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Mayor’s unpaid internship put $9,000 in the pocket of one student in three months



Funds from the My Brother's Keeper checking account were used between November 2021 and January 2022 to pay a college student who was working in an unpaid internship program for the Mayor's Office.

The unpaid internship program, known as the Mayor's Fellowship, was established to allow undergrad...

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  1. Young Mr. Graves did probably gain “first-hand knowledge of how a high-energy local government office operates,” sadly the only high-energy part of Davis is his ability to scam the tax payers. I imagine that he went back to Orangeburg with a full bank account and a lot of insight.

  2. And his apparent successor, Kendrick, will continue looting the treasury. Cannot believe the number of his campaign signs in people’s front yard. He must be paying them to out them there or promising them some of the take.

  3. Will the next Mayor move to see how much money was illegally taken? I doubt it! What a crying shame all the commissioners don’t push to find out answers for the citizens they supposedly represent.

  4. Why are the majority of the commissioners trying to protect Davis?? It’s my guess that they believe he’s already tagged to be appointed to some more prestigious or advantageous job somewhere, and they want David to “help” them one day.
    Davis has been SUCH a huge disappointment. And there’s a bunch of commissioners that are right there with him.
    And Kendrick will be the same….no doubt about it.

  5. Graves forwarded emails, reminded Davis when he was traveling, and received $9,000 for those critical assignments. Graves has learned how a government should not be run and observed a criminal occupying the mayor’s office. I’d love to read his final report about his experiences at the end of that “semester.” What a joke. Correction – it’s not funny, it’s criminal.

  6. How much more are the taxpayers going to pay before some honest person in power steps up and demands an audit. It amazes me how some of the Commissioners cover for Davis. Do they think being dishonest is okay? How about asking Steve Kendrick what happened to the thousands of taxpayers’ money that vanished from his office, and no one seems to know or care how this happened.

  7. John Clarke, stopping cutting back room deals with other self-serving commissioners. Support the commissioners calling for a Audit of the Mayor’s Office. John Clarke voted “No” when commissioners brought it to the floor for a vote last month. John Clarke knew that his calling for an audit of the entire government would never pass. That’s the only reason he was calling for it. Plus he enjoys standing in front of the news cameras talking in circles. The only thing John Clarke has actually done as a commissioner in the pass three years is vote himself a large raise, vote himself an additional $600.00 a month for fuel. Move a bus stop from one side of Washington Road to the other side of Washington Road.

  8. Forensic Audit is the only way to put a stop to any of misappropriation of taxpayer funds. The mayor is an absolute disgrace. Taxpayers have had a huge increase in the mayors budget (half a million dollars) over the last 8 years and no accountability for where any of the funds have gone. The saddest part of all of this is the misappropriation from MBK. Shame, shame shame.

  9. You can’t make me believe out of all the young black college males in the State of Georgia not one could fit the bill to “earn the pay” this fellow from South Carolina did. Especially since Georgia is much larger than S. Carolina. I mean this guy must be a genius! Richmond County is the most backwards, most upside down, medium scaled, cheating and thieving government I have ever witnessed.

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