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Michael Meyers: Never confuse the two



I received an email from “David” who says he reads my column each week. He has done what several others have done: confused “Democrat” and” Republican” with “Black” and “White.”

In this day and age, it seems that some in our culture have made these terms synonymous with each other. I promise that at no time in my writing have I ever confused the two.

There are good people in both parties, and I don’t intentionally praise one over the other. In case you missed the title of our paper, it’s “The Augusta Press.” Augusta is majority-minority, majority Democratic, and most of our elected leaders in our community are brown in skin color. If it seems that I talk about Democrats more than Republicans, look around. You don’t need a microscope to see what I see.

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Now to another point that was made in this email, that was probably not well researched. “Blacks” do not support abortion, and to quote your email, “Especially black babies which leads the most.”

Blacks don’t support abortion; Democrats support choice. Republicans are okay with that as long as no one knows. There are health issues that are within a certain amount of time.

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Now, here’s a funny side-by-side. Democrats and pro-choice advocates say that a woman can choose what she wants to do with her body. Many Republicans say, “No, you can’t choose to do what you want with your body… wait a minute. Mask mandates and mandatory vaccines? That’s my choice.”


Back to “the Blacks,” who have some of the most conservative principals. As a community, we believe in the same things that most Republicans believe in: God, even though some time I wonder about that. You will probably never find a more spiritual group then minorities. Our entire life has been centered around our faith in God.

Let me get off my race horse for a moment. All I’m saying, sir or ma’am, is don’t ever confuse Democrat and Republican for Black and White.

I have friends who are Democrats and friends who are Republicans.

I have friends who have GEDs, PhDs, and in some cases, felonies.

I know people on all sides that could get my vote.

Speaking of votes, there are two people who are getting ready to throw their names in the hat for local elections. The first of which is little dynamo attorney, Katrell Nash, who will be running for chief judge in your Civil and Magistrate Court.

The announcement will come this Thursday. She will be working to unseat the appointed Judge Carletta Sims Brown, one of the several Gov. Brian Kemp appointees to judgeships throughout the state. I will have more information about this race after this week, when it starts to get real interesting. 

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Another person running for judge is Charles Lyons, who will be trying to unseat Judge Stone. Judge Jesse Stone was someone else appointed by Kemp when a seat became open. This was right before Kemp’s appointment of Judge Amanda Heath.

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You must admit Kemp has done a pretty good job of making appointments that fit the area. 

Back to this Stone vs Lyons race. It will become very interesting. It will not be as cut and dry as a lot of people think. From what I’m hearing, Stone has a pretty large following on all sides in Burke County. This will make up a pretty decent size of his voting block.

So, all of those things will need to be considered in that race. And these two races are only a foreshadowing of what is to come for other judge races. For many of the local races, in fact, we will soon see people coming out of the woodwork to run for office. Hopefully, we can keep the list limited for the mayor’s race.

Local elections are always so interesting to me. Wait, did I mention the District 6 Commission race has another name being thrown around? Seems as if a candidate from the past may be considering another run at this office.

Now we just have to find an appointment for the mayor, pending the outcome of this… well, here I go getting ahead of myself again.

Michael Meyers is a Columnist for The Augusta Press. Reach him at [email protected]


  1. Interesting writing MM … my Catholic religion never gets in the game of politics….in fact our President is a Catholic and pro choice that is something I do not admire of him…I have often wondered how abortions have taken away so many Black citizens and wondered to the point if it is in reality a form of genocide … also I admire that all Black churches take a big role in politics and elections even to the point of handing out foods in Black neighborhoods to register Black citizens to vote, presumably the Dem ticket. Results of Blacks voting block for Dems is easily found in presidential races. GOPs are too lazy to get into the game of grass roots politics like Dems do. Keep up the good writing.

  2. If People of Color are opposed to abortion, why do they support Democrat candidates, who are pro-choice almost invariably? I’m quite puzzled by this, especially when it is the spiritual leaders of the Black community who are most vocal in support of these politicians, and their radical agendas.

  3. Well at least you wrote a article that didn’t spend 100 words telling us how stellar Hardie Davis is..other than that I can just about guess your writing subject every time you have a column..pretty dull..thankfully you don’t have a daily column or I would have to cancel my subscription…

  4. Seriously Michael you say don’t confuse “Black People” as Abortion supporting liberal Democrats. How confused are you? We all know most Socialist Democrats are white, but most Blacks align with their liberal ways because they know the black employees in government from local to National have told them through their churches to support “the ones who will give them the most for free”. That is why in State after State, and city after city the percent of government employees has grown more and more black, with the objective to take over the government and control the majority white population. It is happening slowly but surely, but it may well back fire with leaders like Hardie Davis.

  5. Well, I am one of those Black conservatives. Used to be Republican until I discovered that just like the WWE, Dems and Repubs fight in public, but are best buds behind closed doors. So now I am an independent. I vote for candidates from both sides, as well as 3rd party candidates, whose platforms most align with my beliefs. There are more of us out here than you think; many are afraid to make there views public due to the rhetoric in today’s world.

    As far as abortion is concerned, I do think it is a type of genocide. Margaret Sanger was a racist and an eugenicist, who believed that the human population needed to be reduced, especially those of certain ethnicities. Planned Parenthood even acknowleged it recently. Though Sanger softened on some of her views later in life, that doesn’t change the unfortunate legacy she left behind.

  6. Very fair and insightful commentary. There are so many misconceptions floating around concerning political views. Many of my friends are hardcore Democrats but remain true to their anti-abortion stance. We agree to disagree. It’s called respect. Having taught school for many years, I developed long-lasting relationships with many black educators, students, and families of my students. We did not always agree concerning pressing political issues, but we listened. And yes, I showed my ass on a few occasions, but over time, I learned to view others as individuals, not as a label.

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