until adulthood. I remarried Our 21-year-old died from an overdose we believe was due to the unrelenting threats and harassment by an out-of-control FBI agent and a man he worked with (see motive below.) The second child died just before birth due to harassment by the government which stressed my wife (pregnant with twins) to where she lost the child. On April 2, 2020, my wife of 25 years committed suicide by cancer. She told many, many people that she refuses treatment because the government will never leave us alone. This went on for 27 years and just ended on Nov. 28th, 2021.

  1. “Faller said throughout a decade long battle, the government arranged the killing of two of his children and the rape of a third.” Before the 2016 presidential election and Trump’s presidency, I would have dismissed this a statement as sheer lunacy. Not so sure now.

  2. Wow! I listen to Rhode’s radio shows quite often. I have become adept at filtering his messages; however, I appreciate his willingness to explore topics that most public figures will not touch. Maybe he did overstep his boundaries concerning Mr. Faller, but my guess is, he did his research and was comfortable with the results. I will continue to follow this story with an open mind. I’d like to know what Sheriff Roundtree thinks about this topic.

    • THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM. Mr. Rhodes DID NOT DO a scintilla of research. In fact, as Mr. Hudson wrote in the TAP article I provided a copy of a 10 minute phone call between Mr. Rhodes and I where he refused the information that I offered to him and implied threats to me. I also offered Mr. Rhodes (and TAP) unfettered access to any of my files and any witnesses or lawyers who had information about this.

  3. First of all, I wish to thank The Augusta Press (“TAB”) and Scott Hudson for taking the time to look into this. This situation spans 27 years and the details are extremely complicated. I will post more later, but the lawsuit; What Mr. Rhodes did was outrageous, highly misleading and devoid of facts that make me what a Federal Judge said in the first indictment of (7) seven “a victim.” His statements and actions claim I have no right to access to politicians because of criminal charges, albeit false charges. Then he falsely eludes that none of the politicians or GOP members knew my background to make me look like I am hiding something. Lord God, I have told it all and will continue to. I have worked tirelessly with Congressman Hice, Allen and Senators Perdue, Loeffler and Collins (including their staff members,) providing them volumes of documents, information and statements. In one incident, Congressman Allen asked me to explain to a room full of Republicans what I had been through in comparison to Adam Schiff’s oppressive ways. I did, in full glory! TAP quoted a law that does not apply here. My lawsuit is that Mr. Rhodes provided a false narrative to the public, knowing it was incomplete in such a way that would cause the listener and reader to believe that I was a hardened “conman” when in fact, even the Federal Court has called me a “victim.” TAP also missed the point that Mr. Rhodes attempted to block my civil rights by calling more than 30 people, including officials “to warn them” not to speak with me. Those people are officials who are necessary to correct this manifest injustice. We see this same sort of “silencing” by the left. I have fought this silencing for years in public and in Court. Further, I did demand a retraction however, it was Mr. Rhodes empty broadcast where he said he “wanted me in his studio” after he was shamed by the dismissal of the last indictment that he so viciously promoted and even posted on his Facebook and webpage. I did not demand access to the station and would not. However, I would be glad to appear, anywhere, including any sort of confrontational debate with a power-hungry expert in everything.

  4. I did a look at court filings and reviews of court fillings and it seems Mr Faller fails to make his case of innocence. I really don’t see where Mr Faller will have a case against Austin Rhodes either, quite simply Mr Faller is a convicted felon. Austin corrected the record when the case involving his indictment was dropped.

    • Mr. Brown, with all due respect I was declared a “victim” in the first case and the second one (of the 7 indictments, all instigated by the same people, 5 were dismissed as bogus) the IRS filed knowingly false charges that I did not file my taxes. Congressman Hice forced the IRS to produce them and now all that is in front of the Court under seal. The activities that took place are incredible and all were designed to silence me. The law on slander includes the kinds of things Mr. Rhodes did. It’s not only the key allegation, it is the “editorial” that is a clear violation of the law. He made multiple inflammatory statements, knowing they were either false or should have known. After the 2016 election and on, you should be well aware of what the DOJ is capable of. Thank God we had a Bobby Christine here in Augusta and to my joy, the FBI here are great people. They are the minority, indeed.

      • With all due respect you are a convicted felon. Your case has not been overturned, you have not been pardoned etc. Mr Rhodes has said nothing that isn’t true. I read an analysis of the IRS case in Kentucky and you misapplied, according to the legal analysis, several court precedents.

