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Sylvia Cooper: Long-shot candidate not likely to win Augusta mayor’s race



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

A week ago, a horse with an 80-1 shot at winning surged out of the pack to win the Kentucky Derby.

So, it’s possible that a long-shot candidate with no m...

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  1. Ms. Cooper, add the baseball stadium to the list of properties that are in disrepair. Rode up to the trail head and was appalled at the damage done to this facility, and yes the grass needs cutting. Upkeep and being proactive is not one of Augusta’s strong suits. They favor studies and sitting on their cans until they can tear it down or spend millions on a “new” build. Very, very disheartening. Such. A. Waste.

  2. It’s more apparent by the day that Kendrick is a “ true” politician, that only looks after himself and his inner circle. Electing him will continue the same dirty deeds being done now.
    I have also asked why government officials and employees turn a blind eye to things that could be reported and addressed.
    This goes for both counties, Columbia County is no better. Officials and employees, even code enforcement will ride past an issue for day upon day and never report it or address it

  3. WOW! Look at the money being spent to elect the Mayor of Augusta. The Mayor’s office is a figurehead position in the political arena of Augusta. The Mayor has NO POWER to cast a vote or veto anything passed by the commission. The 6 commissioners that vote together controls everything. There are so many concerns about the integrity of Kendricks, Johnson and Myles to even vote for them must less give them money. We need a person in the Mayor’s office who can restore respect and accountability for the county government. We need someone who will not lie! We need someone who’s yes means yes and who’s no means no. We need someone who will answer the communities questions. You may not like the answer; however you will get an answer.
    I will be voting for Marion Williams, because he has never lied to me. We have had a lot differences and disagreements; however he has never told me one thing and done the opposite. I want to vote for someone to put trust back in to the Mayor’s office. Please consider Marion Williams as the next Mayor of Augusta.

  4. Mr. Johnson is a protege of Charles Walker and both men have confirmed their support for one another. In my opinion that is a politically dangerous alliance for Augusta / Richmond County.

    • My question to you Dave, have you ever sat down and talk to Garnett? Have you talk to him about how he built his business. Or about his family. Like you, Mr. Walker has the right to back his Mayoral candidate. It time to move pass the old politics that we know and look at what experience and success that a candidate bring to the Mayor’s seat.

      • I doubt very seriously that Mr. Barbee has had a conversation with Garnett. He is approachable and honest, and has a vision and expectation of what ARC can be. Let’s be honest, ARC has not put “its best foot forward”, in quite awhile.

  5. It would be great for TAP to identify those candidates who are tax delinquents, own dilapidated property, or have unpaid civil judgements, child support, or fines. This information provides a window to the candidate’s soul.

  6. Mrs. Cooper, I have always respected your writing, and usually your opinion.

    But I have never seen you do a “Hatchett Job” until today.

    I have had the honor of meeting both candidates Johnson and Garnett. I have met and spoken with candidate Marion Williams over the years. After listening to the top two, I knew either one would move Augusta forward. Either would be head and shoulders above what the current Mayor has been. Both have a thorough grasp of the disconnection in current government, and different ideas of how to unify.

    Were either Kendrick or Johnson elected, Augusta will be better off than what we have endured for the last 8 years from the office of the mayor. To dredge thru campaign contributions is the last grasp of desperation. If only every candidate could be wealthy enough to finance their own campaign, there would be no fodder for this article.

    I respect both candidates but have chosen to back Steven Kendrick if for no other reason than what he has done to streamline the process of the Tax Commissioners office. Would Garnett Johnson be a great Mayor? Surely. But I choose to support Kendrick and hope Johnson will find some position in local government to contribute his talents.

    But the source of campaign financing wasn’t my primary influence. I am surprised it was for the Augusta Press, or Sylvia Cooper.

    • I think the matter of campaign contributions is one of the most interesting things about political races. There you can learn who supports which candidates and how strong that support is. You can also learn how strong the support is for candidates from vendors, developers, engineering firms and others who do business, or hope to do business with the city. There is nothing evil in writing about that in my opinion. You know, follow the money. Follow the money.

  7. Very simple to understand, as Sylvia explained, follow the money.

    I’m personally very thankful for TAP, Sylvia Cooper, Scott Hudson, et al for their reporting…otherwise the real facts, which allows everyone to make an informed decision, would never be revealed in the Augusta Chronicle, AKA USA Today.

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