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Editorial: Mayor Owes Citizens an Apology for Lying on Camera



Mayor Hardie Davis, who co-pastors a South Augusta church with his wife, has violated the public's trust through his extravagant spending and disregard for his accountability regarding that spending, and no policy or law will change that fact.

The mayor's new call for an audit or policy to regul...

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  1. I lobbied hard for Hardie Davis to be re-elected. Once again I issue my apology for that failure to judge content of character as well as the intent of the character. That error probably triggered my exit from the world of Augusta politics,

    People can really disappoint.

  2. Is anybody surprised that everytime the mayor starts off with “Let Me Be Clear” fallacies follow. And Once again the entire Mayor’s office and Commission needs to undergo an FBI Forescic Audit! If I’m not mistaken, it’s not only theft of taxpayers money I believe this is called Racketeering! The FBI and the IRS need to persue Rico charges against all involved !!!!!!

  3. Hardie has apparently decided that he wants to become a national democratic leader. The funds available to him now are peanuts compared to that potential. These acts of theft will qualify him nicely for that role and allow him to fit right in with that bunch. Once again, where is the investigation by law enforcement?

  4. On the national, state and local levels, Democrat voters have developed the ability to overlook clearly illegal, unethical, and immoral actions committed by Democrat elected officials. The ability to lie, scam, use illegal drugs, womanize, and violate laws without negative consequences seems to have a positive effect at the polls.

    Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other Catholic Democrats support abortion, casual sex, and contraception that promotes it. They and about 50 bishops believe they are entitled to receive communion at Mass, which violates Church dogma and doctrine. When voters reject Judeo-Christian values and embrace secularism, narcissism, and materialism, politicians like the mayor and Joe Biden become heroes.

  5. Let me be clear!! Nothing will be done as the Mayor deflects his illegalities towards the Commission not doing anything. The only good thing for me personally is my vote did not go to him not that he gives a damn. So disappointed in most of our commissioners not that they care about the taxpayers. Great article though.

  6. I am disappointed in the commissioners that let the constituents down. The mayor is just 1 person, multitudes knew the issues and did nothing. What about the accounting department that paid the bills and did not question? What about the budget department? Is there no one who provides oversight?

  7. I’ve got a great idea for a fundraiser….somebody needs to print up some t-shirts for sale to the general public. On the back of this t-shirt it should say in bold letters ” LET ME BE CLEAR”. And under that it should say ” I will lie to you”.
    “I will steal from you”.
    “I will blame someone else”.
    ” Hardy Har Har “.

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