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Michael Meyers: Not all fireworks are set off on the 4th



The 4th of July is always a very different time for me and even for the city of Augusta. Seems like all the things that work well as we celebrate fall right into place. All over the CSRA, there are barbecues and fireworks. Unfortunately, there are even more fireworks in the neighborhoods. 


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  1. I said years ago that a Casino on the Regency Mall property would be ideal. Plenty of room, parking, easy access from all major roads because out of town people will come for sure. And Casino’s are very secure, would you want to rob one? But because gambling isn’t legal…

  2. I think that the primary objection to legalized gambling is that those least able to adsorb a loss are the ones most apt to engage in the process. If they were the only ones to to feel the pain of the absolutely certain losses, I wouldn’t object. People should be free to choose their own poison. However, that is no longer the case. The ubiquitous nanny state stands ready to step in and hand out my (and your) money to “help” them out when they cannot buy food or pay their rent or clothe their children. Those who paid attention in math class know that the house never loses and the suckers never win, at least in the long run. Most of us know that buying Lotto tickets is not a viable alternative to an IRA or 401K. Unfortunately, a large number of individuals cannot grasp that and, unfortunately, you and I will end up paying for their poor decisions.

  3. A person has to be simply naive to think that these drag shows don`t have an agenda. They may not be as popular in our area but looking at my Twitter feed every day there is plenty of proof that Transgenderism is sweeping the Country. And, allowing children to attend these shows is the first step in “Grooming” them. You can stick your head in the sand if you want and take the attitude “as long as they`re not bothering me” if you want, but it`s just another step down the road of debauchery, and Satan is is setting back and rubbing his hands in glee. Sadly, so many people today take the attitude that a little dog poop in the cookie dough is Ok with them and before you know it the cookie is made up of 100% dog poop.

  4. Continuing on the subject of drag shows; remember Lot`s wife was not participating in the sexual sin`s that were taking place in Sodom, she was just looking back when God turned her into a pillar of salt.

  5. It’s just so crazy to me that people run for a seat just to try to stay in the public eye. Well my eyes are wide open. Many think going to the school board after loosing or giving up a seat on the commission they can just run to run. Well y’all cAn play that game on the commission leave our children alone.

  6. Lottery = tax on the poor, Casino – tax on the poor and both equal a burden on hard working tax paying citizens to care for the poor who spend/lose their money at both of these.
    The LGBTQ+ABCDEFP etc, a very small minority of people in this country is a perfect example of the tail wagging the dog.


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