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Michael Meyers: Greenjackets, riled up Republicans, shootings



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

So much to cover that we almost need the whole newspaper to get it all in. We need to figure out how to put it all in this column—TODAY.  More importantly, how to do all of that and not bore you at the same time. (However, we know this column is never...

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  1. On the Groveown rodeo.. That does not surprise me at all. I stopped by to see the layout and wondered to myself how they were going to make a buck (pun intended) with the scant seating they had.

  2. I disagree with you. You stated “Augusta missed out by letting the GreenJackets slip into North Augusta”. We couldn’t have accomplished what they have done. Our politics just don’t work that way. I attended Saturday night’s game and got the same feeling you did. WOW! (of courses it didn’t hurt that I had a box and a suite 🙂). Congratulations to North Augusta for doing what’s best for their citizenry.

  3. Regarding the GreenJackets home opener, cut the crap on the fake news on a ‘sell out’. If you were at the same game I was, you could not have counted 2,000 people actually at the game. I realize the so called ‘rules’ allow the club to report the total number of tickets sold, but it was truly an embarrassment to see so few people actually support the team by using their tickets.

    I was also at Saturday night’s game and the attendance was marginally better, mainly since it was a weekend game and not Tuesday night during the school year like the home opener. But if actor Rob Lowe and his son, who were in town over the weekend, can decide to attend the Friday night GreenJackets game as something fun to do, why can the rest of the CSRA actually show up in the seats and support the team? Tom Denlinger and his staff put on a great product, it is a crying shame that no one cares enough to actually see the show.

    • Let me say this – sell out mean tickets are gone. Doesn’t mean people have to be there and the attendance numbers for average attendance for the first week was taken from a statement they put out. Sorry someone put cilantro in your coffee.

      • True. I went online Saturday to buy some general admission seat tickets for friends so that they could join my group and nothing was available other than “outfield”. So I’m assuming that all the actual seat tickets were sold and that would obviously include season-ticket holders that are not in attendance at every game. Hats off to North Augusta.

  4. Michael, just keep up your fake news reporting like the sheep you are. I am glad you can read the report the team puts out with tickets sold with no regard to the amount of fans in the seats. The point is, the last time the stadium was actually full of fans was the inaugural opening night game on April 12th of 2018 that I attended. Games are more fun when there is not an echo in the stadium when Scott Skadan announces the fake attendance of 4,000 fans when there are not more than 1,000 in the park.

  5. Good column today. Thank-you. I do believe you were remiss to laugh off the accusations of voter fraud to Raf and not mention the election officials in Georgia are investigating a huge ballot harvesting operation and gave even issued subpoenas. Might be worth following.

  6. I’ve been to plenty of Atlanta Braves games that are sell outs and have seen empty seats too. Doubt very seriously the GJ would post a sell out to lose ticket sales. I believe the new stadium is a better place than Augusta. On the flip side something has to change with Augusta’s school system. I still believe it falls on parents many times. Lastly, I as a resident of Augusta have a lot of concerns with our local government. My property taxes increased $300 and now we have a billion dollar budget coming up with the money that will not reappear from the Federal Government. I hate to see what will happen in the next budget.

  7. All members of the RCBE should be required to read these two books by Thomas Sowell – “Charter Schools and Their Enemies” and “Black Education: Myths and Tragedies”. They should also go online and read the March 2022 issue of “Imprimis”, “The Continuing Importance of Thomas Sowell”, by Jason L. Riley.

  8. “Brad Raffensperger Continues to Secure the Vote; Announces Partnership with Salesforce and MTX to Modernize Georgia’s Voter Registration System”
    Glad to see that democrats are not only very pleased with Raffensberger’s words concerning the integrity of the last election, but are also equally delighted to see his scrambling for new election laws to restore “trust” & “integrity” to
    elections, by desperately needed new BANS & REQUIREMENTS .
    All done in hast following an election that he attests was nothing less than the measure of honesty & integrity in Georgia’s voters that all other states should hope to aspire to see in their constituents
    Yes? No ?0
    How refreshing it is to see Georgia’s Republicans & Democrats in total agreement on comprehensive new election laws n
    All done with such rapid fire. emergency style, post election, urgency.
    The rare harmony between the parties very likely due to the fact no one on either side has yet been able to rationally reconcile the dichotomy between the profound demonstration of honesty & integrity Raffensberger says Georgia’s population showed in the last election, ( fewer than 500 crooked ones out of the millions of Georgians mind you), and his paramount post election, all hands on deck, scrambling to shore up a voting system seemingly fraught with fraud and corruption ?
    Raffensburger may have stumbled upon the perfect formula needed to bring the two parties together in complete agreement on future major legislation, equal amounts of confusion, dismay, perplexity, and inability to explain why it is needed on both sides.
    Georgia’s new election law is not voter suppression: Raffensperger

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