        • So here is my question, we all know the DOJ is used as a weapon to silence people, especially whistleblowers. I am one. Mr. Rhodes pontificated hate, banishment and violations of my civil rights when I went to politicians to help me remedy the wrongful convictions. Fortunately, Congressman Jody Hice continued to help me, despite Mr. Rhodes efforts and in that help forced the IRS to produce the evidence that exonerates me. So, am I wrong to seek assistance from officials who have the ability to correct wrongs when the Courts will not? Is it wrong to approach officials and people in public just because the government was able to falsely convict you? I need to point out that it is the fact that dozens of people, including high officials Mr. Rhodes was trying to block who provided sworn affirmations about the wrongs done to me that caused the latest indictment to be dismissed. Just think if they had been silenced by Mr. Rhodes.

          • I wish you luck. My problem is, as is Mr Rhodes, is the Republican Party in Georgia is in for the fight of its life. We do not need distractions. It always amazes me how many innocent convicts there are. As I said , I read a legal analysis of your Kentucky appeal and there were a lot of problems with it.. Why didn’t you have copies of your tax filings? Why bother Hice ? Austin Rhodes can’t silence you. The government could royally screw over anyone with a computer. I find it a little hard to believe that you posed a big threat to the government, especially after reading the analysis of your appeal.

  5. You are a convicted felon..no matter the circumstances and you appear to be quite loony with your government conspiracies. I see no case for libel and Rhodes doesn’t have to have you on HIS radio show. Me thinks thou dost protest to much…

    • That appeal is no longer valid. It’s all been moved to Georgia and there is a current appeal at the 11th Circuit court of appeals. You won’t be able to see much as it’s mostly under seal to protect the witnesses and officials from govt. retaliation. If you look at the district court you’ll see the court tried to keep me from filing the sealed materials. However; the core issue is the conviction is wrong and was part of corruption to silence me. Congressman Hice stepped in and made the IRS produce my tax returns that make me an innocent man. The biggest issue is, we are seeing the left do this all over the nation by weaponizing the DOJ. You could be next if you stand up to tyranny. I did! I will!

      • Mr Faller, it is my understanding that the decision of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals still stands as does your initial income tax conviction. How has the ruling of the 6th Circuit court change, nothing has changed. Did the 11th circuit vacate the ruling? I don’t think so, but they may. Since I could not find where the 6th Circuit ruling was vacated its ruling still stands. All that’s changed is You are now appealing to the 11th Circuit. How will they rule? I guess we will have to wait and see, but I have my doubts.

        • The information from Congressman Hice (my missing tax returns) is not before any court YET. That is the basis of an appeal that makes me actually innocent because the local court said they don’t have jurisdiction to hear it. The appellate court will provide jurisdiction based on facts under seal applied to law. It’s a legal requirement because of multiple circuits involved. You have to understand I have practiced around the nation, including Supreme Court for 27 years. I don’t have time now to explain all that but you’ll understand my ability, expertise and much more over the next few days. In the most respectful way, Mr. Rhodes has no clue what is coming but he brought it on himself. Worst of all, several people tried to tell him to sit down with me before he committed such nefarious conduct. Asking again, do you have a legal background?

      • I am not tied to Rhodes and I don’t have a legal background. I just look at some of your filings and it makes me wonder. Suing Pelosi? Really? Nothing I have read about you indicates you are a practicing attorney either. I do know courts follow precedents.There is a long history of precedents ending in no. Rhodes has been sued before but is fairly skilled at his craft and won them. I don’t see
        where he has said anything false. Even if your IRS appeal is granted you still have the fraud and money laundering conviction. So you are a twice convicted individual. You have no right on WGAC. I think, basically you are trying to BS people. Have a good day and I do wish you luck. By back ground is in health care.

