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Michael Meyers’ Column: The question of $100,000, kudos to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and what happened to the proposed fire station on Gordon Highway?



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.)

Let’s begin by talking about last week's column and the $100,000 donation that Moses Todd talked about in a Facebook post. In addition, we also need to answer a f...

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  1. I implore the citizens of the Belair, Jimmie Dyess, Gordon Highway area to not be dismayed by Meyers comments in reference to the fire station scheduled to be built on Gordon Highway. Should it already have been built? YES. But it has not, but it is STILL going to be built. Yes the city paid too much for the land and yes the land needs some remediation, but WE will get OUR fire station. I as a private tax paying citizen started the discussion about a fire station in this area 16 years ago and went before the Augusta Commission as a delegate and also spoke with former fire Chief Chris James about this matter long before ANY commissioner paid attention to the matter.

    • I agree with Mr. Germany – it is coming! I can also state for the record …. He has been fighting for this a long time. Thanks Mr. Germany being a stand up guy and know that Commissioners are looking into this.

  2. It’s not that I just say it..it’s true..it’s evident he’s your buddy and you can’t say a bad word about him..at least Sylvia will give it to everyone honestly..you should try that..it would make you a better writer

  3. Good info Michael….one of the biggest problems we have regarding crime is the failure of bystanders to tell what they saw first hand…why??? is it fear of retribution? Please talk to some who were bystanders and others and report why the silence. And the DA ??? Redfield should have been in prison….a precious little girl should be alive today.

      • I AGREE….any DA is not responsible for THE BYSTANDERS’ closed mouths…but something is morally wrong with seeing a crime and not speaking about what they saw…to me these type bystanders are also responsible for deaths of innocent people.

  4. I’ll finish your remark about Chris and Jody walking on the track. They are friends and always have been. I’ve seen the picture. Like it or not that’s the fact. Does it mean anything ? Who knows but like you said Chris would love to be the city administrator. My understanding on the fire station not being built on Gordon Highway is the cost of stabilizing the land to allow for the building. Supposedly the land was used for dumping old road material.

  5. Thank you for these well written points of views. However, I would like to bring attention to one point that you are absolutely correct about and that is making Tameka Allen the Interim Administrator. I’m no politician but I think it’s a no brainer on who the next Interim Administrator should be and that is Tameka Allen. She’s been with the City for almost thirty years. She has served as the Deputy Administrator under the Administrator that held the position the longest. Not to mention, she’s served as the Interim Administrator post Russell’s exiting. She’s engaged with the community. The constituents love her both white and black – male and female. What better person to steer this consolidated government in the right direction? To me, it’s obvious. I just hope the ten Commissioners are looking at this from the perspective of the constituents and not from their own personal perspective.

  6. You’re correct! They DEFINITELY should have hired Tameka Allen as the City Administrator! She is an incredibly wonderful lady with tremendous experience who could really lead this city forward AND she is the only one who truly has the experience!

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