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Michael Meyers: The Law Allows It



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.)

This week, we will try to get to all the things that are pressing. However, when this column gets too long, thoughts of significant worry begin to cross my mind.

I’m a Baptist pastor, and the message can take a certain turn. But if I speak for while, it’s time to take up an offering. 

What do Richard Roundtree, Scott Peebles, Brian Kemp, Ted Cruz all have in common? 

These questions have come up in reference to Mr. Kendrick resigning and then taking a job in the tax commissioner’s office. Makes sense to me – who better to work in the tax Commissioner’s Office, than the former tax commissioner who has created the BEST tax office in the state? This comes from other tax commissioners—not me.

This brought on the firing squad who aimed miserably to say why it was illegal; changed it mid-sentence to say it’s wrong, then changed again to say, “Well, I just don’t like it.”

Most of this alleged drama was caused by some who sit on the Commission and just don’t like Steven. Either way, he created quite the dust storm. However, just like dust, it settled.

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Then there were the “colonizers” who are pushing their people from all sides. Rival candidates such as Garnett’s people who said it looked bad.  Charlie’s people who said it looked bad. Marion who said it looked bad himself.

Let’s just follow all those up with these comments in no particular order: those who are running while having government contracts; those who are running while still seated as elected officials, and TrackSnacks.

Let’s add this while we are here. There are school board members (not one, but two) who are running for other offices and maintaining office while they run.

Law allows it. 

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Did you know that candidates who are also vendors can continue to sell products to the government while running?  

Law allows it. 

Did you know that candidates can run who refuse to pay property taxes or storm water fees while others still have to?  

Law allows that, too.  

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Maybe we are still talking about the same people? 

It’s understood that some of us everyday folk don’t fully understand the mechanics that dictate who can stay in office, who resigns, who VACATES the office and who has to go on leave, etc.  

What we hope is that the Board of Elections, attorney general and local city council review and advise on the legality and appropriateness of (campaign logistics?). From what I gathered, they have. 

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One last topic to cover

What do Sheriff Richard Roundtree, Deputy Robert Silas, Deputy Corey Carlisle, Deputy Troy Moses, Clerk of Superior Court Hattie Sullivan, Marshal Ramone Lamkin and Governor Brian Kemp, Scott Peebles, Senator Ted Cruz all have in common?  

They all maintained their employment with their respective government agencies (City of Augusta, Richmond County School System and State of Georgia), while they pursued elective office or election to another office.  

Some while working for their family members in the agency, some getting paid and even one overseeing the very election he was in!

I asked a strong voice and community advocate -Larry Harris— what is going on. He stated, “The campaign to distract the front runner is in full effect. Let’s see if it works.”

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Ms. Sylvia locked out of Facebook – 

If you didn’t see Ms. Sylvia’s post, she is locked out of Facebook again.

That kind of reminds me of the time my chief friend and Green Jackets baseball partner was having an issue with his TV. The game was in Spanish, and he couldn’t figure out how to get it turned off. I had just dealt with a similar situation down the street at my Mom’s because my grandmother’s TV had done the same thing and she was trying to watch the Braves. 

When I walk in Grandma says to me:

GM:  “This doggone thing is broken.”

ME: “It’s not broken, it’s just in Spanish.”

GM: “I don’t speak no Spanish.”

(mocking my son Miso – and that’s a story for another day)

Either way we fixed it – and Ms. Sylvia just know – if I have to come out to the farm to fix it, I will. Plus, I get to meet Ernie. 

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Others who qualified – 

Lynn Gladney qualified to run for district 130 and which happened very early in qualifying week. Then someone also qualified to run for the same seat but as a Republican. This seat has and will probably remain a Democratic seat – but many question why did Gladney qualify so early especially when most of us heard that Nelson would not seek re-election. 

Speaking to people close to the Nelson camp, she was ready to get back to Augusta. The back and forth to Augusta became cumbersome.

There was speculation that a few others would be leaving this time as well. This conversation came after others began to talk about getting into races to run against long time seated legislators. However, no one really came forward in Augusta.  

Some local politicians in the know – say Nelson’s resignation came on the heels of her filing a lawsuit against the city about a space at the city-run graveyard. After significant discovery, it turned out that the email threads didn’t actually line up with – there I go getting ahead of myself again.

Don’t worry – we are going to get back into that State Court stuff…. just stand by.

Michael Meyers is a columnist for The Augusta Press. Reach him at [email protected] 


  1. I have no problem with someone keeping their job while running for office but that should not happen with someone who are elected by the people. That could cause a huge conflict of interest. I was a Kendrick fan and while what he did was legal it wasn’t very moral and it kind of shows his hand about what he will do if elected. Huge red flag for me. It would be Hardie 2.0. Another good article Mr Meyers..

  2. Thanks for the writing Michael….I like the words legality and (vs) appropriateness ……… my theory is NEVER vote for any politician who is running if there is a qualified alternative. I think there is indeed such a qualified alternative running in the mayoral race. Please expound on his beliefs for Augusta.

  3. After reading your article, I began to ponder the question under discussion. Is running for elected office while holding an elected office wrong, immoral or somehow inappropriate? I must admit that I cannot conjure up a solid reason why this practice, per se, should be curtailed. Perhaps, in some specific case, it might be possible for an individual to improperly use his current office to promote his election, but that, in and of itself, would provide fodder for his opponents. If an incumbent is not required to resign before standing for reelection, why should one holding another office be so required? It seems to me, that in peoples minds, the “shuffle” at the Tax Commissioners office appears to suggest some slight of hand. That conclusion is probably much more apparent than real.

  4. Mr. Myers,
    Please look into the “list” of parks which might be closed—where did the list come from, why/how does an agreement need to be in place re Pendleton King Park, why can’t the County afford to take care of recreation spaces for its citizens.
    Also, keep us posted on the tree situation at the Commons, what is behind Frantom’s idea to cut them down?

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