        • Hi David:
          First of all, I am always impressed by someone who does research—as that is the basis of good dialogue. I will address some of your points if you give me a little “runway”.
          I hope I have earned some degree of credibility with 30 years in the market in local journalism\television news\ business reporting and I am hoping you know of me–or have met me-and though I am not perfect—hope my reputation is largely good. Please also know speaking out on this platform probably does not benefit me in my current media endeavor…particularly since I do business with Austin’s employer. Right is right.
          In full disclosure, I have been Austin Rhodes’ friend and colleague for the same 30 years. Since all this has occurred it’s been “bumpy” though I have still called into his radio show here and there. If I saw him on the street I think it would be friendly. I am very dissappointed in my friend, but I also know this style of talk radio has yielded him tremendous success. He is gifted.
          I realize looking at documents and some of Jim’s filings without knowing him might make anyone say “guilty as charged” or “‘this guy is crazy”. I have a rare view of this situation on many different levels.
          1– I was one of dozens of people Austin Rhodes called to warn people about this “creep Jim Faller” hanging around the Republican Party. I pleaded with him to meet Jim before posting on Facebook and going on the radio. I explained to Austin (at the time) that I had known him for about a year (now 2) and that I vouch for him professionally and personally as a friend. I also told Austin I had been to a GOP meeting with him before the election where he was very well received—and the people I met that day all knew of his conviction. I then gave Jim–Austins cell number and they spoke for 10 minutes and Austin was like a train going down the tracks at 100 MPH. He couldn’t be stopped. Luckily Jim recorded the call. I am hoping the Augusta Press will release it to the readers and also call provided phone numbers of people in the GOP party that will vouch for Jim. Austin’s radio rants all point to that central fact—he shouldn’t be there.
          Austin made no attempt to remotely listen. David, you are correct libel and slander cases are VERY difficult to win.I believe what a libel and slander case comes down to in these situations is truth, malice, and research. From everything I have witnessed and know —not a lot of research was done on Austin’s key point —whether Jim was truthful about his background to people in the GOP— research—I don’t think Austin took the time to gather all the facts–and malice. I am not proud of how my friend Austin has conducted himself and I do believe he’s been malicious in simply reporting the truth–which is Jim was convicted and served time. Also, there is such a thing as someone’s civil rights. Whether Jim is guilty or not for the crime he served, he paid “his dues” and is entitled to be involved in whatever group he chooses—provided that group will have him. That is another test in libel or slander cases–civil rights. By the way, don’t you think the Republican Party would have REMOVED Jim from their events if they felt misled by him? He has an invitation to an upcoming GOP event in the New Year! I personally think the GOP should be the GOP police, not Austin Rhodes.

          2) Jim’s legal background—–
          Please do some more research. Jim represented Karen Cypher in her rape case against former Louisville, Kentucky basketball coach Rick Pitino. I do not know Jim’s legal credentials in Kentucky, but a quick search of the case you’ll see him and press stories with him quoted\involved as her counsel.
          Here in Georgia– Jim is allowed to be a legal consultant or “auto-didact” attorney. I met him more than two years ago when he asked me to produce a video for him of a former SRS manager with cancer—who was being ignored by the government in all of his claims. He has helped him to get the money he deserves. He helps people fight back against the government—and creditors and banks who attempt to be heavy handed against others. He has also helped me legally with some contracts in business dealings I have. It was a successful outcome each time.
          He has also helped some people incarcerated to file appeals to be released—those he believes–like he–were falsely convicted.

          3) David, I was not there decades ago when all of this began with his whistleblowing, FBI stuff and conviction. What we all should know is that Jim was an accomplished professional prior to that. You may not have seen in your research, but Jim was the former CEO of GlobalNet, which was a billion dollar company he formed. It was based in downtown Augusta.
          All I know is what I see on a day to day basis–a hard-working guy who has done things to help me and my family I could never re-pay. He is working tirelessly to clear his name. He has very successful children who stand by him. Could he be guilty as charged? Sure thing. I also remember seeing a stat that indicated 150,000 people per year are falsely convicted\incarcerated. If ever there is a candidate for that dubious list–I believe Jim is one. Time will tell in his attempt to clear his convictions and his libel and slander lawsuit.

          • I respect you. The problem I have is James Faller has a history of filing law suits that go no where. He sued the prison system of Florida,Nancy Pelosi, and multiple appeals for his convictions in the fraud case in Florida and his tax case in Kentucky. All these appeals failed and I expect the same from his latest appeal. I can not find where he is a licensed member of the court. In Kentucky he was a Private
            Investigator and legal consultant. I know of two cases here in Augusta where very good lawyers were taken in by people with legal “ expertise” or pushing schemes that were BS, so even lawyers get taken in. Reading the legal documents of the case in Florida Faller apparently help run a fraud scheme then started his own scheme. It is amazing how many judges, state officials, and federal government agents , and court officials are all conspiring to deny Faller his rights. I have meet Austin Rhodes once. I listen to his show about once a month. A person who went to high school with Rhodes told me he was a nerd in high school. I remember Austin being boo’d at Augusta Lynx hockey games. But Rhodes did help take Charles Walker, one of the most powerful politicians in Georgia. I tread carefully around folks that have wild tales that explain their crimes. Faller stated the appeal in Kentucky is no longer valid. What does he mean by that? Of course I t isn’t valid d, it was dismissed and his conviction still stands. Tread lightly Mr Gordon, tread lightly. And good luck to Mr Faller on his appeals, he has a long history of failure.

