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MotorHeadline: EVs shouldn’t be political



The debate over electric vehicles has turned into two distinct opposite camps — both of which have ramped up the rhetoric to shrill levels plunging the humble, yet technologically advanced, EV into a tug of war. Along with it has come a string of suspicious news items that simply are not factual.

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  1. What’s not political about taking bribes from the Battery and EV industry to vote to put a huge government tax scam on EVs to get people to buy them so more money goes to them instead of the current auto makers. Stop spewing the propaganda feed to you by the Socialist left one world government types turning the money cycle.

  2. EVs are great and I wanted one. They are perfect for life in the South. Tesla is the leader by a large margin and has a Lithium battery recycling system in place. Yes there are horror stories as there are with all new technology. Evs are politically charged because the Government spends our money to provide a tax credit and is forcing gasoline prices up to force us to buy one. And then as usual for anything the government pushes, prices skyrocketed. That makes me delay any such purchase as I am now very suspicious.

  3. you still did not compare price of ownership say 8 year’s worth of gas vs battery replacement, i did,electric not worth it,plus i get to go where ever i want to go with out having to worry about finding a charging station

  4. Great article. I get so tired of people basing practical thoughts and decisions on politics. Fact: EV’s ARE a good solution for some people in some areas. Overall, they DO save carbon output because even if they are charged by a coal fired plant, they still put out fewer pollutants than the equivalent ICE. People thrive on the one-off horror stories just for supporting their politics. As far as not helping traffic issues, they will one day when self driving matures. If there are dedicated lanes for self driving EV’s, they will move half again as many cars as human driver lanes because they aren’t stupid and making stupid moves.

  5. “EVs aren’t political” Hah! “The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced a conditional loan of $2.5 billion for Ultium Cells, a joint venture of General Motors (GM) and battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution, to help finance EV lithium-ion battery cell factories in three states.” Has a Solyndra-esque stench to it, eh? GM filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 1, 2009 and the U.S. and Canadian governments provided $30 billion to the company to keep it operating. At that time, GM was an arrogant, mismanaged corporation that deserved to be put in receivership and sold off to the highest bidder. But your tax dollars kept it afloat and are now giving it an unfair competitive advantage against other EV makers. Your tax dollars are also subsidizing the installation of EV charging stations across the nation and the purchase of EVs by your neighbors, who are not paying gasoline taxes to maintain road and highways.

    I agree that EVs can provide environmental and economic benefits, but oppose the government spending my taxes to shove them down our throats. The public cannot “ignore the spin from both sides of the political spectrum” because politics are driving the market and using our money to do it.

  6. Another thing that doesn’t make sense is Tesla is by far the largest EV producer in the world. Pelosi and Bidum are fighting against them because they are not Union.
    As far as the cost of the batteries, when the Prius first came out the battery replacement was eight thousand dollars now it’s around two thousand dollars. I understand that the Prius is a Hybrid and not an EV but in time the technology will lower the cost of the batteries.
    Right now for the most part EV’s are too expensive with the exception of the Chevrolet Bolt. Now the 22 and 23 models have a $6,300 discount. but they are hard to find. This could make the lowest model cost in the low twenty thousand dollar range.
    Going back to Tesla, Elon Musk is the richest person in the world. I don’t understand why he hasn’t come out with a more affordable EV.

    • Tesla is working on a $25k car, but right now their $100k + cars are on backorder with 9 month waits. They just don’t have the production capacity yet. It is coming, along with battery tech upgrades.

  7. Nothing in the article about the electrical grid. It cannot sustain an all electric vehicle world. You already have blackouts in a lot of places. Fossil fuels are not going away. Another thing I might add..if this climate change agenda keeps being pushed? The only thing you will see is every manufacturing job leave this country and go to countries that put whatever they want into the water and air. I’m all for being environmentally smart but what we will be doing will be like trying to raise the level of the ocean with an eye dropper at the cost of jobs and the American way of life for the future. Btw, I work in the power industry.

  8. China is causing as much or more carbon than the US.

    We’ve been hearing this global warming for years… first we were going to freeze and now we’re going to burn up. Tell AL Gore to make up his mind. 🙄

  9. It was politicized when the Feds provided incentives to buy EV’s from unionized companies exclusively. That is apparently going to change if the “Inflation Reduction” bill passes. The bill allows for previously excluded car companies, (ie Tesla, GM).

  10. to now be eligible. Included in the bill is 7500.00 new and 4000.00 used credit for buying an EV, for middle to lower income individuals. The price for an EV is still very high. The infrastructure is not in place either.

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