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Mentor plans to file charges against RCBOE’s youngest member, calls for him to step down



The woman who financed the transport business and campaign of Richmond County's youngest school board trustee-elect plans to file charges against him for unauthorized use of her credit card and is also calling for him to step down from his board position.

Tyrique Robinson, 20, was unopposed Nov....

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    • Approximately 2 months ago I introduced Tyrique Robinson around to my political supporters and friends. What 20 year old haven’t made mistakes? I’m sure this 20 year old Army veteran Is a person of good character. No doubt he will make mistakes in the future. If true what this have to do with His elected position to the Richmond County School Board? It appeared that ms. Oden is making accusations akin to character assassination and then crying victim. I wonder what this really about?

  1. There are several things in this story that do not add up. I can only make assumptions, based upon the article, but it appears that Ms. Oden may not have “explained” things to all affected parties. She formed a company for the three, and complained that Mr. Robinson put the truck in his name. She probably should’ve made sure the initial purchases were made in her presence, so that all of the young men knew “Who Had The Gold”. How did he get access to her credit card, so that the billboards could be leased. Sorry Moses, that is on HIM. If you are unopposed, you don’t need billboards. AND, he did not give HER credit for them either. Lastly, unless he is still in the Reserves, two years in the Army, is a stretch, to call him a Veteran.

  2. What it is, is that the “little gentleman” believes it is OK to use another person’s credit without their knowledge and consent, and to use a company, corporation, or political campaign as their personal source of funds, goods, and services. Was Hardie Davis also one of his mentors?

    “If true what this have to do with His (sic) elected position to the Richmond County School Board?” If her accusations are true, Robinson does not possess the ethics, morals, experience, and knowledge to hold an elected office that controls the education of children and the associated public funds. Ms. Oden should file charges, swear out a warrant for his arrest, and let the chips fall where they may. If convicted, Robinson can get First Time Offender status and restart his life in the right direction.

  3. I don’t know, and I’m not taking sides on this until more info comes out. But I just can’t see a woman who has her hands in so many apparently successful businesses be that ignorant to just haphazardly throw out accusations that could come back to haunt her. I would be shocked if that were true.
    This young man, on the other hand IS extremely young, and, due to great inexperience, could easily be prone to make poor choices.
    Like I said, I don’t know. We’ll see.

  4. this person, was only in the National Guard, 2 years. And I never heard of a two year stint in the guard, why the discharge? my son served 3, before he received his honorable discharge. Peel the onion the layers are deep.

  5. I pray that this young man was saved and is in heaven having repented if he had sinned. But sadly the only ones with the truth are no longer here. However, if Ms Oden had encouraged and supported him for this position, and she was angered if he committed a wrong why not try to work it out quietly rather than destroy him publicly. Grace and forgiveness were needed

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