          • Neil…how much money have you received “working” with Mr Faller?

            The officials that I warned about Faller’s criminal history largely had no idea who or what they were dealing with. They appreciate the information. In the calls I made on this matter YOU and your wife were literally the only ones who seemed to disagree that Faller’s background was not important. He had been out of Federal incarceration 2 years when he turned up at local GOP functions…if you think it is wise for such people to become active/visible in local politics I would urge you to reconsider. Faller is also a public figure, maintaining a website where crusades for himself and other causes…as such, his behavior and political activities are fair game for review, critique, and analysis.
            Been doing this for almost 30 years…don’t tell me my business.
            Name: JAMES S FALLER
            Register Number: 09582-021
            Age: 61
            Race: White
            Sex: Male
            Released On: 11/23/2018

          • One other point, I read multiple articles on the Sypher case and could not find any reference to James Faller. The appeal of her conviction was dismissed. I could not find where rape charges were ever filed against Pitino. Why am I wasting my time n this? Because I find people fascinating. Suspending logic is interesting. Some guy supposedly developed an engine that developed amazing horse power, thousands of horse power from a very tiny motor. I got a great chuckle out of it. How could a 2 inch drive shaft accommodate that much horse power? Despite this people were sending the guy money. I look up Fallers web site and more law suits going no where. We have separation of power. The courts are loath to interfere in congressional proceedings so that is going exactly no where.. How did the Savannah River supervisors case turn out? I would love to know.

          • Mr Gordon, have you looked up auto Didactic attorney? There are only 4 state or jurisdictions that allow auto didactic attorneys. You need to study law under a licensed attorney. To litigate before the Supreme Court you need to be an attorney before a State Supreme Court Bar in good standing for 3 years. Am I missing something? I maybe missing something if so please let me know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reading_law

  6. He is a convicted felon…While I don’t agree with Austin all the time he has a right to his opinion. This guy does seem to be far right on the conspiracy loony side. Even if his civil rights are restored he will always be a convicted felon..He will lose this suit and Austin will talk about it for years just like he does with Brian B and several others where legal action was taken. Actuall by filing this libel suit he makes himself look like exactly what he claims he isn’t..

      • Hi David…
        You mentioned in your note that you questioned Jim’s background in doing legal work. I was just merely pointing out that he was heavily involved in Karen Sypher’s (I had misspelled her name before). Just listen to him discuss the case—he is not a “nut” and someone I have gotten to know over the last two years. I simply respect someone who fights to right wrongs—and believe he was wronged. Just like there are “dirty cops” in the Richmond County Sheriff’s office–there are dirty folks in the FBI—and DOJ—it does happen David.

          • David, I am what is known as an “AUTODIDACT lawyer.” I am kinda rare in that fashion as I learned to practice law fighting for my freedom. Im sure you saw the latest dismissal of the last false charge (7th indictment.) Going in reverse, for the last year (up to Sept. of 2020) I worked as an adviser to United States Justice Richard A. Posner. I have worked with dozens of bar admitted lawyers in more than 200 cases around the country and I even practiced overseas. My expertise is fighting corruption. In the suit against Austin, you’ll see information that I was asked to head up task force in Kentucky against corruption. Man, I have seen it all. If you look at the lawsuit against Pelosi, since you seem to be someone who reads, youll even see where a judge was arrested for RICO and his plans to have me killed. Austin does not remember some things he actually called me about for advice a long while back. I can’t wait till it comes up in the case. In my work, I have fought the biggest and baddest, not by choice. The toll on my family has been horrific. We knew the last fake indictment was coming. It backfired. In a suit I have pending against the government they offered me a settlement and when they found how bad the damages were, they indicted me. Its the way they roll. As for Mr. Rhodes commentary about my involvement in the GOP and position thereto, I don’t have a “position” but I was in direct contact with Trumps office. I made a bad call in waiting for a pardon in his second term, not expecting them to steal an election. I still have contact. Mr. Rhodes is a self-declared grandiose wannabe. I actually dont want anything bad for him, just an apology and for him to stop hurting people. I spoke with the FCC in this and they too are highly concerned. It is gonna get interesting. But he does not have a hope in this. 200+ cases down, I’ve had many, many successes. Get behind the issue of wrongfully incarcerated people. I am all for keeping the violent in, not innocent and other remedies for non-violent. I provided a report and testimony about all this before a senate committee. See my website and watch the videos. You may find that Austin is in much deeper than he imagined. Merry Christmas and thanks for being respectful.

