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Michael Meyers: Augusta mayor’s race is hottest of them all



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

As the political races heat up some are HOTTER than others, especially the Augusta mayor’s race.

There seems to be two candidates who are getting all the attention: Business Owner Garnett Johnson and former Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick.

They are ...

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  1. No matter how Brandon Dial or anybody else tries to sugarcoat what happened, those people at Las Vegas gave Kendrick $6000, he must give that money back right away. I mean since he has so much support right? Stevie Kendrick is dirty as hell and everybody is seeing it. He even sent out an email in which the discount code for the tickets was his own name! Also, the development authority most certainly did give those promoters a sweetheart deal for 10 years. I know you must be back in Kendrick, but you can’t deny what is being shown to the public, is factual, and Kendrick has yet to give the money back. Or explain how he got up to pitch a deal for people who so obviously had nothing behind them. I love the propaganda, especially like the “front runner” status given to Kendrick.

  2. You should have watched “2000 Mules” so you could see for yourself how crooked the Stacy Abrams crowd are, all of you people who support her are really just supporting one race over another in hopes it will better your life, but all it will do is destroy Georgia’s prosperity.

  3. I would like to hear more from Johnson and his platform for Augusta. Owens in comment above hit nail on head – politics is politics on both sides! And Dial slinging mud right back makes me want to follow this race more closely! All the big boys with hands in the cookie jar.

  4. I have a question that no one else is asking, but I think it’s valid. I think something is off that Garnett loaned himself 125k to run for mayor when his businesses (Augusta Office and Modern Business) have open ppp loans totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. If he is doing that well then I figured the loans would be paid back already or he would have never needed them, but he had enough to loan himself a hefty chunk to run for mayor. Not saying anything he is doing is illegal, but something just doesn’t seem right.

  5. OK so now you should give equal time and space to Garnett Johnson since you wanted to cover up your support for Kendrick with pulling some type of ‘Social Media’ junk out to show how people support Kendrick. I would think a reputable Attorney would not make public statements on Social that could be remembered if they decide to run for Office in the future and certainly that is his/her First Amendment right. Mister Myers usually your Collum has much more fluff than news as you always like to say – “there I go getting ahead of myself again” but never catch up. Keep reading Sylvia and take pointers.

    • I agree. This paper might as well endorse Kendrick. They are very “fond” of him. Garnett would do a GREAT job for all of Augusta. Those with their hands in the cookie jar are doing everything possible to keep him from winning!!!

  6. That was a good hit piece and using Brandon Dial as your message boy was classic. Either of the two candidates, Kendrick or Johnson, will be good for our community. I only wish there were respectable candidates to run for county commission seats.

    • I agree. This paper might as well endorse Kendrick. They are very “fond” of him. Garnett would do a GREAT job for all of Augusta. Those with their hands in the cookie jar are doing everything possible to keep him from winning!!!

  7. Let’s talk facts: 1) Mr. Johnson is not taking a pay cut to run for Mayor, Mr Kendrick is. Why is Mr. Kendrick doing that? I for one have to question his motivation. 2) the candidate that will “make a difference on day one” is not Mr Kendrick but is in fact Mr. Johnson. When Mr. Johnson turns in the city issued credit card and the city owned SUV it will result in immediate savings to the taxpayers of Augusta. Follow the facts and vote for Garnett Johnson. And Mr. Myers it is time for you to come out with your endorsement and quit having stand ins to express your opinions

    • Russ Gambill is making very accurate and astute observations.
      Garnett Johnson is the fiscally responsible candidate in the race .
      Garnett Johnson is the only candidate to acknowledge the burdensome property taxes , storm water fees , and multiple other revenue streams with which the Augusta Commissioners tax Augusta’s residents.
      HIGH TAXES are a disincentive to attracting (and / or ) keeping businesses and residents.
      Hopefully this will be corrected under GARNETT JOHNSON’s Mayorship .

  8. I will only say the Steven Kendrick will also take a tremendous pay cut to be Mayor. As far as unpaid PPP loans, many did not have to be repaid if your company met certain guidelines. I know that for a fact because our company participated in they program. $25,000 went missing on Kendrick’s watch. In a non-partisan election, why does it matter which other candidates you support. Johnson did give $$ to Kemp, but also Warnock, so why just focus on the Kemp $? Honestly you can find dirt, real or imagined, on all, and it’s this nastiness that keeps so many better qualified people out of local races. Why not vote for the one who can lead Augusta out of the mess Hardie Davis created?

  9. I guess the writer of this article will call Garnett Johnson an Uncle Tom because Mr. Johnson donated to Governor Kemps campaign. That’s the major problem in this country when so many blacks only vote on skin color. In Richmond County a white person would not stand a chance of winning the mayor’s race because of this. I personally am glad to see black people being successful when they earned it on their own. It also appears that this writer would like to see Democrat Socialist Stacy Abrams to be the next Governor of Georgia. God help us.

    • Michael Meyers’ amour-propre and his attempt to aggrandize his connection to Sylvia Cooper are Michael Meyers’ attempts to peel off conservatives to vote for his tax and spend candidate .

  10. I would like to know why Kendrick has been allowed to keep his benefits after his failed job swap deal was looked upon with such disdain. Not only was it shady, it ultimately cost the taxpayer additional money to settle with the assistant tax representative after he resigned to take Kendricks position. Talk about sweetheart deals on the taxpayer dime. As to Johnson donating to Kemp, it’s better than taking a million dollars from George Soros, which Abrams has done. Voters better do due diligence as to who you elect – there is so much at stake. As to the continued “voter suppression act” best to read the bill – you gained days, boxes are secured and voter ID is to be used, all of which a majority of voters are in favor of. Just because you read it online or the MSM said it doesn’t make it true. Still need a forensic audit of county money – Every. Single. Department. ASAP.

  11. This op Ed is obviously bias toward Kendrick and against Johnson. Russ was correct in stating, Johnson will not take a pay cut to become mayor, he will still have his business. And what about the shady job promotion / switching on the part of Kendrick having been left out?

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