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Mayor attends gun control summit in New York City



Many people were scratching their heads when Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. failed to show up for the July 19 Augusta Commission meeting. A photograph and a news article published in Route Fifty shows the mayor in New York City for the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns Summit.”

The summit, hosted by ...

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  1. Gun manufacturers are not the ones killing people. The democrats focus on guns-a phony issue- because they want the shooters to vote for them. Cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence. Let’s get real.

  2. What a joke on so many levels. I guess if someone drives drunk and crashes into you, you can sue the manufacturer of the automobile? Liberals rarely focus on the behavior of the criminals.

  3. I see this as just another opportunity for Davis to network and find another job after leaving as mayor. This is a great example of a bad person who does seemingly good things in order to make himself look better in the eyes of those who don’t know him. I’ll be glad when he’s gone.

  4. Typical Democrat liberal BS. They will not enforce existing laws, prosecute and imprison criminals, build new prisons, or even follow the laws themselves. That would anger the people who keep you in office. The Senate just confirmed an avowed anti-gun politician as BATFE Director. The House Judiciary Committee just passed two useless and unconstitutional anti-gun bills to the floor for a vote. Warnock and Ossoff will vote for them. Anyone who owns any type of firearm and votes for Democrats like Hardie Davis will be sorry when they have their firearms confiscated by the Feds.

    I hear people say they will tell the law enforcement officers who come to confiscate their guns that they were all stolen, lost in a boating accident, or were sold with no records of sale. What they don’t realize is that the government will seize all the records kept by licensed firearm sellers, they will know what firearms you legally bought, and the SWAT team will show up with a search warrant and tear your house apart to find those guns. Can’t happen here? Gun confiscation happened in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. It happened after the Russian and Chinese Communist Revolutions, Hitler’s rise to power, and in banana-republic dictatorships. It is your constitutional right to own and carry a firearm. Don’t lose it.

  5. Activities sponsored by programs like My Brother’s Keeper go a long way toward showing young men an alternative to violence. When adults squander the funds for those programs for their own selfish gain, you end up with vulnerable youth. Rubbing elbows with the likes of Michael Bloomberg does not solve the community’s problems, being a true public servant does.

  6. People need to realize that it does not matter how many laws you pass, the criminals that want any type of guns are going to continue to get them. Look back in history, remember when alcohol was prohibited? Did this keep the moonshiners from making it? Wake up people, we need to vote these people out of office, including the two Democrat senators who have forgotten they are supposed to be working for the people of Georgia.

    • I wrote Ossoff and Warnock and asked them to opposed the nomination of Steven Dettelbach, an avowed anti-gun Democrat, as Director of the BATFE. Warnock did not respond. Ossoff responded with blah-blah platitudes followed by a tough-darts, I voted for him anyway finale. The anti-gun laws that just cleared the House Judiciary Committee are unconstitutional, ineffective, and should scare the dew out of anyone who owns a firearm. When those bills reach the Senate, the Second Amendment will be on life-support.

  7. And like so many other meetings they attend I bet you they never implement any of those ideas when they return. And as far as this meeting he is right in the middle of the kind of people he feels so good with and the only one of his mentors missing is obama. Yes, that would have made his day. The old saying where guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. The only reason bad people don”t kick our doors in at 3am is because they don’t know what just might be on the other side of that door. Another meeting to spend our money and he can eat and travel like a king. I still wonder if his degree is legit.

  8. Going to NYC for a conference on gun violence is like asking ex Governor Cuomo for advice who how to deal with elderly nursing home patients if there is an up swing in COVID this fall. Seems like someone just likes to travel.

  9. Take away the illegal guns from the felons who carry them. Enforce the laws we already have. Search suspicious persons. Conduct roadblocks in high crime areas. Report nuts to law enforcement. Fund police to enforce the laws. Do not legalize drugs rather decriminalize drug possession as our jails are already full of drug or drug related offenders.

  10. Guess WHO paid for THIS trip ?? ARC taxpayers did. To all of the attendees of this “Conference” — In “Southernese” — Bless Your Heart. You haven’t a clue’s chance in Hell, of curbing thug’s illegal gun access. Especially by thinking that the manufacturer is responsible. What a stupid thought process. For every felon captured with a gun, you “question” (beat) them, until they give up their source. You then arrest that person, and charge THEM as an accessory to the crime. THAT is how you reduce the illegal gun trade and supply.

  11. Instead of being here as he should be to break important tie votes Hardee is galavanting around to any conference he can find on a first class airline ticket of course to wherever all for his own benefit and yes at the expense of the city of Augusta!In other words he is chasing after people who can give him his next job and thats the plan!

  12. THE GOOD NEWS!! IS…GONE SOON, hopefully to prison if the credit card investigation is actually happening. The fact that the meeting was hosted by NY Mayor Eric Adams, a solid loser and great disappointment to NY city residents who have only one option to defend themselves from a criminal takeover is to get a gun!!

  13. CLEARLY, it is time for the commission to cancel this lame duck, absentee, useless, spendthrift’s credit card!! Hopefully, he read the Sammy Silas story! His time, if the GBI is doing its duty, will get plenty of local visibility.

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