    • Mira, Thank you. If you look at the videos on the site you will see my national press conference on Karens case. 3 days after I did this press conference, I was raided by the IRS with 20 heavily armed agents at my home and office, for allegedly not filing tax returns. Can you image, a raid like that because I supposedly didn’t file tax returns??? There are many cases on there you can see what I do. If you read the complaint I filed against Pelosi and her bunch, you will see why I am (was) such a threat and what I blew the whistle on.

  7. Austin Rhodes for some reason I cannot hit “reply” to your comment. In answer to your questions my video partner and I charged Jim about $3,000 for a long form professional video. That was 2 years ago and that was the last time I have done work for him. To the contrary I have paid him to help me on some legal matters and work needed on our office building. I assure my ol’ friend—I am not defending Jim like I might a “marketing client” of mine. I have carefully gotten to know him over the last few years and consider a very good friend. You and I have been friends for 30 years the same amount of time both of us have been broadcasting. I’m very well of your business as I am of mine. Despite the fact your vehicle is talk radio and opinion—it my opinion you have gone waaaaay too far on this. There should be some more degree of research and fairness. It makes me think there is something else at play here besides “protecting the public or the Republican Party”.
    My goal is not to beat this to death. However, If you feel strongly enough to discuss my thoughts on the radio that is your freedom of speech. I just ask that you allow me to respond. Neil

    • I am well aware of the requirements. I looked on the site and I cant find the cases but right after the holidays I will be glad to provide proof. I want to thank you for finding that story. Bill Moushey is an incredible journalist, He started out thinking I was nut (and with this stuff, it is easy to think that.) The Palm Beach Post did a front page article. It was even juicier. In the case in Florida, the court eventually said I was a victim, threw out the restitution, refused to sentence me 4 times and then said he had no jurisdiction. In recent months a newspaper in Miami contacted me and gave me files showing the US Attorney actually stole the money and was ordered, under disappearing orders (I have copies of) to return the money. Aint that sick!

    • THANKS so much David. Jim has tried to explain to me all that has happened to him and I must admit I could not follow it. Even the Post Gazette article you sent me to read is the most complex piece of journalism I have read in awhile—but it’s easy to see how a miscarriage of justice COULD have happened here.
      What I do know is people—and the sincerity of people—it comes from my years of listening and watching as a reporter and in sales.
      I maybe not be the “sharpest stick in the shed” but God’s given me the gift of discernment with an uncanny gut instinct.. Jim is sincere in his efforts to clear his name. He is the most direct and honest person I know. He fights for what he believes is right and inspires me.
      Lastly, Austin Rhodes has spent a lot of energy trying to convince me otherwise of Jim and me the same of him. He had a GOLDEN opportunity to set the record straight from the HORSES mouth this afternoon on his radio show. Austin’s guest was Congressman Rick Allen. I asked Austin to ask Rick what he knew of Jim Faller and when. The FACT is Rick Alllen asked Jim Faller to stand up and speak at a Richmond County GOP event to share his story in 2020 BEFORE Austiin went on the radio in Jan 2021 and told everyone Jim shouldn’t be at GOP events and it’s bad for the Republican Party!Rick Allen ASKED Jim to speak and he did. Rick Allen’s office —like Congressman Hice’s office also has tried to help with Jim’s appeals. He didn’t have to. Austin talked to Rick today on the radio— ironically about federal prisoners and home confinement etc—(funny how yesterday Austin made a joke about how Jim would have liked that while in prison) and yet today—Austin had a perfect transition into asking about Jim. He didn’t. I’m sorry where I come from in my journalism career—fairness matters. I realize Austin has a talk radio, opinion show— but shouldn’t opinions be based on research and facts—like you are working through. It’s real easy to open your mouth and spew venom and your opinions– but when you have one person in front of you who could corroborate FACTS— radio silence from Mr. Rhodes. Austin is sooooooooo much better than this—incredibly talented as they come. As I said to him via text well in advance-of his interview with Rick-it’s the right thing to do to ask Rick about Jim.
      David, when the dust settles–I hope you would consider having lunch with Jim and I someday. I really like the fact you are willing to listen and dig. It’s refreshing and appreciated sir!

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